Title: Dying to dance

Written by: ChaosMagicianGirl

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Anzu Mazaki's greatest dream has always been to become a professional dancer. Dancing is her life, and when she gets accepted into a mayor dancing society, she is ecstatic. She quickly begins to believe however that dancers must be pencil thin. On the suggestion of her teacher, she starts dieting to lose a few pounds. However, it slips out of control. She goes on a near starvation diet, while punishing herself with excessive exercise. As anorexia wreaks havoc in her life, her health detiorates, her relationships suffer, and her performance level plummets. Will she become aware of the damage she is doing to herself, before it is to late?

A/N: This is a brand new story of mine, that I've wanted to do for a very long time. But I didn't have the inspiration to start on it, until now! Enjoy!

Warnings: This story contains adult themes. It will start of light, but along the way the story will get darker, angsty, and scary. I will throw in some humour now and again. But overall this will be a dark story. I haven't figured out whether I want a happy ending to it or not. You'll find out in due time….

Chapter one The beginning

Suitcases were stalled out on a bed in a bedroom with light-blue painted walls. It was a very modest room. It had a very calming, and soothing atmosphere to it.

It was also very neat and tidy. The person who occupied this bedroom preferred harmony and hated chaos.

A bookcase standing left of a desk contained many books on the shelves. There were quite a few that had to do with dancing. The bookcase used to be crammed full with books. But a lot of them were taken out and were now stuffed inside the suitcases on the bed.

On the desk next to the bookcase, it was a bit of a mess. Various leaflets and brochures were scattered across its polished surface.

They were all of various dance academies in New York. There are quite a lot of dance academies in New York, but these were among the elite and the top of the world.

Devotion, Soaring Star, Under the veil, Brilliant Brunette, John Frieda….all dancing academies that held the promises of a young girls dream to come true; to become a dancer.

And that was still Anzu's dream, even after all these years. She wanted to become a dancer, perform around the world for all kinds of audiences. And now after years of waiting she was finally going to go to New York to fulfil her childhood dream.

Her parents were never really supportive of her dreams. They said she should finish school first, before going to New York. They thought it was too much of a long shot to try to make it in the world of entertainment. You had to have real talent and you had to be extremely lucky to make it in this business.

You didn't have a secure future, in this business. There was always a risk that you were not good enough to make it, that you just didn't cut it. That's why her parents didn't want her to go to New York. According to them, she should finish school first and then go to college. And after that she could always have a shot at a dancing career.

What her parents didn't understand however was the fact that if she would do as they pleased, that she would be to old to enrol in a dance academy by the time she would be done with her education. They only accepted young dancers between the ages of twelve and twenty. The dancing academy was a study that would take her four years.

So, if she didn't leave now to go after her life long dream, she would never ever have the chance to do so again. Well, maybe she would….

But for years she had worked now to earn enough money to be able to go to America. And Japanese students weren't even allowed to work in their spare time. It was just forbidden.

She could still remember her job at Burger World. What a disaster that job had turned out to be….

She still shuddered when she thought back to those days. That must have like what, two years ago?

Well, her life had never been normal ever since she had become a freshman.Yugi's Millennium puzzle had changed all that. All the adventures that they went through. The dangerous enemies they had to face.

It was all so weird. She had never believed in the supernatural. But, boy, had she gotten a wake-up call! Her whole perspective on that department had been changed forever.

Although her life, and that of her friends had gone back to normal, ever since Atemu had left, to go to the after live. It had all been so hard on them, that they were forced to lose such a good friend.

That had only been a few months ago. And his loss still ached, but everybody had decided to continue their lives, but still honour his memory by never forgetting him.

At one time in the past, she had even had a crush on the pharaoh. It was actually just a simple infatuation. She had gotten over it in time. But still, the loss of such a good friend really hurt. And it hurt even more to know that he would never come back again.

That fact had made it the hardest part for all of them.

In a way, she felt, that in her leaving Japan, she left her past memories behind and somehow betrayed her friends…..

A real silly thought, but in a sense, it just felt to her that way.

She would miss her friends so much!

It felt so surreal to know, that tomorrow morning she would board her plane to New York, and she probably wouldn't see her friends for the next four years…

But she knew that it was a sacrifice she would have to make, in order to achieve her goal.

This would be a once in a life time opportunity. And she had to take it, or she would forever regret it if she wouldn't.

Summer vacation had just started in Japan. So she would have almost three months to explore the city of New York and soak up the American culture.

Although she already missed her friends, she was also eager and excited to go to New York and experience another way of living.

In those three months she would also audition for dance academies, and get approved to join the dance academy. Her abilities would be put to the pest, and she would see if she had what it took to become a professional dancer.

And if she failed….she would have to return to Japan, return to her normal routine…

If that were to occur, she would be heartbroken, but she knew she would get over it in time.

But on the other hand, if she did succeed she would be living her dream.

She knew she took a big risk, but she also knew that if she didn't take the chance, she would never know for sure if she could realise her dream.

So, that's why she had to try!

Her first obstacle however was where she would live for the next three months at least. That obstacle had been cleared by her friend Shizuka. She had proposed Anzu stay with her mother and her at their apartment.

And if she was accepted at a dance academy, she could stay until she had found her own apartment or place to stay at. Shizuka's mother; Teana was fine with it and Anzu was really thankful that she could stay with them.

Shizuka and her had agreed that she and her mother would pick up Anzu at the airport in New York, after she had given them a call that she arrived.

Anzu looked really forward to seeing Shizuka again. She had last seen her in person at the battle city tournament a year ago.

Speaking of the battle city tournament. She wondered what Kaiba was up to. Last that she heard, was that he had gone to America with his brother to start up a business called Kaiba land?

Kaiba was a really ambitious man. So she had no doubt, that over the course of this year he had made sure that KC branches had been built in a few big cities; like New York for instance…

She wondered if she would run into him again.

Not that she really wanted to, but she was kind of curious exactly what business he had been up to during his stay in America….

Maybe, she was just too damn nosy sometimes?

Well, she wasn't perfect you know.

She had her flaws too……and nosy-ness happened to be one of them...

Anyway, her suitcases were packed. They had been for two days now. It was a Friday evening in Domino city.

The clock in her bedroom was ticking away. It read 7.PM when she looked up from her book which she had been engrossed in for the last few hours.

She put down the book next to her on the nightstand.

She let out a long yawn, and blinking stupidly with her cerulean eyes a few times.

"Wow, I'm that tired?" She thought aloud.

'Well, it's going to be a long day tomorrow. So after dinner, I'm of to bed.'

Speaking of dinner, her mother was calling her to come down for it right at that moment.

"Anzu, dinner is ready!"

"Coming, mom!" Anzu yelled back.

She jumped of her bed and made her way downstairs.

When she strolled into the kitchen she noticed immediately that her mother had prepared her favourite meal; Ramen.

"Yummy!" was Anzu's first thought on the matter.

Her mother had no doubt prepared it especially for the occasion that she was leaving tomorrow.

"If you're done ogling the Ramen, dear, you can join your father at the table." Anzu's mother said, chuckling at Anzu's face; wide-open eyes, practically drooling all over the Ramen.

Anzu blushed scarlet at her mother's comment.

Without a reply she joined her father at the table.

She watched as her mother set the pan with Ramen in it on the kitchen table in front of her, together with a bowl with her mother's special sauce that she always put over her Ramen.

Normally, she would have dived on the food as soon as her mother had put in on the table.

But not today, as thoughts that had never really crossed her mind before surfaced.

"Noodles are full of calories, and the sauce is a large calorie bomb on itself." Anzu thought in herself.

It was a logical statement, and sudden conclusion on her part.

"Where did that thought come from?"

She had never paid much attention to her eating habits, much less her weight.

Girls nowadays were very insecure and constantly paid attention to their weight, but not her.

Well, until now.

Well, maybe the thought had crossed her mind, just because in the future she would have to start keeping a close watch on what she ate.

If she wanted to become a professional dancer, she would have to start watching her weight.

She would have to follow a healthy diet to stay in shape.

She would definitely have to watch her weight if she wanted to pursue a career in dancing.

It was another sacrifice she would have to make……

"Uhm, honey, is something wrong?" her mother asked her daughter.

"Huh?" Anzu muttered, being snapped out of her reverie. "Oh, no….I was just thinking that's all. "

She took the pan with noodles and filled her plate with the food.

Her mother smiled at her, she smiled back, while thinking "Well, just this once won't hurt me…"

Next morning, Tokyo airport….

"Flight 18 to New York city from Tokyo is leaving in 20 minutes at gate 5." A voice spoke up from a comm.

"Well, that's my flight, you guys…" Anzu spoke up timidly.

"Time to say goodbye, I guess…."

She was already missing them.

"Yes, I guess it's time, huh?" Yugi said in a small voice.

He walked forward, while biting his lip.

"I'm really going to miss you, Anzu…"

A few tears started to make their way down his cheeks.

"Oh, Yugi, don't cry!" Anzu said, enveloping the smaller guy in a tight hug.

"You're going to make me cry too!"

The gang laughed at Anzu's comment.

"But, Yug is right Anzu. We're really going to miss you." Stated Jou, cracking a small smile.

"I understand…" Anzu replied. "But, hey, I'm not going away without returning! So don't think you're rid of me just yet!"

"Grouphug!" yelled Yugi cheerfully.

And that's exactly what they did. It lasted a few minutes.

When they let go, the same woman voice called over the comm. Again.

"Flight 20 to New York leaving in ten minutes!"

"That's my cue you guys…" Anzu said sadly. "I have to go..."

She picked up her bags.

"I'm going to miss you all so much!" She said, shedding a few tears.

Embarrassed that she was crying, she hurriedly wiped away the stray tears with the sleeve of her shirt.

"Same here, Anzu." said Bakura, almost crying himself.

Ah Bakura! Don't tell me you're going to cry too!"

"Sorry….I can't help it." Bakura explained." I guess I tend to have this habit when a good friend of mine is leaving for what, four years?"

"Come here…" Anzu muttered.

And she enveloped Bakura in a last quick hug.

Letting him go, she faced the gang.

"Ja-ne, you all!"

This was the hardest part….

Turning around…..

Facing the opposite direction….

And look back at the friends you probably weren't going to see for maybe four years.

She stared back at them as she walked away to the plane she needed to catch.

A plane that was leaving in less then 5 minutes.

"Bye, Anzu!" Bakura cried out to her first.

"Knock them of their socks, girl!" came Jou's voice

"Take good care of yourself, Anzu-san." were Yugi's last words before she departed.

Soon they were to far away to hear anymore, but she did see their frantic waving hands and their moving mouths.

And she couldn't help shedding tears.

For this would be the last time she would see her friends for a long time to come. Maybe even years if she made it into the dance academy.

They were sad, she had to leave.

But unlike her parents, they supported her dream all the way.

Yugi, who would probably miss her the most, had even encouraged her to go.

She thought about this, as she sat, in the plane, strapped in her flight seat.

Her friends stood outside on a platform, waving her out.

She saw their sad faces, but they were smiling nonetheless.

She even say Joey give her a high five.

She made one right back at him, a large smile on her face.

She was sad and happy at the same time.

Crying and smiling at the same time.

What an odd combination…

She waved to them, behind the window of her plane.

They continued to wave back.

But soon they had become nothing but little dots, somewhere on the ground.

And she was on her way to New York, ready to make her dream become a reality...


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