Title: My Forbidden Heart
Rating: PG-13
Content: Love & Angst (so far)
Distribution: Please Ask First
Characters: (Main Characters) Michelle, Randy Orton, John Cena, Bret Hart (Minor Characters) Bret's wife and children, JR, Vince McMahon, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho
Disclaimer: To Each Their Own
WARNINGS: Mild language, sexual reference and some sex scenes
Summary by Chapter: Michelle shakes on her future. But what will Daddy think?

My Forbidden Heart – Chapter 1

A petite brunette girl sat anxiously yet excitedly on an upright hard backed chair with a soft black leather seat cushion, her hands rested in her lap massaging her thumb knuckles therapeutically trying to ease away some of the angst as she waited impatiently for a hand shake to finalise the agreement and her anticipation.

"Well Michelle welcome aboard. I look forward to seeing your progress and I hope that we'll be seeing each other soon" said Vince McMahon as he rose from his seat extending his hand.

The beautiful and jittery young woman stood up on her unsteady legs as they shook with fear. She extended her quaking hand and Vince took her hand in his and calmed the shaking. "Don't worry you're in!" said Vince assuring Michelle who's legs began to feel a little stronger beneath her.

"Thank you so much for this opportunity Mr McMahon"

Vince smiled at Michelle and drew back his hand. "Call me Vince. Now I must excuse myself as I have to be somewhere but please feel free to stay as long as you wish and any questions you might have I'm sure JR will be more than happy to answer them for you"

"Ok thank you again"

Vince left the room and a very happy Michelle smiled as JR turned to face her "Well congratulations"

"Thanks I can't believe this is happening"

"So do you have any questions?" asked JR

"No I think we've covered everything thanks"

"Ok well I think we're just about done then but like Vince said please feel free to stay as long as you like"

"Oh thanks that's really nice but I really should get going I have to get to the airport to catch my plane"

"You're going back so soon?"

"Yeah I can't really stay away too long because my Dad will start asking questions"

"So where does your Dad think you are?"

"New York"

"And how's he guna feel about this?"

"Oh you know my Dad he'll hit the roof"

"So what are you going tell him when we send you to OVW?"

"Well I told him I was going to New York about a job so I'll just tell him I got the job"

"And he'll buy that?"

"I hope so because I really want this"

"I know you do and it's that passion and your determination that swayed Vince into taking a chance on you. Now whilst you're in OVW I can't see there being much of a problem with your Dad but what about when you get called up? What will you tell him then?"

"When? Don't you mean if? Come on JR don't look that far ahead and I'm just guna enjoy myself and take everyday one day at a time and I'd rather not have false hopes and just be realistic. There's less disappointment that way."

"I didn't have you down as a pessimist"

"I'm not I'm a realist. If I get called up to WWE's main roster then I'll deal with my Dad then, but until then why have him sneering at me and disapproving of my actions?"

"Well as long as you know what you're doing"

"I can handle my Dad"

"Well all I can do is wish you luck. I hope that this doesn't cause a problem between you and your Dad"

"Me too JR" Michelle picked up her bag and threw it on her shoulder before shaking JR's hand "It was really great seeing you again"

"And you Michelle I hope to see you soon" Michelle smiled at JR as he opened the door for her.

Michelle walked out the room pleased with the outcome of the meeting she'd been fretting for so long about. She made her way to the parking lot and stopped in her tracks and looked on in awe "Are you kidding me?" she screamed at one of the crewmembers as she noticed a WWE truck was blocking in her rental car. "You've gotta move this I need to get out"

"Yeah well we got stuff to do too Miss you'll just have to wait"

"I have a plane to catch"

"And we got a deadline"

"Is your deadline in the next hour?"


"Yeah well my plane is so move your damn truck!"

Michelle suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder causing her to jump in shock. She turned to see John Cena smiling at her.

"Are you ok?" he asked already knowing the answer

"I need my car. I've got to catch my plane but these idiots are blocking me in and refusing to move"

"I can give you a ride to the airport"

"You can?"


"That would be great. Thank you so much" Michelle replied with a smile

"No problem well lets go then and make sure you get on that plane" said Cena taking the heavy bag out of Michelle's hand and stepping away.

"Shit!" screamed a frustrated Michelle

Cena stopped and looked back at Michelle who was running her hand through her long wild brunette hair brushing it out of her face.

"What's wrong?"

"The rental still needs returning"

"I'm sure if you call them they'll come and pick that up" said Cena with a smile

"You think?"

"Don't see why not. Come on or you'll miss your plane" said Cena proceeding to walk to his own rental car.

Cena approached the passenger side and opened the car door for Michelle to get in. Cena closed the door and smiled at Michelle as he walked around the car and threw her bag on the back seat before climbing into the driver's seat. He pulled out of the parking lot and drove in the direction of the airport.

"John by the way" said Cena extending his left hand as he kept his right hand on the wheel.

"I know who you are I'm a big fan" said Michelle shaking Cena's hand

"You're a fan? I'm flattered. I still don't know who you are?"

"Oh sorry I'm Michelle"

"You're Michelle?" asked an astonished Cena


"Everyone's talking about you backstage"

"They are?"



"What do you mean why?"

Michelle sighed "Stupid of me to ask hah?"

Cena could sense the sadness in her voice and changed the subject "You're not what I was expecting"

"What were you expecting?" asked Michelle with a slight smile as she looked over at Cena

"I duno, I expected you to be…taller, bigger, hairier…"

"Hairier?" Michelle asked through laughter

"Yeah you, all the hair I was expecting a bit of that" Michelle laughed as Cena smiled and turned a slight shade of red "It's just what I imagined you know?" said Cena with a corner smile momentarily taking his eyes off the road to see the smile on Michelle's face.

"I get what you mean but my hair is wild enough thanks. And for the rest I take after my Mom"

"Well you don't look like your Dad. Well in the obvious ways you do I guess"

"I'm like my Dad in every other way. I'm just not sure whether that's a good thing or not"

"It can't be a bad thing"

"Oh no?"

"No I mean your Dads cool and you seem like a really great person"


A silence filled the air "Feel free to return that compliment"

Michelle laughed, "I'm sorry, and you're a really great person too"

"Ahh you think?" Cena played along sarcastically. Michelle playfully punched Cena in the arm and sat back and enjoyed the ride and conversation with her in car comedic host John Cena.

20 Minutes Later…At the Airport

Cena insisted on carrying Michelle's heavy bag into the airport and walked alongside a frantic Michelle who pushed through the crowds of people and made her way to the check in desk. Michelle handed her ticket over as her cell phone began to ring. She searched through her overloaded purse to find the ringing phone successfully finding it she accepted the call and stepped away from the desk to talk.


"Hey baby girl"


"Yeah Mich, I was wondering when you were coming home?"

"I'm at the airport right now, oh damn" said Michelle realising she was holding the queue up "I'm so sorry" she said to the airport attendant

"What for?"

"Not you Dad I walked out of the queue"

"Oh so when will you be home?"

"I should be home in a few hours"

"I'm sorry Ma'am but this flight has been cancelled due to heavy snow storms"

"What? No way!"

"What's going on?"

"Is it snowing there?"


"I can't get home for the snow storm" screamed a pissed Michelle

"Ok well there's no need to stress like that. Just stay there until you can get a flight out. I can't say I'm happy because I miss my baby girl. But you can't help things like this sweetheart"

"I know, Dad can I call you back?"

"Of course baby. I'll talk to you later"

"Bye Daddy!" Michelle hung up on her Dad and looked at Cena who was waiting patiently with a smile on his face.

"Can I reserve a seat on the first flight out in exchange for this ticket please?"

"Of course Ma'am"


Cena pulled in at the arena parking lot. And Michelle got out the passenger side with a frown on her face.

"You look like you're being held here against your will"

"I was just ready to go home"

"Well it won't be long till the storms die down. But until then how about a smile I can't be that bad to hang out with surely"

Michelle smiled "No you're not, you're fun. You know what I'm starving"

"Well let's go get you some food" Cena put his arm around Michelle's shoulder and walked her towards the arena.

Suddenly loud shrieks echoed and Michelle and Cena turned to see a crowd of fans screaming for Cena. Michelle smiled and pushed Cena towards the fans. Michelle stood and watched as Cena walked over and talked to the small collective of adoring female fans, signing autographs, having photos taken, hugging and kissing them all individually and just having a fun time and connecting with them. Cena eventually parted from the fans and made his way back over to Michelle who was smiling at him.

"What?" asked Cena not sure as to why Michelle was smiling at him.

"You're really great with them"


"Not many guys would do what you just did. They'd blow them off as if they were better than them"

"So you're guna be like me when you become a WWE Diva?"

"What you mean masculine, a white street thug and square headed?"

"I'm not square headed!"

"You're not masculine or a white street thug either" Michelle said with a devilish smile

"Just when I was beginning to like ya…" Cena walked away from Michelle who was smiling from ear to ear. "…You've blown it now!" screamed Cena as he walked away. Michelle ran up to Cena and linked arms with him as Cena smiled down at Michelle "Hey hunnie"

"You're crazy"

Cena and Michelle proceeded into the building where Michelle and Cena hung out for the duration of the show. Cena walked Michelle all around the arena and introduced her to everyone backstage.

After the show had finished Cena and Michelle along with Mark Jindrak, Johnny Stamboli and Rene Dupree decided to go straight to a club.


Cena and Michelle were at the bar drinking and talking.

"So if your Dad knew you were here right now he'd kill ya?"

"Not kill but close enough"

"So why bother doing it?"

"Because since I was a kid this is all I ever wanted to do. And even if it means losing my Dad which I'm hoping it doesn't come to I'm guna do it because I think this is something I could be good at and definitely something I'll enjoy"

"But why WWE?"

"Because it's WWE" she said starry eyed with a huge smile. "If I'm guna do this I wanna do it right. I don't wanna be stuck in the Indy circuit that's not what I want"

"And he has no idea this is what you want to do?"

Michelle shook her head "If I told him he wouldn't let me do it"

"You're old enough to make your own decisions"

"I know but I'll never stop being Daddies little girl"

"I suppose you're right"

"Can we stop talking about this and have some fun please?"

"Sure come on" Cena dragged Michelle off her seat and onto the floor where they danced against each other till the early morning.

4am – Walking to the hotel

Cena with his arm around Michelle's shoulder pointed with his left hand to a street sign "I swear the hotels on this street"

"You said that about the last 6 streets"

"Well I was wrong I'm right this time"

"You said that six times too"

Cena and Michelle turned the corner to see nothing but brick. Michelle burst out laughing

"Wrong again"

Cena laughed with her "Well it's definitely in the state. That I'm pretty sure about"

"Let's just hail a cab ok"


Michelle hailed a cab and they stumbled into the back

"Where are we going?" asked the taxi driver

"Err…Where am I going?" Michelle asked Cena who shrugged "I've got nowhere to go"

"You can go with me; she's going with me, we're going together"

"Ok but where are you going?" asked the taxi driver once again

"My hotel"

"Best Western North" informed Michelle

"That's the one"

20 Minutes Later…

The taxi pulled up outside the hotel and Cena paid for the taxi as he helped Michelle out. They walked into the hotel and up to Cena's room.

"This is strictly platonic you know?" Cena said with a smile as he unlocked the door and held it open for Michelle

"I'll try and keep my hands off you" she said walking into the room followed by Cena

"Ok you sleep in the bed I'll sleep on the floor" demanded Cena

"Ok well do you have a shirt or something I can sleep in?"


"Because my bag is still in your rental"

"Oh yeah, sure I'll get ya one out"


Cena retrieved a Minnesota Vikings jersey and handed it to Michelle who thanked Cena and walked into the bathroom. Minutes later she immerged wearing the jersey as Cena who was now in just his boxers was making a bed on the floor for himself. He looked up and over his shoulder.

"Suits ya"

"I'm more of hockey fan"

Cena smiled and laid down on the floor wrapping himself in the thin textured blanket as Michelle got into the huge, comfortable double bed. The room went silent as both tried to fall asleep. Michelle bit her lip and looked at the empty space next to her. She felt so guilty that she'd come in and taken over and Cena was sleeping on the hard uncomfortable floor. She rolled over and hung her head over the side of the bed and looked down at Cena who slowly opened his eyes and looked at Michelle.

"Get in here!" she demanded

"No you're ok"

"If you don't get in here I'm coming to sleep on the floor. Now wouldn't you rather fall to sleep in the comfortable bed?"

Cena smiled and sat up "Ok move over" Michelle smiled and rolled back over to the far side of the bed as Cena climbed in and thawed out under the covers.

"Ooooh that's good" moaned Cena. Michelle looked at him and smiled

"Would you like some privacy?"

Cena not moving his body just his head smiled over at Michelle. His sleepy eyes closed as the smile on his face remained. Michelle laid down on her side and looked at Cena she smiled as the smile faded and he fell deep into his slumber.

Michelle turned onto her back and smiled thinking about her day with Cena. He'd be so sweet to her even though she was a complete bitch when they first met. He'd been a complete gentleman and a good friend. She closed her eyes and the duo fell to sleep.

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