Title: My Forbidden Heart
Rating: PG-13
Content: Love & Angst
Distribution: Please Ask First
Characters: (Main Characters) Michelle, Randy Orton, John Cena, Bret Hart (Minor Characters) Bret's wife and children, JR, Vince McMahon, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho
Disclaimer:To Each Their Own.
WARNINGS: Mild language, sexual reference and some sex scenes
Summary by Chapter: Will Bret be there for Michelle?

My Forbidden Heart – Chapter 13


Julie stumbled down the stairs with her case and looked at her husband who was sat in the front room.

"I can't believe how stubborn you're being. This is your daughters wedding day you'll hate yourself for missing it"

"Wedding? This isn't a wedding it's a storyline" he said standing up and following his wife into the kitchen "For God sake they're getting married on RAW. They've only rushed into this to bug me"

"Whether you care to believe it or not, you're not the centre of everyone's world Bret. They're getting married because they love each other and you being an ogre has nothing to do with it. Why you can't just be happy for them I don't know! What I do know is that you're going to regret not being there and your daughters not going to have anyone to walk her down the aisle, the ramp whatever it is"

"Yeah and whose to blame for that?"


"No no not me that Orton kid"

"Randy hasn't done anything wrong you're just looking for someone to blame because like always it's never your fault. When are you going to grow up and take responsibility for your actions?"

Julie stormed out of the kitchen and pushed the kids out the door as Bret followed them out still arguing with Julie.

"I know everyone's looking to blame me and I'm used to taking the blame but this isn't my fault"

"Oh you're a class act" snapped Julie

"Alex is this my fault?"

"Don't bring them into this"

"No she's an impartial eye on the situation"

"She's a kid, your daughter and Michelle's sister that's not impartial"


"Kind of Daddy"

"Kind of?"

"Leave her alone Bret. Alex in the car" Alex rushed around the car and climbed
in to get away from her Dad.

"You can fight this as much as you want and ask as many people as you want they all know the only problem here is you"

Julie climbed in the car and Bret continued to plead his case.

"She's going to end up getting hurt by him. I can see through him why can't anyone else? You wait until she's sobbing in your arms you'll all be lining up to apologise to me then" he said as Julie pulled away.


Triple H hits the pedigree on Jericho and the referee comes to just in time to count the pin 1…2…3

"And the winner is…TRIPLE H!" announced Lilian as the referee raised Triple H's hand in victory.

Triple H pulled away from the referee and pushed him down. Ric Flair climbed into the ring and handed Triple H the World Heavyweight Championship. Ric Flair then pulled a beaten Jericho up to his feet and Triple H clocked him with the belt. Jericho fell to the floor and the camera zoomed in to see blood gushing out of his head after the vicious attack by Triple H. Ric Flair raised Triple H's hand as RAW went off the air.

"Ladies and gentleman the WWE would like to thank you for being an excellent crowd here tonight"

The crowd cheered loudly

"And now as an extra surprise Randy Orton and Michelle Hart cordially invite you to their wedding which will be taking place in the next thirty minutes"

On the tron appeared an invite to the entire audience.


Everyone was running around getting ready for the wedding. All the superstars were cleaning themselves up ready to attend. The crew were turning the ring into a romantic utopia for the ceremony to take place. A red velvet cover was placed in the ring and an arch was placed and covered in baby pink roses. Flowers were placed in the ring and up the ramp. As they prepared for the wedding in the ring backstage in the locker room both the bride and the groom were nervous but excited.


A handful of divas rushed around making themselves beautiful and fussing around Michelle. The bridesmaids her sisters Alexandra and Jade and Randy's sister Becky were dressed in matching rose coloured Matte Satin princess line tea-length gowns with tulle ruffle at the hem and matching satin belt with flowers.

Michelle immerged from behind the screen wearing an Allison Blake "Rochette" dress. Delicately embroidered slim A line Thai silk dress with thin spaghetti straps. All the females in the room stopped and stared at Michelle smiling gleefully.

"Wow" said Jade looking at her sister

"Oh sweetheart you look beautiful" said Julie hugging and kissing her daughter.

"That's it I'm ready to go"

"Oh my God I can't believe you're doing this" said Julie proudly

All the divas complimented Michelle and wished her luck as they departed from the room leaving the bride, bridesmaids and Moms behind.

"You look lovely" said Randy's Mom Elaine smiling and kissing her daughter in law to be.


"So are you ready to go?" asked Jade

"I don't have anyone to walk me down"

Julie shook her head still astounded that Bret couldn't admit he was wrong and be here for his daughters wedding.

"I was thinking of asking Chris"


Michelle shook her head "Irvine. We're good friends and he's the only one who hasn't tried to destroy things for me"

"You're leaving this a little late aren't you?" asked Elaine

"I was hoping my Dad would turn up but it doesn't look like he's coming"

Julie hugged her distraught daughter.

"Shall I go and find him?" asked Jade

"Yeah please" said Julie as Jade left to go find Jericho


Chris walked in with Jade and smiled at Michelle.

"Wow you look gorgeous" he said looking around at the other five women in the room. "You all looking stunning"

"You look very nice yourself"

"Yeah I know" replied Chris sarcastically

"We'll leave you alone" said Julie emptying the room

"So gorgeous what do you want?"

"My Dad didn't turn up and I'm about to walk out there alone and I don't want to. So I was hoping you'd walk me down"

Jericho smiled "Of course I will"

Michelle smiled and took Jericho's hand getting more nervous as the wedding got closer.

A While Later

The music changed from chart music to soft romantic instrumental music and Randy and his best man Nathan walked out and made their way down to the ring. They stood talking amongst themselves as they waited for the WWE superstars to make their way out and take their seats on the stage.

"Ladies and gentleman at this time we would like to ask for complete quiet as the ceremony is about to take place"

The crowd quietened down as everyone especially Randy waited in anticipation.

The music once again changed and the maid of honour Jade walked out on her own holding a bouquet of pink and white roses. She proceeded to walk down the aisle making her way to the ring and stood opposite Nathan and waited for the next people to walk out. Next John Cena walked out with Becky and they made their way to the ring and stood across from each other. Randy's heart now pounding harder than ever in his chest knowing that soon his bride would be making her way down to the ring. Next Chris Benoit walked out with Jade and they made their way down and parted to take their places.

"Good luck sweetheart" said Julie kissing her daughter

The music changed once again and soon on the stage appeared Bob Orton with Elaine on one arm and Julie on the other. The trio made their way to the ring and Julie detached from the trio and stood next to Jade ready to watch her daughter get married as Elaine and Bob stood together to watch their first born get married.

The wedding march began to play and Randy took a deep breath realising that next down the aisle would be Michelle.


Michelle closed her eyes and took some deep breaths as Jericho waited for her to collect herself. Just then Jericho was tapped on the shoulder and turned to see Bret who whispered in his ear. Jericho smiled and shook Bret's hand and walked away. Michelle opened her eyes and turned expecting to see Jericho and was stunned to see her Dad stood in front of her.

"I am happy for you and I've never been more proud of you" he said to his daughter whose eyes glazed over as tears appeared. "Don't cry! Save that for when you get out there"

Michelle got on tiptoes and hugged her Dad she knew he wouldn't let her down because he never had and she smiled as her Dad hugged her back.


Jericho walked out onto the stage and everyone looked at him in dismay as he walked to the side and found a seat. No one could understand why he wasn't backstage with Michelle but all questions were answered when Michelle walked out with her Dad. Julie smiled at her husband as he walked his daughter down to the ring. They climbed up the steps and stopped at Julie where Bret kissed his wife and whispered in her ear.

"I'm sorry"

"You're a good Dad" she said

Bret continued to walk his daughter to Randy and as they approached he turned the mic away from his mouth to speak to Randy.

"Don't hurt her"

"I won't" Randy swore as he smiled at Michelle. Bret turned and kissed his daughter and gave her hand to Randy.


"Who brings this woman to marry this man?"

"I do" said Bret

"This is the time that you have chosen to become husband and wife. We are here not only to witness your commitment to each other, but to wish you every happiness in your future life together. Marriage is founded on sincerity and understanding which leads to tolerance, confidence and trust. We believe that those qualities which have attracted you both to each other can be best developed during a life spent together. A happy marriage will enable you to establish a home with love and stability where your family and friends will always be welcome. Together the bride and groom will read the following 'Two Lives'"

"Two lives, two people, so very different, yet so similar. Together we stand as one, sharing our future as it comes. The past is that past. Buds are yet to blossom, with care and trust, the best is yet to be revealed. Honesty and kindness are the fruits of love. Lord bless this day and always to enrich us so our love will never end. Before you are joined together in marriage in my presence and in the presence of these your family and witnesses, I am bound to remind you of the solemn and firm nature of the relationship into which you are about to enter. Marriage as most of us understand it, is the voluntary commitment of a man to a woman and a woman to a man to the exclusion of all others and is entered into with the desire, the hope and the firm intention that it will last for life."

"Now Michelle's sister Jade and Randy's brother Nathan will do a reading together"

Jade and Nathan walked over to the mic and nervously cleared their throats and took a deep breath before beginning. Nathan spoke first.

"Husbands, love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it. So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined unto his wife and they two shall be one flesh. However each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself and the wife respect her husband."

Nathan stepped back to let Jade to the mic and she continued.

"And Ruth said, "Entreat me not to leave you or to return from following you; for where you go I will go and where you lodge I will lodge; your people shall be my people and your God my God; where you die I will die and there will I be buried. May the lord do so to me and more also if even death parts me from you."

Jade smiled as she stepped down and the Minister returned to the mic.

"Before you Randal and Michelle are joined in marriage in my presence of these your family, friends and witnesses, I am to remind you of the serious and binding nature of the relationship you are now about to enter. I shall now ask you to make your marriage vows."

"I Randal Keith Orton affirm my love to you Michelle Erin Hart as I invite you to share my life. I promise always to respect your needs. I will endeavour through kindness, unselfishness and trust to achieve the warm rich life we now look forward to. To this end I call upon all present to witness that I take you Michelle Erin Hart to be my lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health while we both shall live.

I Michelle Erin Hart affirm my love to you Randal Keith Orton as I invite you to share my life. I promise always to respect your needs. I will endeavour through kindness, unselfishness and trust to achieve the warm rich life we now look forward to. To this end I call upon all present to witness that I take you Randal Keith Orton to be my lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health while we both shall live.

Nathan handed Randy and Michelle the rings

"Michelle Erin Hart; with this ring I thee wed. Take it and wear it as a symbol of all we shall share."

"Randal Keith Orton; with this ring I thee wed. Take it and wear it as a symbol of all we shall share."

The Minister smiled and began to read.

"Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited, it is never rude or selfish, it does not take offence and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people's faults, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope. It is always ready to endure whatever comes. True love does not come to an end.

You have declared before all of us that you will live together in marriage. You have made special promises to each other, which have been symbolized by the joining of hands, taking of vows and the giving and receiving of two ring's. By the authority vested in me as a Minister in the state of Missouri, I now pronounce you to be husband and wife. Now that the ceremony is over and the experience of living day by day is about to begin, go and meet it gladly.

Embrace each other. To all these here present I present to you Mr and Mrs Orton"

Everybody rose out their seats and began applauding the couple and they carried on in their embrace...