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Hey mom.

She runs over with this giddy look on her face, like Christmas has come early and I can't help but smile.


She grabs me in this gigantic hug where I can hardly breath or move, or anything.

I said, 'Hey Mom.' It's me Dib.

"I've missed you so much." She whispers into my hair.

Dib? Is it really you? I didn't think...I really didn't...well...

"I've missed you too." I have to whisper into her shirt since she won't let go.


She suddenly grabs me by the shoulders and holds me in front of her, looking me up and down.

It's just; I never thought I'd hear from you again.

"Such a skinny boy. My skinny boy." And before I know what's going on she's got me in an even tighter hug and I'm gasping for breath.


"I'm so sorry Dib." I can feel something wet land on my head and I realize she's crying.

Can I come over?

"Dib, I thought I didn't need you." And the tears are really falling now, faster than ever.


"But I do need you. I can't survive without you." And she's crying so badly that she's shaking so I have to guide her over to the couch.

If you don't want me to, it's alright, I was just wondering if I could...

"Dib, I need you and your father and your sister. I've missed all of you so much." And I'm not sure what to say. Dad and Gaz left the house because I told them you were coming. They're not ready for you yet. They still hate you. And I think I've even started hating you. I know I can't say that so...what do I say?

No, you can come. It's alright.

"Where are they anyway?" And I try not to look at her face but she grabs my chin like she used to, and looks me straight in they eyes and she knows they're not here because they can't be. Not because they don't want to be here, but because they can't be.

I'll be right over.

"They're not here are they?" She gets this horribly sad look in her eyes and I feel so bad. I know I shouldn't, but I do.

Wait! Mom?

"They couldn't be here because..." And I try to think of an excuse but nothing comes.

What Dib?

"I understand Dib. When will they be back? I'll leave before then."

Why'd you do it?

"I don't know. Soon?" But I don't want it to be soon because there's so much I want to tell her and if they're coming soon I can't.

Do what?

"There's a lot I want to tell you, please don't leave." And before I know what's happening I'm crying too and telling her how much I hate her, and how depressed I got, and how Dad started to drink, and how I got sent to therapy, and how Gaz just wasn't herself, and how it was all her fault.

Why'd you leave?

Finally I find myself in that gigantic hug again and I'm crying into her shirt with her shushing me and stroking my hair.


"Dib...I understand all that. I know there's nothing I can do or say that will change any of that and I'm so sorry for it all. I've missed you so much and-"

Heavy breathing.

"-and, and, I love you. That's all I can say. I love you with all my heart. You're my little guy, my little man. I love you and I don't think there's anything that will make me stop loving you."

Dib...I...I don't...

And now she's whispering it over and over like she can't stop. "I love you, I love you, I love you."

Mom, it's alright. Just come over.

Suddenly she's walking out the door and getting in her car saying Dad and Gaz will be home any second and she needs to leave. Saying she'll come over again real soon, and maybe next time Dad and Gaz will be home.

Alright Dib, here I come.

I'm not sure what made me say it because I wasn't sure it was true.

Oh and Dib?

But the moment I said it I knew it was true and I wanted to hug her again.

Yeah, Mom?

Everything felt right with the world right when I said it because I knew things were going to get better. Somehow, I knew we would be a family again.

I love you Dib. Always have, always will.

I don't know what made me say it, because I didn't say it during our conversation on the phone or while she was saying it to me. But it felt right.

"I love you too Mom." That's when I got the biggest hug of all.