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Getting to Know You

Soft white lights greeted Motoko as she slowly stirred. She gingerly opened her eyes, the unexpected brightness of the droning fluorescent lights irritating her vision.

"Where am I?" She mumbled, wondering why she was bedridden with an IV on her arm, as she rubbed her forehead. To her surprise, a gauze bandage adorned her head, and she tugged the wrappings gently, testing her wound. A dull, throbbing pain stopped her from exploring further, however, and she let her hand fall to her side.

"Heh, I did that at first too. I guess we both had to learn the hard way not to mess with bandages, eh, miss?" A soft voice beside Motoko chuckled. The young girl turned her head to face her comrade-in-injuries. On the bed adjacent to her was a young man. The smiling gentleman with glasses gave her a small wave, at least, as much as he could have with the cast on his arm in his bedridden condition.

"Oh, yes, it would seem so." She replied. She couldn't help but smile at the young man also, feeling happy when she saw him for some odd reason.

Both of them sat up on their beds for about a minute or so, just smiling at each other, before they had realized what they had been doing.

"Aha, sorry, I kinda' zoned out there for a second. My name is Keitaro, or at least, I think it is." he apologized, scratching the back of his head, only to let out a small yelp as his fingers caught the wrappings on his head. Motoko let out a small chuckle.

"Nice to meet you, Keitaro, my name is..." Motoko stopped mid-sentence. What was her name? She rattled her brain, trying to find the elusive word, but she found nothing. A complete blank. Up until the point where she had woken up, she couldn't remember anything!

"I... don't know." Motoko stated simply, her eyes widening. For some reason, though, the fact didn't bother her. She was merely curious as to why she could not recall anything.

"Wow... um, can you remember anything else?" Keitaro said with a bit of amusement. Motoko gave it another try, but sadly, she still drew a zero.

"No, nothing else, Keitaro." she said, shrugging.

"Me neither! I don't remember anything at all!" Keitaro laughed.

"Well, this is a coincidence, isn't it, Keitaro." Motoko smiled, happy to have something in common with the nice man beside her, even if it wasn't the most positive of things. The two new friends laughed softly at their similar predicament for a moment when a realization struck Motoko.

"Keitaro, if you do not recall your any of your past as do I, then how do you know your name?" Motoko said with innocent curiosity.

"Oh, that's what it says on this right here." Keitaro said, raising his left wrist. The small red information bracelet was filled with writing, including one for a patient's name. Looking down on her own hand, Motoko noticed that she too had a red tag.

"It says that my name is... Motoko Urashima." Motoko read out loud. For some reason, the name made her feel warm, just as she had when she first saw Keitaro's face smiling at her.

"Really? My last name's Urashima too? Do you think we're related?" Keitaro said, his face lighting up with fascination.

"I am not sure, Keitaro." Motoko replied, her brow furrowing in thought. Before they could talk any more about the matter, the door to their room opened, letting in a middle-aged man in a white lab coat. His nametag read Doctor Watanabe. "Good morning. And how are our newlyweds today?"

"Newlyweds?" Motoko and Keitaro screamed together.

End Prologue

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