Uncommon Feelings

Author: commoner
Rating: PG-13
Category: Drama
Subcategories: Romance/Adventure/Action
Keywords: Harry, Hermione, Slytherin
Spoilers:Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Summary: This is a Harry Potter story that will deal with events happening in an alternate universe in which Harry's godparents are the Grangers. I will actually follow the HP plot but with some changes.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is MINE…ha ha, as IF! I own nothing. Zero, nada!
A/N: I've recently changed the story, but just a little, maybe you wont even notice the changes. Now, Harry hasn't been adopted by the Granger, but they are his godparents.

"when speaking"

'when thinking'

when flashbacks.

Uncommon Feelings


Eleanor Granger wasn't that much of an alarmist, no; she was a pretty reasonable person.

For example, when her long time best friend Lily Evans had confided in her that she was attending a School of magic, she just took it really calmly.

Of course, that was right after she had yelled loudly at her and berated her best friend for hiding such an important thing from her.

She had taken the news that Lily had decided to marry some random bloke just after her graduation pretty well; that was, after she had met the aforementioned guy and had a long talk with him, threatening to kill him in the slowest and most painful ways if he was just fooling around with her only friend.

She had reasonably allowed the same guy and Lily to live with her and her own new husband, George, after they had explained to her about the dangerous situation their magical world was in.

Very soon Eleanor realized that while she had grown up and had a normal and relatively calm life, her best friend had to deal with more problems than someone their age should have.

The problem wasn't just about racism as she had first thought, but about the craving for power some wizards had.

She understood that, since every time she saw Lily or James perform magic she felt the envy, the desire to acquire magic and do all those amazing things her friends could do so easily.

Elle had found out she wasn't meant for that world many years ago, when Lily explained that sometimes muggle born persons can use magic, but most of the time muggles don't have a drop of magic in their veins.

Lily had told her to be grateful that she didn't need to learn to defend herself because people discriminated muggle born persons, and that life seemed much more easier when you were ignorant of the danger.

Yes, Eleanor Granger lived a pretty peaceful life with not many problems on her mind; the only worries that assaulted her were related with having to host a dinner for her husband's boss or finding the best suited house to buy for her family.

But that life ended right after Lily explained that some madman who was killing innocent people around the country and had his sight on the Potter's.

Lily had been for many years, the only family she had, and after a while she had started to see James as part of it too.

She had refused to believe that God would take away the only family she had left since childhood, when her parents had died in an accident and she had been welcomed into the Evans's house.

She had spent three whole years there and Mr. And Mrs. Evans had given her a room to share with Lily while Petunia Dursley moved into a smaller one.

The woman never seemed to have forgiven her after that incident.

Elle had complained when the Potter couple had finally decided to get a house of their own, and she didn't feel quite reassured even after they had told her about the Fidelius charm, she couldn't shake off the feeling that something very wrong was about to happen.

She had gone to the weird magical hospital called St. Mungo's when Lily had her baby, Elle remembered the boy had been so cute, and she had been so moved, especially when she was due to have her own little girl in little more that one and a half months.

She already imagined her baby girl playing with the cute and innocent bright eyed boy, who already looked so much like his father.

Elle had confided in Lily -just after she had first seen her baby at the hospital for the first time- that her girl was delivering so much joy and hope in her life, she thought she was a messenger from above, from God.

Lily then had told her, that she had thought of a name for that messenger.

Hermione, Elle, like the greek god Hermes who delivered every good new in the ancient Greek mythology.

She had of course named her little girl Hermione, and it was normal, since Elle herself had proposed to name Harry in the honor of Lily's loving father.

She had been pleased -although not very surprised actually- when Lily and James had told them that in their last will, they only wanted Harry to be left in their care.

Eleanor and George had done the same thing; they had all promised to raise each other's child as it's godparents if something happened to either couple.

She knew that Lily didn't have many pleasant memories of her sister Petunia and her husband. Elle could still remember the hurt in Lily's eyes as she had told her about the time she and James had gone to their house to make them meet their new nephew, it seemed the Dursleys had shut the door in their noses and yelled at them to never visit again.

We are family Elle, and Petunia is my sister…

Right now though, Eleanor Granger was scared, she was petrified and too frozen to move, too worried to question why on earth Harry was in her doorstep, fast asleep, with a letter next to him.

If anything happened to us Elle, I want you to give Harry the love you and I knew from my parents. I want you to cherish him.

I would love it if when they grew older they became best fiends like us, or if they even fell in love.

What a wonderful thing huh Elle? Our little angels having a family of their own. That would be the final bond of our blood!

But Elle, above all I want you to protect him, and help him become the man I always wish he will come to be…

"Honey, why on earth are you outside at this…" George trailed after finally realizing there was a pink bundle covered in blankets outside their house.

Oh, Lily…James…

Elle kneeled on the floor and quickly hugged Harry to her chest, while tears started to fall across her rosy cheeks. She hugged Harry as if he was the anchor of life itself, and started to shake as her sobs finally consumed her.

George Granger watched sadly as his wife hugged the fragile child, and bent down to pick the letter that had been lying next to Harry. Reading the content aloud was all he could do to prevent himself to surrender to the tears

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Granger, I, the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and friend of both Lily and James Potter, am very sad and grieved to tell you about a terrible catastrophe.

Yesterday noon, the wizard known as Voldemort arrived to the Potter's residence. We do not know how he discovered it, although we have a suspicion, but the blunt truth is that he killed both Lily and James Potter.

Harry survived; we can only marvel at the fact that he just suffered a scar by the hand of the murderer who killed his parents with the same spell he tried to inflict upon Harry.

Voldemort himself disappeared; it seems that the curse Harry repelled was directed towards him. I can not assure you that he is dead, but I will make sure to prevent him and any of his followers to find Harry, you, and your own child.

The Potter's will was for Harry to be left to your care as his godparents, and I beg of you to inform him as he begins to grow, of his heritage; also I have come to know by my sources that your daughter possesses magic in her veins.

I consider reasonable that Harry doesn't know of the cause of his parents death, and I beg of you, although it seems dishonorable, to tell him another version until he is of age" trailed George as a lone tear trailed across his cheek.

He turned around to watch how his wife was handling the horrible news, and was surprised to see a twinkle of anger mixed with decision in her honey colored eyes.

Eleanor kissed Harry's sleeping form, even though her trembling and quivering hands threatened to drop him.

George hugged both his wife and his new son and the dawn approached with its warm rays of sun, promising a new bright day.

So, there's the prologue…

Now, the fun begins!