Invader Zim and every character related to it belong to the all-mighty Jhonen Vasquez. And don't you just love picturing his cringing little face while reading all our horrible goblin-child fics? I know I do. Strawberry however, belongs to me.

"Where'd you go Mom?"

She wouldn't have wanted this.

"Where'd you go Mom?"

She wouldn't want us unhappy.

"Where'd you go mom?"

She wouldn't want us to suffer in this cruel world.

"Where'd you go mom?

"I love you Dib." She would whisper hugging me, her strawberry scented perfume overpowering me. She always wore too much.

"I love you too Mom."

Then she left. She said she'd be right back. She was going to Dad's studio; she needed to give him something.

"But you never came back did you Mom?"

Silent tears falling on her beautiful face, immortalized forever with a smile on, her perfect teeth gleaming.

"Did you really love me mom? Did you really love us?"

The tears fall faster now, but she doesn't answer. She never answers anymore.