A/N: I don't even know where this came from, just suddenly felt like writing I guess. Originally intended to write something for Moments but err this was the result and it just didn't fit. So. Here it is. RuHana shounen-ai. If male/male makes you uncomfortable, do yourself a favour and leave now.

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Empty Boxes

He had asked you once what love meant and you hadn't known what to say. So you mumbled Do'aho and managed to distract him with the sound of your touch.

But the question lingered, you never forgot.

Your 'nesan's idea of Love was 2 kids and a husband with a stable job living happily ever after in a nice and peaceful neighborhood. But you reckon if that's all Love is, then you'd rather die while you're still young and beautiful and Number 1 in Japan, and life was just the Greatest Orgasm you've ever had, than wait for something so… nice.

So you stopped believing in love then. After all, it was just an elusive thing made up by men to ease the dullness of life; you had no need for it.

That was until he took away your world with these three words.

Shyly, I love you.

And the world is splashed in primary colours.

Firmly, I love you.

The sunlight, the trees and the tie-dyed sky. It's life and freedom and openness and existence à la mode bouncing the ball for the very first time.

Loudly, I love you.

You're drunk, completely, and the words are angel dust and you're soaring to Neverland only you think you'll fall without him by your side.

And then you notice his face. He's looking at you expectantly, hope and desire and excitement and -that- all vying for dominance. But all you can do, all you can say is I… Do'aho.

And so you walk away, every step a knife in your foot.

This is part 1 by the way. There will be a follow up, it seems Kaede needs quite a bit of time to sort out this whole thing called love... but don't we all? Also I hope that wasn't very OoC. Concrit would be very nice.