Changes….everyone goes through them.(chapter 1)

This story starts out like any other, the family is blissfully happy, Hermione granger their daughter is top of her class, Mr. granger is becoming richer every year, and Ms. Granger just Adopted a baby boy, you see the grangers cant have children they adopted both Hermione and now Hermione's little brother. Mr. and Ms. Granger were both squibs so Hermione grew up around magic, she has been reading up on magic ever since she learned how to read, she thought that she wasn't a witch because the Grangers clamed they got Hermione at a muggle orphanage.

Everything was going great, Timmy (The little brother) Just turned 1 and everyone was in the car coming home from Timmy's birthday party, Timmy and Hermione were having a tickle fight in the back and Jane (Ms. Granger) was looking at them and laughing. All of a sudden John(Mr. Granger) swerved the car so as not crash into the car coming at them and he instead hit a large oak tree that happened to be in the park a few houses away from home. John died, Jane spent a month in the hospital in a coma, while Hermione had to get 13 stitches on her back where some flying glass sliced through her and Timmy sported a broken arm. While Jane was in a coma Hermione had to take care of Timmy and everything at home, even after Jane got out Hermione had to do everything because you see Jane started to drink heavily. About a month after she got out of the hospital Don moved in…that's when Hermione finally started to change. Don was abusive, he would hit Hermione and if he tried to go after Timmy, Hermione would step in. soon after he started hitting them he would go into Hermione's room at night on nights when Jane was too drunk to put out, after the first time he raped her Hermione grabbed Timmy and ran away. That day they ran away Hermione met Becca, Becca became Hermione's best friend, it turned out Becca had just moved to London from America and she was a which so she would be in 7th year at Hogwarts.

After living with becca for a week or two don found them and brought Hermione home again, this time she couldn't run away until Dons guard dropped which didn't happen until after 3 more rape sessions. This time Hermione couldn't take Timmy with her right away, but a few days later she went back to get him, just as she got to her old home she saw a bunch of death eaters and they were killing Jane(Whom was too drunk to note being killed) and Don whom was trying to make a deal with them, the lead death eater didn't listen and just killed him, they all left thankfully not finding Timmy, not knowing that Hermione had any siblings, Hermione ran into the house and grabbed Timmy and anything else she might want before going back to Becca's . Once she got there she saw an owl waiting for her, it was a Hogwarts letter! But it was too early for the regular letters…what could be in it,

August 4th,

Ms. Hermione Moira Snape,

First things first, yes you are a Snape, he is your blood father, he just found out that he was your blood father when he found out his other child is also under your roof, you see now that Voldermort is dead Sev can have his children back, you do not look like him because you had a glimmer placed over you when he gave you up, the glimmer will be coming off both you and Timmy at 12 midnight August 5th, tonight. Sev would be deeply honored if you would write to him. Now as for the other thing I have written to you about, I know the grangers are dead, and if you would like, seeing as you are head girl and all, and his father will be working here, Timmy can come with you, now I don't expect him to stay with Sev seeing as you have had him for over a year, so he can stay in the dorm with you until he is better acquainted with Sev.




Hermione Gasped and looked at the time, she has a little over an hour until the change, time to talk to Timmy.

Hermione and Timmy Stood in front of a Full size mirror, becca stood in the doorway watching them, both of them had on as little as possible. Timmy was just in his tightie whities and Hermione was in boxers and her bra, Timmy started to change first, his hair became about an inch longer and was a dark brown almost black and his skin took on a olive color, his eyes turned from brown to a green and brown mix for a wonderful shade of hazel, then it was Hermione's turn, Her legs got about 2 inches taller and much thinner and a bit toned, Her belly got a bit bigger but not so much as to call her fat, she just had small love handles on the sides, her A cup breasts morphed into D's and made her bra brake, her neck got longer, her thin light pink mouth turned bow shaped with her bottom lip a bit bigger then the top, the color of pink deepened to a mix between pink and a purple-red color, her over large nose shortened a bit and went slightly up at the tip and her eyes went almond shape and the color changed from dark brown to an ocean green-blue that changed ever now and then, and finally her light brown hair turned into soft curls instead of frizz and darkened to a Blue black color that was the slightest bit darker then Snapes and much darker then Harry's.

Hermione gasped and grabbed the blanket off of Becca's bed to hide her body from Timmy's. And becca only had one thing to say to Hermione's change, "Bitch…trade bodies with me now please."

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