Drabble #1 : Beautiful Color

Red is such a beautiful color. It has a way of capturing ones attention and holding it. Has a way of drawing one in. Has a way of enthralling others and luring them.

Yami no Bakura liked red. A lot. It was, by far, his favorite color, the only coming close being black. All other colors were unworthy and ugly. They didn't splatter as beautifully as red did. Didn't stain as well either.

In his time, his favorite cloak was a rich, deep red. The cloak was the only garment he had that he actually worked to keep in good condition. At the time, such colors as red and purple were rare and more expensive, so when the thief had procured enough money from his thievery to buy the cloak, he took great care of it.

The cloak's color also had a practical purpose. With its deep color, it was difficult to see the blood stains that would often cover the soul stealer from his dealings. It was also intimidating. Luxurious enough to convince the nomes into believing that he was more than the peasantry, and rugged enough to fit in with the riffraff.

Yami no Bakura also liked red meat. Having grown accustomed to foraging and meager hunting in the ancient past, he had maintained his taste for raw meat. He had become so adjusted to eating rare meathis stomach had grown so used to digesting itthat he refused to eat it any other way. The more red the meat, the less cooked it was, the better.

He also loved mithril hair, besmeckled with all hews of red. His landlord could be so messy when he was painting his dolls, and always managed to procure some of his paints in his long hair. Yami no Bakura didn't mind. The self-titled "Thief King" loved to run his long fingers through the red splattered locks, smearing the colors until the hair was no longer a silvery hue, but a dull mauve.

But the way he loved red the most was in between two milky thighs. Not enough to run in rivets, but enough to give a pretty picture. He loved to run fingers through the red paint, pulling the color from below to a pale chest, leaving red fingerprints. Even better was when he kissed bitten and blood stained lips, biting to produce more red. Kisses turned into crimson rain on creamy skin. It was so pretty. It was an intoxication.