"Are you excited?" I asked Dave as I sat cross-legged in one of large leather chairs in his locker room.

"Yep." He said, looking down as he taped his wrists.



"Scared Shitless?"

"You know it." He laughed.

"David, listen to me." I said, walking across the room and placing my hands on his chest. "You are my big cousin. You are so strong, and so caring, and you deserve to win tonight. You are better than HHH, and you WILL become the World Heavyweight Champion tonight. Are we clear?" I asked him, looking him straight in the eye.

"Yeah, I hear ya."

"Besides, if you don't win, I have to cancel this big ass party I planned for later on tonight."

"A party did you say dear little cousin? Maybe I just should just go out there and kick some ass then huh?" he joked, kissing my forehead.

"Good Luck Davie," I smiled, hugging him.

"Don't need luck, I got's my baby cousin!" he laughed, walking out the door to go find somewhere to focus on his match.

"You got it John, I know you do."

"Yeah, I've got this…I'm ready." I muttered to myself. I looked up at Mack who was looking at me smiling.

"John, you're scared as hell…OW! What'd you hit me for?" she whined.

"For cussing."

"Oh…wait, I didn't cuss!"



"You said hell."

"Hell's not a cuss word, they say it in church, and you can't cuss in church. They say damn too."

"They don't say damn." I laughed, knowing she was trying to take my mind off of the match.

"Yes they do…they all ways say something about damning someone to hell." She smirked, making herself look just like me. "So I get my hit back."

She punched me in the shoulder and I laughed. Then I reached over and pulled her into my lap. She curled up and put her head in the crook of my neck; just like she did when she was little.

"JJ, so you know, I'm proud of you no matter what. You're my big brother, and I'd do anything for you, you know? I'm not just saying you're the best because I'm you little sister; but every single fan in the Staples Center is counting on you to kick JBLs rich ass. So don't win this title for me, or for BJ, or for Ma and Dad…do it for you. John Felix Anthony Cena…and for those 20,000 people who believe in you." She said, not even looking up at me.

"Thanks Mack, that was deep for a 15 year old," I said, kissing her forehead. "I'm going to the lab, I'll be back right before Mania starts." I got up and walked out the locker room.


I walked into John's locker room to find Mack alone and on the phone with someone.

"Yeah, and I wanna do this too, this is so cool." She was saying smiling into the phone. "No, NOT like that, I want to wrestle, not do T and A matches to…how did Caitlin say it; oh yeah, entice the male population and infuriate the female population…Yeah, like Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria, like that. I'm not gonna look like some smutted up my-first-wrestling-match-Barbie. Yeah, John's clueless about that part…alright Shane Christopher Easton, stop teasing my brother! Yeah, go watch the Pay per View that I get to see live. Love you too man, bye." She hung up the phone and looked up at me. "Hey BJ, what's up?"

"Nothing much, where's your brother?"


"The lab? What's the lab?"

"Nosebleed seats…across from the titantron…you'll see him, trust me."

"Alright, I'll be back later then." I said, standing up and walking away from the room and towards the seats. I went through the arena and around to the opposite side of the Staples Center and then I went up.

And Up

And Up

Then I walked in to the stands, and sure enough, there was John staring at the black screen. He looked focused and nervous at the same time. I walked down the stairs to the row he was in and sat beside him. He didn't look over, but he knew I was there.

"I used to sit in these seats you know. They were the only ones I could afford," he laughed. "I watched the guys in that ring while they did their thing, knowing that I wanted to do it too one day. And now…now I'm hours away from competing for the WWE Championship…I just can't believe that I'm gonna do this."

"You're gonna do awesome too John, I know it." I said softly, laying my head on his shoulder.

"You sure?" he said, putting his arm around me.

"As sure as I know my name is Brooklyn Jessica Kessler."

"Thanks Brook, I guess I needed that, huh?"

"Yep, you did, but I'm proud of ya, no matter what."

"Mack just said that you know," he laughed.

"What can I say? Great minds think alike." I teased.

"True, but greater minds, think for themselves."

"Touché," I grinned as he pulled me into a kiss. He pulled me out of my chair and into his lap while we kissed. I was sitting sideways, as it is physically impossible for me to straddle someone in a stadium style seat.

"HEY! STOP MAKING OUT WITH MY LITTLE COUSIN AND GET DOWN HERE CENA! THEY'RE ABOUT TO OPEN THE DOORS!" Dave yelled from down near the ring. I laughed and stood up. John followed me and we walked hand in hand back to the locker rooms. John kept his arm around my waist the whole time, occasionally kissing me on my temple. When we made it back to Dave's locker room, he let me go…after giving me a completely breath-taking kiss.

"I'll see you before my match?" he said

"Yeah, I'll be back there waiting on you." I grinned goofily.

"Aight Ma, I'll see you later." He said, kissing me one last time and walking away. I turned and walked into Dave's locker room with a goofy smile on my face.

"You know, watching my best friend make out with someone isn't how I envisioned seeing you again." a voice said. I looked to my left to see Jeff sitting there looking at me expectantly.

"JEFFERS!" I screamed and jumped in his arms excitedly.

"Hey there BJ, how's the road treatin ya?" Jeff's southern tinted voice soothed me.

"I missed you so much Jeff." I grinned. "I need you to dye my hair tonight. Like, now." I said, looking him in his eye. "I can dye it, but not as good as you…and it's an hour to show time, I want you done by the end of John's match, he's 4th on the card tonight."

"What color we talking?" he asked expectantly.

"Black. Jet black."

"but that's so…boring," he said, running his hands through his blue and purple colored locks.

"Well, not all of us can have Nero style." I teased.

"I guess…do you have the dye with you?"

"yeah, it's in my bag…I was gonna do it tomorrow, but you're here now, so why not?"

"Bathroom," he said in mock-order and we went in, locking the door behind us.


I was walking around the arena after teasing Brook about John again, just off in my own thoughts. I wanted to win, I had to win. I went back to my locker room to change. My bathroom door was closed and I could hear voiced in the bathroom.

"J! come on, I don't bend that way!" Brook laughed.

"Come on BJ, if you can't lean backwards so the water doesn't get in your face, then you should at least get on your knees and put your head under the tap!" I heard a male's voice say. I knew it wasn't John…this voice had an accent, a southern one.

"Brook, is Skittle in there with you?"

"Yep! JEFFREY NERO HARDY, that water's too hot!" she screeched. There was a smack followed by a yelp and a laugh.

"Sorry, hold still…that better?"

"Much. Hey Dave, I'll be out in about…half an hour, right in time for your match." I called.

"Uh, okay, I'm changing out here right now, so don't come out." I said. I stripped down and changed into my trunks. Then I put on my knee pads, and my boots. I sighed and looked in the mirror. I was ready, I looked like a champion. The door opened, and Jeff came out first, nodding a hello to me. He handed Brook her bag through the door and sat down. Then Brook came out 20 minutes later, and my jaw dropped.

Brook was no longer brunette and curly-haired. Her hair was black, jet black ad it was bone straight ad now stopped at her mid back. She was wearing one of John's black Ruck Fules t shirts that was cut so that it was sleeveless, mid drift and nearly v-neck over a red fishnet shirt. She had on baggy black cargo pants and a pair of combat boots that I'd given her for her birthday. She had on wrist bands and rubber bracelets and her finger nails were black. She looked so awesome.

"Well, it appears that my baby cousin…isn't a baby anymore." I said, taking in her look.

"You like?" she smiled wickedly. "My parents are so going to freak."

"Why? When are they gonna see you?"

"In about 2 weeks when we hit Miami and I show up with my hair like this and with a similar outfit on."

"You are so evil," Jeff laughed. "My little rebel, I'm so proud," he mock teased.

"Shut up Jeff," she smiled. "You ready cuz?" she turned to me, standing up to walk me to gorilla.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I nodded, following her out the door. We walked down the halls, my arm around her shoulder and her rubbing my lower back in small circles reassuringly.

"You'll be great Dave, I swear you will," she grinned as my music struck up. "Luck."

She kissed my cheek and pushed me out of the curtain.

It's show time


I watched as Dave won his match. I was happy for him. I decided that it was time to go down to gorilla, my match was after Christian and Jericho's anyway. I walked right by a girl with straight black hair and froze when she grabbed my hand.

"Hey, I was waiting for you," she grinned. I looked closer and realized it was BJ.

"BJ? Damn girl, what happened?" I said surprised.

"You like it?"

"Like it? I love it! You look so sexy…I just might have to take you back to my locker room and…"

"Hey John, focus on your match…it's soon, remember?" she said, cutting me off.

"Yeah, I remember…I'm just thinking bout our celebration after I win…" I teased, kissing her softly.

"Hmm, well as tempting as that sounds…you have a match to win, and I have a cousin to congratulate."

With that, she walked off, leaving me standing at gorilla. She looked over her shoulder and gave me a wicked grin and winked at me. I laughed and looked at the white limo that pulled up. I noticed Brook walk back…she knew something was up when JBL got out of the limo with his lackeys. She stood next to me, and I put an arm over her shoulder automatically.

"Well, well, well…what do we have here boys?" JBL smirked…oh man I wanted to smack it off of his face.

"Looks like the guy that's gonna take your title from you in about ten minutes," I sneered.

"Oh are you so sure? You have no back up…no one cares about you John Cena, you have nothing!" he yelled in my face. I took a deep breath. I'm not just saying you're the best because I'm you little sister; but every single fan in the Staples Center is counting on you to kick JBLs rich ass. Mack's words were flowing through my head. JJ, so you know, I'm proud of you no matter what…So don't win this title for me, or for BJ, or for Ma and Dad…do it for you… for those 20,000 people who believe in you. I looked up at JBL and smirked. Then I said only 5 words.

"See you in the ring." I walked away with BJ while JBL and his faggots watched us with hateful glares.

"You can do it John, I believe in you," she smiled. I planted a kiss on her and then heard my music cue up. I walked out with two noisemakers and grinned.

It's show time.

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