Timmy and Hermione shared a bowl of ice-cream while Snape was talking to McGonagall; Hermione just took a bite when Harry and Ron stepped in front of her. Hermione chocked on her ice-cream for a moment then swallowed the rest down. "H-Hey guys." Harry glared at her. "What…mad that I didn't send my homework as per usual? Well I have been a bit busy, seeing as I'm guessing you ease-dropped on Snape and McGonagall's conversation, I'm sure you know what's going on in my life. By the way, this is my little brother Timmy. He's two; he's also going to go to Hogwarts with us. And I'm head girl with Draco Malfoy." Hermione stopped her rambling and waited for the guys to speak.

Ron stepped forward and poked Hermione in the chest, "This time we forgive you but next time you better mail us. We would have helped…right Harry?" Harry whom had been glaring at Hermione's ice-cream looked up and smiled and nodded. They both sat down next to Hermione to wait with her until Snape returns. When he did he glared at Harry and Ron, "I see you were listening to me and Minerva talking. That will be a week's detention once school starts. Now I wish to have time ALONE with my children so if you would…."

Hermione jumped up and hugged both of them; Harry's hug a bit less friendly then Ron's but no one noticed. Harry and Ron left and Hermione sat back down and looked over at Snape. "So you got rid of McGonagall? I suppose I shouldn't have hugged you like that. I'm sorry." Snape smiled at her.

"You are just like your mother. Saying sorry when you did nothing to cause what happened. Would you like to see a picture of her?" Hermione nodded and Snape handed Hermione a locket, on the right side was a young girl, barley Timmy's age, the girl was watching a older boy about 10 throwing rocks into the lake to make her giggle., Hermione looked up at Snape with a question in her eye, "My baby sister, died about a year after that picture was taken, I'm the one throwing the rocks." Hermione nodded and looked at the other side of the locket, there was a woman in her late 20's with dark hair, almost black but not as dark as Snape's and not nearly as dark as Hermione's, and the woman had blue eyes, Hermione saw that she owned her mothers nose and eyes otherwise Timmy looked more her mum and Hermione looked more like Snape. (except for the nose;) ) Hermione started to hand the locket back to Snape but he stopped her, "It's for you. I hope you like it." Hermione grinned, and with tears in her eyes reached up and kissed Snape's cheek softly.

"Thank you."

After a few hours of shopping with Snape and Timmy Snape offered to help Hermione home with all of her stuff, Hermione accepted happily and invited him to dinner. Once they got to the house Hermione found the door unlocked and Becca sitting in the living room watching TV, "Hey Herm, welcome home, how was shopping with daddy dearest?" Becca asked not even looking up from the TV, so she jumped when Snape answered for Hermione instead of Hermione answering herself. "We all had fun, I'm sure Hermione will tell you all about it later."

"Oh…ah….shit…um….hi…I'm...ah Becca." Hermione giggled and walked into the room.

"Hey Becca, oh guess what Likens did today?"


"Fired me for bringing Timmy to work with me."

"PRICK!" Becca jumped up and walked to the phone and calmly picked it up and waited for the person on the other line answer. When they did she started to yell so loudly that Hermione and Snape covered their ears so they could only hear a few words, which was mostly swear words and the name Likens. Becca hung up and Snape smirked and sat down on the couch.

"Hermione where do you, Becca, and Timmy want to go for dinner? And no cheapy places because that's all you can afford, remember I have more then enough cash fro 4 lifetimes so pick, muggle or wizard." Becca gaped at him and eeked.

"I get to go too!" She did a happy dance and ran into her room to find something fer her to wear while Hermione giggled at her and sat next to Snape.

"Well I think we should go to that new place, Adair's. It's muggle wizard mix, semi-fancy. That ok with you? Timmy can wear his new robes and I can wear my old birthday dress." Snape nodded and Hermione ran into her room to change herself and Timmy. Hermione brought out the dress she only ever wore on her birthday; she got it from her dad…step dad. It's a smoky gray with black lace over it, it went down to her knees and it looked beautiful on her. Timmy robe was a dark green and looked very nice on him, (and hid stains well) Hermione grabbed her gray purse and went up to Snape, "Snape, can you charm this to hold anything and never be heavy and to never be full? And make it water proof." Snape chuckled and did as she ask and watched as she packed a tippy cup some snacks and a few extra pull-ups for Timmy. Becca walked out of her room wearing some dark purple robes and holding Timmy.

"Everyone ready?" Snape asked. Becca and Hermione nodded and Hermione put Timmy in a small stroller and walked over to Snape, "How we getting there? Knight buss? (Is it Knight or Night? I don't remember and I'm baby-sitting so I don't have books to check with.) I don't want to apperate (SP?) with Timmy." Snape sighed because that was his idea, just apperate there. He muttered out knight buss and opened the door for Hermione and Becca. (And Timmy) Once they were on the knight buss they tried to stay safe until they got where they were going. a few stops after they got on Draco got on and asked to go to Hogsmade, when he saw Hermione and Snape he told Stan never mind and walked over, "Professor Snape, I was just coming to see you, we have a problem. DE's just stopped at my apartment to tear it up and see if I was there, luckily I wasn't, but I could have been, they left this note for me,

"Dear boy,

We saw you hanging out with a few muggles the other day, we also saw a young girl and her child with you, looks like you have a little bustard hidden away, you better watch out for you and your whore, I know where she lives, she's next after we get to you, now I know your going to run to the traitor Snape with this letter, and you'll probably bring your hoe with you, but that's good, we need you all in one place, easier to kill you all. You know just because voldermort is gone doesn't mean his servants aren't still here, and guess who is top man? That's right, me. See you soon my son.

Your father."

Hermione gasped and pulled Timmy out of his stroller and held him close to her.

"Well I think we need to go see Dumbledore about this, I'm sorry Hermione, dinner will have to wait." Hermione nodded and got up to go tell Stan about the change of directions while Snape and Draco talked quietly, Hermione sat next to Becca and whispered with her, "Do you think I'm really in danger? And if I am are you?" Becca bit her lip softly.

"Well I think you are, you know death eaters, wont stop. As for me, if I am what can I do? I'm too old to go to school; I mean I graduated 2 years ago. Maybe I can talk to Dumbledore about any safe areas in the world I can hide at for cheap." Hermione nodded and got lost in thought until Timmy started to squirm in her lap and she looked down to see him staring at Snape, she got up and sat next to Snape and handed Timmy over, "He wanted you I think. Today was very good for him, he loves meeting new people and he hasn't gotten to meet anyone really since Draco." Snape nodded and tickled Timmy's belly. "How far are we from Hogsmade?" Hermione asked while looking out the window.

Snape glanced outside and saw where they were and shrugged, "As long as we have no stops between here and there we are about 15 minutes away." Hermione nodded and got lost in her thoughts again.

Once they got to Hogsmade train station Hermione started to shiver, Becca, Snape, Timmy, and Draco were in robes, she was in a dress with no coat. Draco seeing Hermione's shiver handed her his cloak. "Thanks." Hermione whispered, Timmy fell asleep on the buss in his stroller and so she didn't want to wake him up for the long walk to Hogwarts. About halfway there Timmy started to shiver so Hermione reached into her little purse and pulled out a thick blanket and wrapped him up in it. As soon as the got into entrance hall they made way to Dumbledore's office. "Gummi Bears." The stone statue started to move when an arm appeared from behind the gargoyle. Becca (Nerves blown to hell from tonight) Screamed and hid behind Hermione who smirked, she knew that hand anywhere, After all she has gotten many a back rub from that hand. "Hello Uni, How are you?" A man stepped out from behind the statue fully and stared at Hermione before jumping over to her for a hug as he started to talk so fast that they could hardly understand him.

Oh my gawd! Hermione! Sweetie what have you done with yourself? You got major plastic surgery or something. But I must say honey it looks wonderful on you. OH I forgot to tell you last time I saw you, me and mike are living together! But I think he may be cheating on me, the jackass." Mike stepped out and walked over to him, "You know I would never cheat on you sweetie." Mike and Uni hugged and said goodbye, not bothering to tell Hermione why they were there in the first place. Once they left the others started to make their way upstairs to see Dumbledore about their little problem.

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