Love Me, Hate Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Chapter One:

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"Hey, Tattooed Wonder!"

Torn groaned silently as Jak and Daxter walked into Freedom HQ. Jak looked up and his blue eyes narrowed.

"What the hell was that mission for?" Jak demanded stalking up and slamming his hands onto the computer mainframe, shaking the machine rather badly.

Torn looked unfazed by this and looked up with bored eyes. "What was wrong with it? You asked and you received."

A deep growl escaped the renegade and his eyes flashedobsidian for a second. "I'll tell you what was wrong with it." Daxter hurriedly ran out of the room and Jak brought his head down to within five inches of Torn.

"I went down with Keira and Samos, just like you said. I shot down the Dark Eco plant, just like you said. Samos healed the Plant, just like you said." Jak's face was suddenly incredibly close. "The Plant re-activated, just like you DID. NOT. SAY!"

Torn could feel Jak's breath on his lips and the renegade just noticed how close he was. He pulled back, a blush staining his cheeks, but anger still present in his eyes.

"And? Did you shoot the Plant again?"

"Yes. AFTER IT FUCKING ATE SAMOS!" There was silence as the blonde seethed and the red head let this sink in.

"He's dead?"

"Yes, dammint! Now Keira's dad is dead and that freaking Dark Eco plant is reproducing! Probably trying to grab some innocent elf and turn him into me!"

Torn's eyes narrowed. "How was I supposed to know that it was reactivatable?" He, of course, blew off the whole 'making more Dark Jak's.'

Jak narrowed his eyes in turn and spoke quietly. "Then why in the world did you send us down in the first place?"

"Because, you and I both know that if I sent anyone else, including Jinx, the Plant would be alive and the Underground member would be in a psychiatric hospital."

Jak sighed and walked over to a cot, flopping down on it, his eyes flashing between many colors. "I know Torn. I know."

There was silence as Torn watched the younger elf struggle not to change.

"The Butcher down the street could use some help." He suggested and his response was pure black eyes, glittering with the wonder of Dark Eco.

"I don't need your crap, Wonder Boy." Dark Jak growled as he stood up, stretching his pale body. Dark Eco sparked between his fingertips and Torn stood up. Dark Jak's horns appeared and he fingered one lovingly.

"What is your problem, Jak?" Torn demanded as Dark Jak advanced, claws raised and fangs bared.

"Nothing. Only that my alter ego didn't resist when I took over. Now, I dohave some 'anger issues' if you'd call it that. And you seem to be on my menu today. Along with the fresh blood OF SAMOS!"

Torn narrowed his blue eyes. 'So the creature DOES care for the old man.' "So, I sent you on a bad mission. Cry me a river."

Dark Jak sneered. "Oh, after I'm finished I'll have a river of blood."

Torn reached for his pistol but Dark Jak was a step quicker and knocked the gun from his hands. He waved one claw back and forth.

"Nu huh, weapons would give you an advantage." He lunged on the tattooed elf and Torn stumbled back, falling on a step and wincing.

Dark Jak stood up and picked Torn up by the collar of his shirt, his claws ripping it in the process.

"Get your hands off me." He rasped out and fruitlessly clawed at Dark Jak's hand. The demon smirked and Dark Eco flickered from his fingertips and into Torn's body.

Theolder elf screamed as Daxter ran in. He gasped and slid against the wall, watching his best friend pummel the commander to the ground.

Torn looked up with dazed eyes as blood dribbled from a cut on his lip. The pale demon pulled him up by his dreadlocks and licked the blood off his lip.

"I will definately have fun in killing you." He whispered lustfully.

Torn narrowed his eyes and spit in his face. "Go ahead you sick son of a"

Dark Jak slammed Torn into one of the computers, breaking the glass and small volts of electricity coursing through his body. The commander fell, limp, to the floor and with one last glare, blacked out, blood flowing from an open stomach wound.

"There is satisfaction." Dark Jak growled and doubled over as Jak suddenly stood up.

"Torn!" The younger elf rushed foreword as a puddle of blood collected around Torn's unmoving body.

Daxter hesitantly walked up, still shaken from what he had just saw.

"What happened?" Jak whispered as he tried to wake up Torn.

"You went crazy and beat Torn up." Torn cracked open one eyes and immediately close them. A flash of fear appeared then was replaced by pain.

"What… happened…" Jak pulled the remains of Torn's shirt off and looked at the gash.

"Dark Jak decided to take my anger... out on you..." Jak ran his hands over Torn's chest and stopped when he yelped.

"You have at least three broken ribs, your stomach has a gaping hole and a semi-serious head wound." The commander sleepily nodded as the effects of blood loss started tokick in.

"I'll call one of the girls." Daxter said and he scampered off.

Jak pulled his bandanna off and wrapped it around the hole.

"I have to set your ribs." The man nodded and suddenly slipped into unconsiousness.

"Shit! Torn? Torn!" Ashelin and Tess ran in and shoved Jak out of the way.

"How long has he been out?" Tess demanded, her furry ottsel paws on her hips.

"Only a few minutes…"

Ashelin cursed and lifted the commander, Tess running beside her.

"Come to the hospital later." They called and Daxter climbed up onto Jak's shoulder.

"Jak, I know you're torn up over Samos, but, be careful with your anger. Who knows what's happening with Tattooed Wonder as we speak."


Ashelin and Tess looked at each other in relief as the doctor finished telling them the news.

"That's good. Thank you, Dr. Labrowski." Ashelin walked out into the waiting room to see Jak walk in.

"I didn't kill him, did I?" He asked quietly and she shook her head.

"He's fine. But, Jak, what happened?" He sighed. He was really hating people asking 'what happened?'

"Dark went crazy on him. I literally let my anger get the better of me." He tried at a joke as Tess walked out.

"Bad news guys." Ashelin furrowed her eyebrows. "Torn does need a medicine, but it's in the old Palace ruins. Someone has to go get it. And I knowI'm not going."

Jak lifted his gun up and gave it a loving pat. "I'll go do it. After all, there's still some Metal Heads that deserve a taste to my Peacemaker."

Daxter gave a grin. "Oh yeah. We're back in business."

Tess rested a pawon Jak's knee. "Be careful, old chemicals have probably escaped their bottles. Take this." She handed a breath-mask and he pushed it back at her.

"I'm fine." ( NRS: Always, the last words, hmm?)

He turned and left the hospital, his gun propped against his shoulder.

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