Titiana is my charakter. I only own her and other small charakteres. I´m from Germany so please excuse mistakes. I hope that you like this story.



Transylvania 1462

My tale begins here. I thought the world is still ok. But I was very wrong. Count Vladislaus Dragulia - perhaps Valerious - ruled Transylvania. But he ruled like a sick murderer. No doubt he is one! Rights didn´t exist. Evoryone was a slave. A puppet on his string. His father couldn´t change his mind. The count was sure that it is the right way.

Many people said that I am like him. Why? Because I´m a murderer. But I hadn´t always been like that. On my 21th birthday the nightmare began...

I walked downstairs. Today I wore a long blue dress. It wasn´t a very pretty one, but I liked it. My parents are dead and left no money behind. It seemed to me as if they didn´t care about us. Father was always drunken and mother was a whore.

As they died my brother John was onlytwelve years old. He took care of me. I loved him. He was my family. We lived alone and grew up in our home. Noone cared for us. The people here in Vaseria hated our parents and of course they hated us.

Today was my 21th birthday. My hair had grown to my waist. "You look like a princess!", said John and held his hands behind his back. I hadn´t been sad if he hadn´t got a present for me. We were very poor. John shook his head. Sometimes I thought that he was able to read my mind. "Do you really believe that I could forget your birthday?", he asked jokingly and handed me a small box.

"Did you steal it?", I asked in disbelief. I opened the box and couldn´t believe my eyes. It was a small golden necklace. I was speechless. John took it in his hands and walked behind me. Carefully he put it around my neck and whispered in my ear: "Happy birthday, Titiana!"

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