The End of the Dinner Party

"Alright you lot- out!" Hermione announced, striding briskly into the lounge, followed by a slightly scared looking Blaise. The room on a whole looked at Hermione's no nonsense expression, various people turned back to the television and took a sip from their drinks, and others giggled tipsily and waved.

"Dinner Party's over, the food's gone and you'll all be too drunk to walk in another hour. I want you all out of my house before any real damage is done." Hermione placed her hands on her hips and glared at the room as a whole.

"But, Hermione," Harry stood up, reasoning in his voice.

"What? The Dinner Party has finished," Hermione said back and without further adieu conjured a black bin bag from mid air and began picking up paper cups.

The room turned away from their various activities to watch her, no one saying much. After several seconds Hermione paused in her activities and looked up questioningly.

"You're not moving," she stated, a definite edge in her voice.

Suddenly everyone was on their feet, stretching or giggling, but all were cohort enough to know that if they outstayed their welcome they wouldn't have a very happy Hermione on their hands.

"Thanks, Hermione, it's been fun," Harry and Ron sidled up (Terry attached by what could have been magic binding glue to Ron's arm.) They looked alright; they seemed to have been the most sensible ones. Hermione gave them each a hug and bid them good night, (not before Ron had held up a threatening fist to Blaise.)

A slow stream of people exited, Hannah and Susan (supporting Theo Nott who was unable to walk on his own,) Neville, closely followed by Seamus, who was clutching a bottle of Guinness firmly in his hand, and bid a smiley farewell to Hermione. However, Draco Malfoy had not left, and was to be found rummaging frantically through a pile of magazines on Hermione's coffee table. His hair was mussed, his clothes rumpled and he was throwing ones off at random.

"Draco- time to go," Hermione called gently.

He snapped round and nodded wildly.

"Right, yes, okay," he picked up the heap of magazines he had thrown off and walked briskly over to Hermione and Blaise.

"Draco, my magazines?" Hermione spoke to him like a naughty child. He hung his head.

"But, 'Glamour'…" he trailed off looking at his feet. With only a look from Hermione he dropped the magazines on the spot and hugged Hermione.

"I," he swallowed, "take my money off me. I'll only buy more." Hermione extracted his wallet and pulled out the few sickles and muggle notes he had, having previously confiscated all of his bank cards.

Draco sighed, pushed his hair from his eyes and squared his shoulders. He nodded at Blaise and strode briskly into the kitchen and out of the door.

The door slammed shut and Hermione turned to Blaise.

"Eventful evening,"

They nodded.

After the Dinner Party

Harry Potter- Continued with being Ron's best friend and took on some journalism work. Was last seen waking up in Pansy Parkinson's flat, heard to be expressing great confusion.

Ron Weasley- After leaving the Dinner Party with Terry Boot on arm proceeded to become as gay as… well Terry Boot. Mr Weasley and Boot are currently in a happy relationship in a far fetched Scottish castle.

Hermione Granger- Not charging Mr Blaise Zabini rent.

Blaise Zabini- Makes the best scrambled eggs and black coffee.

Neville Longbottom- Enjoys attending Mr Draco Malfoy's therapy sessions.

Draco Malfoy- Attends therapy sessions. Self confessed addict.

Ginny Weasley- Still scared of muggle televisions, is heard to have an addiction to muggle milkshakes.

Seamus Finnegan- Currently improving his mixing of muggle drinks.

Terry Boot- Has succeeded in his quest for Ron love. Never found his two pound coin.

Hannah Abbot- Still fights a relentless battle against her husband's leather seat phobia.

Theo Nott- Enjoys his wife's fight against his leather seat phobia.

Susan Bones- Attempting to improve her low tolerance by way of extended drinking.

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