End of Era Aftermath

The Bellum Animus

23 July 2013-Daniel Hube reports on the crater scaring the Irish countryside,

The devastation here is unbelievable, nothing is alive here. The landscape has been torn up and replaced with hell. No-one knows what caused it but theories about space debris are coming up, sadly the plants aren't. It is hard to think that this desolate landscape could spark off a war. But when it comes this reporter knows which side he'll be on the side of the innovatists, the people who care. This war is not a war of materials but of brains, Bellum Animum.

12 Ju'nik (June) 2489

Dr. Ridley's letters published.

'We knew from the start people wouldn't join us. Some people are so inconsiderate that they don't about anything but themselves. These are our enemies, but in this war we cannot fight with swords and shields but with words.

'All people were born on this earth with brains but in the rising of drugs and despair people have forgotten, it is always sad that the human race has forgotten innovation and new thought. When this war ends, a new light will shine on the earth, banishing those who think of darkness.

31 Octob'ris (October) 2017

A passage from Nicole Foreman's Diary

'Dear Diary I went back to Bangor or now 'terra per mortis' yesterday to find a sapling growing there, the only one there, the thought brings back memories or Tristan…but now I'm with Omega who is surprisingly good at cooking. He is hot, I know but I think he'll never go with me I not his type. It think he likes the rough and tough women who fight till the death… I think I'll always wonder when this war will be over…'

Marriage Rota 2018

Nicole Foreman + Omega Upsilon

Yinth Genti + Ben Silter

Kilithy Rennish + Pothus Yenter

Invisible wars death role for 25 Decr'mber (December) 2024

George Call (Innovationists)

Thomas Matthews (Despairers)

Dr. Mary Stoway (Innovationists)

Robert Renoluv (Innovationists)

Herbert Grunher (Despairers)

Gebeve Nirvania (Despairers)

Sister Ioa (Despairers)

Everant Newly (None)

Dr. Nicole Upsilon (Innovationists)

Kjata Chjekiov (Innovationists)

From Dr. Omega Upsilon's Epitaph 16 Janu'try 2025

'Nicole was a great help in fighting this war and giving hope to those who had given up. She fought for what was right. She helped the wounded and helped our blind enemies see the light and now passes away to a more peaceful place than this. She shall never be forgotten and as a symbol of that her child is here today with us, he will learn we will teach him in memory of his mother, our best warrior, and our most peaceful.

President K'ilsnarch's Ending Speech 2413

'The war has now ended and brought the end of era of science. This doesn't mean we need to rebel or fight, we must rejoice that the 400 year long war has ended and that this generation and the ones after it may never make war again…'

Mayor Tyler Evans of Belf'saide (Belfast) opening of Bellum Animus memorial garden, an extract of…

'Many eons ago this place was truly awash with colour but then it was destroyed and the only thing holding it back was the war. Now we have succeeded in breathing life into this land once more and made it to remind people that this should never happen again. The huge oak tree has been named 'Tristan' as Commander Nicole Upsilon had scratched it on herself. Tristan is now a symbol of hope in the black hole of war…'

5Year School Textbook By A. Rgon

'The Bellum Animus was a period of despair. The scientists were coming up with new ideas and innovations but the general public were getting less and less inventive, they asked questions and let other people answer them, they didn't care, nobody cared and that is why many turned to violence to clear their depression, it was truly mankind at its worst'