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A Clean Slate

Chapter 12



The atmosphere after Naru's return to Hinata Sou was a strange one, to say the least. At first, disbelief and anger where the foremost emotions in most of the girl's hearts, though more hurt in Shinobu's case than the rest of the girls. Kitsune swore revenge for her actual labor in the boarding house, and Su and Sarah began to immediately hatch plans for the recovery of the errant ronin and his wife. All Mutsumi was able to do was sigh heavily and float about the house in a dreamlike fashion, dazed as she wondered what had happened to her friends, as well as how this would affect Naru. As for Naru herself, there was now a cold feeling in her heart, one that held so much pain that she could barely stand for it. All that kept her from breaking down completely was her anger at Keitaro for such a foolish action that led to her own heart's ache.

Oh course, daily life didn't stop due to the recent turn of events. Haruka had taken up the financial maintenance of the boarding house while the other tenants continued with their studies and daily lives. The only real difference now in the house was that instead of wanton destruction and random perversions, a low buzz of activity seemed to permeate from the old wooden building. Shinobu's cooking, though still of the same superb caliber as the past, seemed almost lackluster and disaffected. Su and Sarah were locked up in the deep recesses of their secret tunnels, no doubt perfecting the latest form of their Kietaro tracker, while Kitsune silently griped, at least tricking a those two college students, whatsisname and somethingface, into doing the chores for free.

But worst of all was Naru. Most of the time she would lie in bed, eyes red and weary, the only sounds coming from her room sighs and rustling of pages…


Meanwhile, in Casa Aoyama…

"And then… and then… she totally went out and threw the thing at the dude! BWAHAHAHAA!!!" Kenjiro burst out in laughter, knocking back another shot of patented Aoyama Mountain Sake as he threw his arm around Keitaro's neck, the rest of the young bucks of the Aoyama clan howling alongside Kenjiro's far from appropriate joke.

Keitaro laughed weakly along with the rest of the group, who for some reason had migrated from the main hallway to the balcony with about twelve jugs of sake smuggled in between them. Considering his situation, Keitaro was admirably keeping up with the rest of the group, taking all their drinking games in stride, though feeling more sick than boisterous as his companions seemed to be affected.

"Man, your wife is a pill, Ken. Never would have figured her to blow her top off of a bowl of ramen." One of the younger men stated, numerous sake stains covering the front of his sharp business attire.

"Pfft, all them Aoyama women're like that. All pissh and vinegar…" commented another, more casually attired individual, though the amount of jewelry he had on him may have supported a small Caribbean nation.

"Well, I wouldn't say that. At least not for the ones that aren't crazy!" Keitaro mustered up, feeling loosened by the alcohol and the festive nature.

"Hey, watch it, bub. That's my wife you're talking about!"

"Yo…. That's my brother Keitaro you're talking about, man…."

"Geez….. That's coushin Akira, dude. He makesh thish sake too shtrong.!"

"Hey, that's my cousin Akira you're talking about, and he makesh the besht damn sake in the country!" Keitaro belched, catching on to the Aoyama blame game after the second in-law began, and he was greeted by laughs all around and a salute of sake cups glinting in the moonlight.

"#$ YEAH!!! To brother Keitaro!" Kenjiro bellowed, and the rest of the motley crew cried in response.

"KEI-TA-ROOOO!!!!" They howled, Keitaro unknowingly joining the ranks of the corporate select, military executive, and the noble bloodline of the Emperor of Japan himself.


And with no men around, women bear their claws…

"So…. How is he?" Tsuruko whispered huskily, leaning heavily on her sister as she delicately balanced the wine flute in her hand by two fingers.

"You… have no… idea….." Motoko giggled, hiccupping as the girls around her laughed along, glasses topped off and no end in sight…


"God… that was a party, huh?" Keitaro slurred as he walked the familiar verandah with his wife leaning heavily on his shoulder.

"Yeah…." Motoko giggled, her steps awkward and stumbling, the couple reeking of alcohol and fully inebriated to do, well, what's expected of drunk couples that time of night.

"Keitaroooo…." Motoko whispered in a low yet giddy tone, tilting her head to the side to shoe off her pink cheeks and sparkling teeth.

"Yeah, love?" Keitaro replied, not really paying attention to anything other than the next two steps in front of him.

"We're gunna have craaaazzyyy sheksss tonight, huh?" Motoko laughed, trying to straiten up but failing miserably as the two fell from the wooden walkway and stumbled unto the soft midnight grass.

This, of course, caught Keitaro's attention in full.

"Probably. You feel like getting up and going to our room?" Keitaro mumbled, trying to lean on his elbows, before feeling the familiar weight of his spouse on his chest, as two soft, pointed mounds of flesh pressed onto his chest.


"You even know where we are?" Keitaro gasped, the familiar hands snaking across his body…

"Giggle" Nooooo…."

"You care about what's gonna happen tomorrow?" Keitaro whispered, the cool of the night lost to his passions and drunkenness.

Motoko's smiling face rose to his eye level, her visage beautifully framed by the moon behind her and the fireflies in the air. The girl only sighed once with a smile before shaking her head once, her lips slowly parting as she lowered herself to Keitaro's own.

"Good. Neither do I…" Keitaro said, sinking into the sensation.


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