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Blackbirds Singing In The Dead Of Night

Freezing rain pelts heavy against my inundated body, chilling my once heated flesh and threatening to flood my senses in to shock. Stay focused.

Water drips from my expressionless face and matted hair in taunting rivulets, mocking me and my thus far fruitless endeavor to find Robin...

Selina's cerulean robe hangs from my levitating figure like shredded skin, limp and useless. The silky fabric clings awkwardly to my bare legs, reminding me in its own muted way of my inability to escape the sense of constriction that is now collapsing in to me like bitter desolation.

After an intense, frenetic search of the entire cursed city of Gotham, no sign or indication of Robin's shadowy presence amidst the despairing scenery has been found… Nothing… I have not even been able to sense him … I can't be too late… please don't let me be too late…

Lightening strikes, though even its brilliant blaze proves no match for the eternal grieving darkness of Gotham City… I begin to believe that in spite of moments when blistered with the most radiant of sunlight, this plagued metropolis is, and forever will be, consumed with night. No wonder this place needs a full-time superhero.

The hammering rain is dense… like sheets of opaque glass, distorting any realism that would have otherwise presented itself… I can scarcely spot the winking skyscrapers before crashing headlong in to them much less spot an idiot clad head to toe in black from a hundred feet up.

I do not know how much longer I can keep looking for him… my lunges are burning and my consciousness is threatening to incite a revolt… my whole body quakes with every piercing boom of raging thunder… I can not give up…he has to be here somewhere-

My thought process ceases its sporadic run amidst the turmoil of my relentless mind when the world of my immediate nature flashes to abrupt illumination, blinding my mind and burning luminosity in to my startled eyes... however, this time lightening is not the unscrupulous culprit.

It is strangely amazing how when a bomb explodes, for just one split second of unparalleled horror, it looks just like a flower bleeding crimson and gold, blooming for all the world to witness in the muffled awe of the vulnerable… Oh my God…

The sudden explosion propels me screaming with uncontrolled force in to the building behind me. My body slams painfully against heavy concrete blocks, breaking off chunks of graveled brick and scraping my exposed skin as though it were merely paper to be frayed as I slide against its jagged surface…

My body blinks in to free fall… my mind sharpens in the panic of impending ruin as I urgently attempt to gather back all my lost and rushing senses…

Selina's robe flies up and whips about my head… the rain roars against my body in devastatingly hypnotic rhythm… the rushing sound of broken air whooshes past my ears, deafening all other noise with its fierce howl… my wet hair slaps against my face like strings of tiny whips making sure to play their part in the scene of my incessant persecution…

I close my eyes and reach out desperately for my center… I locate it merely seconds before my deadly impact.

Gasping through the grasp of my close-call, I hover no more than ten feet above the cold, black river of cement in a dead-ended alley somewhere in the rougher section of Gotham.

Fire blazes like torment all around me, licking my tortured skin as though welcoming me home with open arms. For a moment, I wonder if this is all just another link in the chain of my horribly vivid nightmares…

Rain hisses and crackles spitefully against the dominant inferno… boiling to scorching vapor before it has the opportunity to wash away the angry flames…

I try to breathe in, but the intense smoke chokes my parched lungs… nausea swims naked through my trembling system… my throat burns as tiny embers sear my exposed skin. The sting of it all is fogging.

Cutting through the alarming smog of the anarchy possessing the atmosphere, the indicative grunts of a battle being waged floats heavily across my cloudy conscious, drawing my afflicted attentions away from the thick flames and toward two blurred figures at the epicenter of this vile disaster.

Ash burns my eyes and distorts my corroding vision, but there is still no mistaking the darkened quality of Robin's existence… I would know it anywhere… even behind the mask of his fallen mentor…

Though I knew to expect it, the sight of Robin in Batman's legendary garb is incredibly disorienting… a part of my impervious indifference distantly questions if his ominous destiny was ever anything but to one day wear this uniform and be the next Dark Knight… when it comes down to it, was Richard Grayson ever really Robin? Did Robin ever truly exist, or has he always just been the next in line?

I shake my consciousness of its disorder as I rush closer to the fight in progress… though it accurately could no longer be described as much of a fight… more like a trouncing

A giant of a man wearing what faintly resembles a Mexican wrestler mask with a strange thick tube jutting out awkwardly from the back of his head is thrashing Robin's limp form around, pounding away at his broken figure as though beating out the dust of an old rug…

Blood gushes generously from Robin's grimacing mouth… the only real indication he is even still alive are the moans of pain echoing from him and in to the wild night air… Oh God… Robin…

Shocked in to stillness, I watch as the villain hoists Robin's wilted body high above his head.

Robin's black cape singes as it drifts over the flames… heavy rain bounces off of his armored chest and his head lolls involuntarily to the side as he fades in and out of consciousness…

Slowly, the giant lifts his enormous left knee, preparing to bring Robin down upon it and end this meager fight forever with the sickening snap of his brittle human spine… Oh no…

Awareness flashes like fury back in to my reality… adrenaline beats lava through my veins as all my hard won emotional control is skillfully replaced by the violence of my internal rage… my eyes roll back in my head as the inconceivable power of my release reverberates through my body…

For a moment all cognizance and comprehensive thought leaves my pulsing mind as the outward rippling of my power breathes new life in to the contiguous inferno… the flames bulge and rise higher… the rushing sounds of bursting fire barely registers to my abstract conscious.

Demonic screams of rage resonate through the air… I am only dimly aware of the fact that the primordial cry originates from my own incensed lungs and quivering lips…

The air crackles with energy… a tornado of wind erupts around us, fiercely howling out its own condemnation of the villain and his actions.

I feel my eyes blaze crimson… I feel the power exploding through my body… I feel the terror heaving like gasps of energy from the giant… I wallow in the satisfaction that comes with the knowledge that his horror is of my own creation…

Harnessing my telekinesis, I levitate Robin prone figure out of the stunned villains' loose grasp, and, as gently as my current state of being will permit, place him safely within the confines of a nearby trash bin… I barely hear him sputter out my name before I close the lid tightly to prevent any further harm from befalling upon him…

My livid interest instantly returns to the dazed giant, who is standing stock still amid the whirlwind of my propagating power… a guttural growl vibrates against my gnashed teeth as I let loose the torment of my innermost energy…

His body hurls through the air at an unruly speed, his bones making a sickening crunch as he collides heavily in to the brick apartment building lining the alley… he falls limp to the ground, his body no more alert and aware than a rag dolls.

But my rage is not yet abating… not yet appeased…

His body blackens under my control… sparks of raw energy shoot off around him as I levitate his dragging body once more and fling him in to the opposite building…

I listen with sick fulfillment to the sound of his skull cracking under the pressure of my torture… but it isn't enough… I want more.

Thrice I sent him hurling in to oblivion… each time feeling even less contented than the last… his body is now barely alive, broken and useless… I want to end him so bad I can taste his metallic blood as though feasting like a beast upon it…

And I would end it… right here and now… I would blow his life out like the flame of a worthless candle… but something breaks through the smog of my demonic overture, stopping all my actions like shocking sunlight flooding upon a world compiled exclusively of ending darkness…


Any statement from him would have been enough, but to hear him speak out my name… it cut through everything.

The tornado of raw power ceases in the clarity of my realization. The inferno once consuming us dies instantly, leaving only night and rain in its horrible wake.

Slowly my body floats back down to the ground… my bare feet coming in contact with the hard, wet cement just as I turn my head around to recognize my jury…

"Robin…" I speak. My voice is high pitched from lack of emotional control… my whole body feels weak and insubordinate as though trudging blindly through a thick bog of heavy earth.

Robin, having somehow managed to navigate his way out of the trash bin during my rage, stands before me, slanted slightly to left as he clutches his broken right arm; his mouth is twisted in a grimace of pain as blood continues to drip down his quivering chin.

He has taken off Batman's mask and his hair is thickly matted and disheveled… his blueberry eyes blaze in to my soul, conveying more than just a sense of alarm, but also anger, deep and living anger. I can feel it all hanging horridly off of him.

His nostrils flare with each intake of breath… rain runs down his dirty face as though vainly attempting to cleanse him. I wish it could cleanse me as well.

Stunned, I watch as he clenches his jaw and glares through me as though I were the villain responsible for his current condition… Why?

"What the hell are you doing here, Raven?" His words slur with every syllable.

The thinly laced venom of his words astonishes me. What does he have to be angry at? I cross my arms tightly over my chest, doing my best to keep from snarling at him, "Saving your ass as it would appear."

He barrels over to me, fury pounding through his every step. He stops a mere stride from my body… "This wasn't your fight!"

Pride thy name is Boy Blunder. "We're childish enough to claim fights now, Robin? Are you trying to get yourself killed? Do you think this some kind of a game?" I step closer to him, making sure he knows that I do not fear his overpowering figure.

His eyes blaze, "I WAS DOING MY JOB!"

"You would've been killed," I state matter-of-factly, brushing off his angry roar as only I expertly can.

He grinds his teeth as he looks down at me, "I can take care of myself, Raven. I don't need you or anybody else!"

I scoff at him, "You could have fooled me."

Sighing deeply, I softly reach up a hand and lay it gently on his shoulder, attempting to convey my compassion to him as best I can, "You can't go running after Batman's ghost, Robin. You can't fight his demons."

Aggressively, he tosses my uncharacteristically warm gesture aside, "You know nothing of demons!" He bellows.

My emotions are dangerously out of control already, and he is adding fuel to my fire.

Using the same hand that had offered him a caring truce, I reach back and slap him hard across his livid face.

The unexpected and fierce force shocks him beyond open declaration, his face conveying his harsh surprise as he reaches up a hand to his tender cheek.

"Don't you dare speak to me like that ever again," I whisper. My voice is cold and brutal… no threat of cruelty need be made, he knows of the ground he is foolishly treading on.

We stare each other through a moment… my eyes are cold, contempt slits, while his are open wide, his entire expression reading his horrid disbelief at my ruthless action… somewhere deep inside me, I am too.

Rain beats upon us in the ticking rhythm of an old clock… lightening strikes in the distance… thunder booms back in disapproval.

The hurt and angry air between us changes abruptly when Robin's shoulders sag. He breathes out deeply before breaking our awful stillness, "Raven… I don't know what to say." He looks down at the wet cement, ashamed as I am, as he runs a nervous hand through his messy hair.

My iciness abates at the sight of his guilt ridden gesture. My arms drop back to my sides as the tension seeps from my body. Realizing my own fault, I turn my own face down in the disgrace of my actions and lack of control. My limbs feel heavy and my whole body weighs down with exhaustion.

I suddenly feel very cold and very alone… I shut my eyes tightly to control my unwanted human reaction to this dismal void following my emotional outburst. My eyes sting with the effort as I bite my upper lip. Calm down… calm down… you have to calm down…

Never in my life has such an emotional overload slipped past my easy control. Every cell of my body aches with its memory… wanting to feel like that again… wanting to feel again… calm down… you have to calm down…

I wrap my arms tightly around myself once more; this time attempting to fill the aching void of my wounded soul… though failing to do more then remind myself of my own deep and unending inadequacy… I am so hollow…

A sudden and welcome warmth washes over me as two steady arms wrap themselves closely around my shaking figure, gently enclosing me in their strength as they press me tightly against their owners' firm chest.

Nonsensical words of ease drift past my senses as Robin buries his face in to my drenched hair and shoulder. I nod my head in understanding though I haven't heard a word that has left his lips. I don't need to.

I adjust my body and allow myself to relax instantly in to his arms, resting my head on his collarbone as I breathe him in deeply… not caring any longer about image, or mind, or emotions, or control… only caring about absorbing in the profound sense of calm emitting solely for me from his warm embrace.

We stand like that for I don't know how long… neither wanting to end this moment in time when just holding on to one another is enough to make us both all right again… even if it is only a temporary sanctuary.

For a while nothing matters but the bond between our dark kindred spirits… it fills my void.

But all things must come to an end at one point of another.

Slowly, I pull my body back away from him to look up in to his face. Strangely, all the injuries he had sustained in his fight with the giant have disappeared… I don't remember healing those…

"We need to get back to the Manor," I state, my voice having thus returned to its normal expressionless tenor.

He nods before jutting his head in the general direction of the still unconscious giant, "We have to do something with Bane first."

Why? I look over at his awkwardly arranged figure and try to keep my face from showing my personal disgust, "I suppose a hospital might serve him best…"

Robin smirks, "I was thinking we could just tie him up and call Commissioner Gordon."

I like the way your mind work, kid. "Sounds all right to me."

Quickly, Robin rushes over to Bane and handcuffs him securely to a nearby fire-escape ladder before pressing a large button the back of the comatose giants' metal belt.

I watch in fascination as the once large man shape deflates in to that of a normal human being… Don't see that everyday…

Preparing to ask about the strange spectacle, I turn my head toward Robin, but my words still as I notice that he is talking in to a small communicator that had been previously hanging from his utility belt.

Correctly assuming that he is calling Commissioner Gordon, I instead turn my attention back to Bane. Kneeling down beside his unconscious figure, I immediately set to work healing some of his more damaging injuries. There are fewer than I had envisioned… a gradually more muffled part of my quiet mind is disappointed.

After finishing, I slowly stand to face the firm resolve of a newly serious Robin. I raise an eyebrow sharply to convey my vague curiosity as to the origin of his expression, "Something on your mind, Wonder Boy?"

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asks gently, though I can tell he is fighting the urge to be stern and interrogate every question that has ever crossed his calculating mind about my mysterious existence out of me.

I shake my head sharply in the negative, not even feigning ignorance as to what he wants to talk about, "No, Robin… I really don't."


"-I said no," I rehash firmly, hoping to plainly express to him not only my acute distaste for the subject of my emotional flaccidity, but also my painful inability to return to this moment in time when I almost permanently let go… I can not loose my control like that again… Not ever again…

He sighs in resigned defeat, a strange heady sadness radiates from him, and, for a brief moment, its sour bearing has me toying with idea of spilling out everything to him, regardless of the sting that would puncture my own spirit. Thankfully I manage to hold my tongue.

"You know, Raven" he says, his tone somewhere between gloom and amusement, "my pride and your secrets are going to destroy us someday."

You have no idea how right you are Robin… "Well, we have something to look forward to then, don't we?" I walk closer to him, "You ready to go now? Before we die of pneumonia? Wouldn't want to ruin our future plans after all…"

He smirks, though his eyes remain sorrowful… a part of me wishes he was wearing his mask so I wouldn't have to look in to their disappointed depths anymore. "Yeah, let's get out of here."

The sounds of police sirens wail through the night as the black shadow of my powers encompasses us, the darkness of the symbolic raven soaring high above Gotham City before flying back to Wayne Manor.

To be continued!

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