Title: Dying to dance

Date: 4 May, 2005

Written by: ChaosMagicianGirl

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!


Anzu Mazaki's greatest dream has always been to become a professional dancer. Dancing is her life, and when she gets accepted into a mayor dancing society, she is ecstatic. She quickly begins to believe however that dancers must be pencil thin. On the suggestion of her teacher, she starts dieting to lose a few pounds. However, it slips out of control. She goes on a near starvation diet, while punishing herself with excessive exercise. As anorexia wreaks havoc in her life, her health detiorates, her relationships suffer, and her performance level plummets. Will she become aware of the damage she is doing to herself, before it is to late?

Warnings: This story contains adult themes. It will start of light, but along the way the story will get darker, angsty, and scary. I will throw in some humour now and again. But overall this will be a dark story. I haven't figured out whether I want a happy ending to it or not. You'll find out in due time….

Dying to dance

Graceful like a swan

A hidden beauty

That goes unnoticed to the crowd

But inside

So full of doubt

She's kept in a prison

Trying to dance her way out

But she can't seem to escape

And the show must go on

She's dancing

With the grace of a swan

She's dancing with the devil

To the next level

She's dying to become perfect

She's dying to dance

A pencil thin dancer she wants to be

She already is

But in the mirror she continues to see

A fat person

She doesn't want to be

She's dancing

With the grace of a swan

She's dancing with the devil

To the next level

She's dying to become perfect

She's dying to dance

Dying to be thin

While true beauty lies deep within

It goes deeper

Passed the skin

Yet she is rendered blind to see it

She continues to feast on her sin

She's dancing

With the grace of a swan

She's dancing with the devil

To the next level

She's dying to become perfect

She's dying to dance

She's dying to dance

(To dance)

(To dance)

(To dance)

Chapter three: Graceful like a swan

When she found out who grabbed her from behind and was hugging the life out of her, she managed to say in between breaths and pants for air. "Hi, Shizuka….."

Shizuka, who realised her "hug" was getting out of hand, released Anzu from her "death grip".

"Sorry….." she apologised, blushing and offering a sheepish smile.

Anzu, glad she was spared from a certain death by someone choking the life out of her, was grateful for each and every gulp of air to fill her lungs with much needed oxygen again.

"Okay….." said Anzu "Judging by the hug you gave me, you must have really missed me!"

Shizuka smiled at her.

"Of course!" she confirmed Anzu's statement.

"I missed you too, Seren!" she replied, giving Shizuka a hug right back.

Seren was a nickname people called Shizuka by. It was a nickname based on her second birth name Serenity. Only a few people that were very close to her were allowed to call her that. And Anzu happened to be one of them.

"So…" they both started simultaneously. "How are you?"

They burst out in laughing right after that.

"Sometimes, I wonder if we're on the same wave length or something like that."

"Yeah, me too!" agreed Shizuka with Anzu.

Linking their arms together, they walked over to where Shizuka's mother was waiting, observing the scene unfolding before her with a smile.

"Anzu, this is my mom!" said Shizuka, introducing her mother to her.

"So, you're Anzu?" asked Shizuka's mother.

Anzu extended her hand towards Shizuka's mother.

Shaking hands Anzu politely introduced herself.

"Yes, I am." She confirmed her question. "My name is Anzu Mazaki. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Kawaii."

"Teana Kawaii. But you can call Teana, no need for formalities!"

"Okay, Mrs…I mean Teana!" said Anzu, feeling a bit awkward.

It was extremely strange for her to address your superiors with their first names, in her homeland especially.

And you always addressed strangers with their last name, and if they were superiors too, you added Sama at the end of the last name.

If you didn't abide to these norms and standards in Japan, you were clearly considered extremely rude and other unpleasant things.

But in America these things clearly didn't matter.

Shizuka's mother realising her rather stupid and obvious mistake corrected herself by saying.

"Oh, my!" she apologised profoundly. "I'm very sorry. I'd forgotten that norms and standards in Japan are so very different from customs in America!"

"What my mom is trying to say….." Shizuka decided to but in. "is that she is so used to living in America, that she has almost forgotten her Japanese roots!"

"Shizuka!" her mother reprimanded her daughter.

Shizuka only stuck out her tongue.

Her mother fixing her a last accusing look, turned back to Anzu.

"Still, I apologise if I offended you or anything."

"No offense taken." Brushing of her apology, since it was unfounded.

"I'm glad." Replied Shizuka's mother.

"No use standing around here though, let's get your suitcases and get moving!" proposed Shizuka, eager to get going.

"You're right…." Agreed Anzu.

"Of we go then." Declared Shizuka's mother.

Shizuka helped Anzu by taking up one of her suitcases.

She smiled gratefully up at her, but said. "You don't have to do that you know!"

"I don't mind." Shizuka winked at her.

Fifteen minutes later, in Mrs. Kawaii's car, New York City….

"Wow!" Anzu thought out loud without meaning to. "Look at all these buildings, their huge!"

"Yeah, they are huh?" Shizuka's voice snapped her out of her reverie.

"Uhm, yes!" she exclaimed.

Looking out the car window, she saw a lot of people rush her by, of to work no doubt.

They drove by huge billboards, buildings of about the same size as the KC tower back at home in Domino.

But life seemed so rushed.

Everybody was in a hurry.

Nobody seemed to have time ortook the time to take some much needed rest.

Everybody seemed stressed, worn out.

At least, that's how it felt like to Anzu.

She wasn't sure if she would be able to adapt to New York's atmosphere.

Back at home in Domino, everything was much calmer. Live went by in a gentle stream.

You could take a quiet walk in the park; enjoy the calm and serene essence of nature.

Here, she wondered if nature could even be heard like a faint background noise.

Suddenly she spotted something very familiar.

'Is that a KC tower?" She nearly yelled.

Shizuka, who was looking out the window next to her,was trying to see what Anzu was referring to.

"Oh, you mean the Kaiba Corp building?"

"Yes." Answered Anzu.

"Why are you so surprised?" asked Shizuka. "You already knew that Kaiba travelled to America to establish Kaiba Land and more KC branches in the United States."

"Well, you're right, but it's just….." Anzu was struggling to find an appropriate answer.

"That you didn't expect him to do it this fast?" Shizuka finished for her.


Shizuka smiled at that.

"Well, it's just like him, he never sits still…"

"You're right, he's always working; no wonder he doesn't have a social life!"

"Anzu, that's just downright mean!" said an appalled Shizuka, wondering how Anzu could say something like that.

"That's not mean, that's just the truth." Stated Anzu with a smug smile.

"You're impossible!" said Shizuka, rolling her eyes, and letting out a huge sigh.

Half an hour later, Shizuka and her mom's apartment, just outside New York

While unpacking her suitcases, Anzu was admiring Shizuka's room.

It reminded her lot of her own room. Shizuka's room also had light-blue painted walls, but her room was a perfect combination between the colours pink and blue.

"I take it you're a fan of the colours pink and blue?"

"Guilty as charged!" admitted Shizuka, her feet dangling of her own bed, lying in a relaxed position on her belly.

She had pink flip flops on her feet, and light blue socks on.

'Yup, definitely obsessed….' Decided Anzu

On Shizuka's bed there were a lot of stuffed animals. She loved collecting them.

As if remembering something, Anzu bent over her suitcase again and rummaged fervently through her stuff.

"What are you doing?" Shizuka asked, curiosity overtaking her.

Trying to take a peek at whatever Anzu was currently searching for inside her suitcase, she almost lost her balance and tumbled of her bed.

She found her balance again right at the last moment.

Anzu fortunately hadn't noticed Shizuka's little slip-up, but she did finally find what she had been looking for.

Taking out a plastic shopping bag, she stretched her hand out, motioning for Shizuka to take it.

"It's for me?" she asked.

Anzu nodded and Shizuka grabbed the bag with both hands, curious to find out what was inside of it.

When she looked inside, she let out an excited squeal.

"Oh, thanks so much, Anzu!" said a beaming Shizuka, with a wide smile on her face. "You really shouldn't have though!" taking out the contents of the bag.

It were four stuffed animals. A whole collection of cute diddles.

Happy with her gifts, she placed the bag next to her on the bed and the diddles she added to her ever growing collection of stuffed animals.

"Speaking of presents…" said Shizuka in an excited tone of voice. "I have something for you too!"

Bending over the ledge of her bed, she reached under her bed to retrieve a box.

Coming back up, she set the box down on her lap, opening it.

She took out a small wrapped up gift, and gave it to Anzu.

Anzu taking the gift from Shizuka's hand wondered what the present was.

Tearing of the wrapping paper gently, a jewellery box was exposed.

Opening it, a simple but beautiful silver necklace was revealed to Anzu.

But what really made it stand out was the small trinket attached to it. It was a figurine of a little swan.

Letting out a sharp gasp, she fingered the necklace carefully.

"It's beautiful, Shizuka!" she commented. "But really, it's too much!"

"Of course not!" Shizuka disagreed with her.

"It's perfect for you!" stated Shizuka. "And you're going to wear it whether you like it or not!" Shizuka ordered her.

"But, why a trinket of a swan?" Anzu questionedher, curious as to the answer Shizuka would give her.

"You were born to be a dancer Anzu. When I watched you dance on the platform of DDR, your movements reminded me of a swan. Beautiful and graceful." Concluded Shizuka.

Anzu didn't know what to say.

"I don't know what to say…." She hesitated, searching for the words to express her gratitude, but finding none. "Thanks, Shizuka, I really mean it."

"Don't mention it!" replied Shizuka, now in a cheerful mood.

"Here, let me put it on for you!"

Taking the necklace from Anzu's open hands, she made Anzu turn around.

Back facing her, Shizuka brushed away the hair from Anzu's neck.

Anzu was facing the mirror, so she could see what Shizuka was doing.

Shizuka saw that and smiling put her hands in front of Anzu's shoulders, her hands holding the silver necklace in place of her neck.

The silver necklace was shimmering in the sunlight that streamed in through the curtains of Shizuka's bedroom.

Fastening it around her neck, she clicked the lock of the necklace into place.

"There!" said Shizuka. "All done!"

Touching the necklace with her hands, fingers enveloping the small trinket in the palm of her hand, she looked back in the mirror at herself, thinking only one thing.

'Graceful like a swan?' she thought mockingly. "Yeah, right, if tripping over your own two feet most of the time is considered graceful. Then I'm as far from graceful as one can get.'

But still she felt rather flattered that Shizuka thought of her that way.

"Hey, Anzu?" started Shizuka, breaking the silence that had settled between the two of them.

"Yes?" Anzu replied to her, turning around to face her, only to be hit in the face with a pillow.

"Got ya!" yelled Shizuka, gloating over her victory.

But that victory was short lived when Anzu prepared herself for a counter attack.

"You're in for it now, Seren!" she said, in a threatening tone.

"Oh, I'm so scared!" Shizuka mocked her best friend, pretending to be cowering in a corner from sheer fright.

She was muffled by another pillow, as Anzu charged at her.

"Pillow fight!" they both screamed at the same time, and they began a war where the person with the best pillow skills would come out as the victor.



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