„Where did he take her?" The young man's face was wrenched with fear as he fought his way through the crowd of screaming people. Fear for the girl Erik had taken with him.
She needed to be careful now. If he went looking for her on his own, he might very well stumble across Erik's lair. She couldn't let that happen. But with her guidance …

"Come with me, Monsieur, I will take you to him!" Yes, she would take him to Erik's hiding place. The only question was: Would the Vicomte arrive in time? And would he arrive unharmed?
So many questions, but no answers, she thought, as she fought to suppress an evil smile while she led him through the chaos behind the stage, urging him to hurry and giving strange warnings with a grave voice: "Remember, Monsieur! Keep your hand at the level of your eyes!"

The more distracted he would become by her instructions, the better.

When they were finally descending a long spiral staircase, she had become silent. It was necessary to pay rapt attention to how far they had already gone. The Vicomte was too absorbed in their dark, eerie surroundings to notice her silence. The aura of the place did not help to improve his worries about the girl.

In his eagerness to find her, he didn't notice his leader stopping dead in her tracks, and rushed past her. Only after several steps he turned around, puzzled. "What is the matter?"

She gave her face a fearful and hesitating expression and whispered: "This is as far as I dare go."

He nodded and said: "Thank you, Madame. Your help will not be forgotten."

'You bet it won't', she thought with a triumphant smile as she watched him descent further into the darkness.

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