Who Am I?

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Rating: PG just to be safe

Summary: Rhade crashed on a planet and lost all memory, until Beka came along to spike it for him, that is.
A/N: this takes place sometime during season four after the spider episode.

Telemachus Rhade walked to the edge of town and stood leaning against the last building. Spread out in front of him lit by what little starlight came through the clouds was a sandy plain with a few clumps of trees and some caves set on the hills thirty meters away. He'd been there two weeks and still couldn't remember any thing more then his name. It seemed like what few memories he had were slipping away with the shots they gave him every night. He'd been dreaming about a blond lady for a while. She was beutiful and something told him that she was not just something in his head.

Suddenly a rushing sound filled the air as a large dark object, a ship of some kind, set down not fifteen meters away form him. Rhade pulled out his gun and approached the ship. It was to dark to make out anything except that it was pretty big. The thought that it was a cargo ship popped into his mind when he touched it. There was something oddly familiar about even though he couldn't place it. There was just something in the back of his mind saying that he should know about this ship.

He made his way along the ship toward the end where the light was spilling form. A mechanical sound behind him made him jump and press his body against the hull desperate not to be seen. A light appeared as a door not far from him opened falling to the ground with a soft thud.

"Do you think he's here?" A male voice asked as two figures appeared silhouetted in the doorway. Rhade pressed back more as they switched n flashlights.

"The slipfighter crashed over there." A beautiful female voice that sounded like the one of the lady in his dream said sweeping the light in Rhade's direction causing him to hold his breath. "Hopefully he'll be in town. You get some rest; we'll decide what to do tomorrow."

"Sure," with that the shorter person went back into the ship and the taller one switched off the light and stood leaning against the edge of the door.

Rhade could hear her speaking but couldn't make out the words. He put his gun up and moved closer keeping close to the ship.

"…Rhade where are you? We need you now more then ever. It's even been hell for Harper, though he won't admit it. By divine I hope you're still alive when we do find you." With a deep sigh she turned and went back in the ship the door shutting behind her.

Rhade leaned against the ship for a while wondering if he was the person she was talking about. He sat down suddenly tired to care that he was outside of town after curfew.

He stood in the mouth of a cave as the sun began to rise. Down below him the cargo ship rested not far from town. Then he was in a field that he didn't recognize. A blonde lady was coming toward him, she looked familiar but he couldn't remember who she was.

"Rhade what are you doing here?" She asked stopping in front of him.

Her name flashed through his mind along with a rush of strong feelings. He picked her up twirling around recklessly.

"Rhade," she called laughing.

He set her down pulling her close pressing their lips together. "Beka, I thought I'd lost you," he whispered running one hand through her hair and kissing her again.

"Telemachus," she whispered wrapping her arms around him and giving in to his touch.

Then they stood on the edge of a cliff and she started backing up leaving him standing there unable to move, "Beka please."

"Come and get me Rhade, if you love me." She backed up another step.


"It's not that hard Rhade," she took another step and fell.

"Beka," finally able to move he ran to the edge watching as her body hit the roaring water bellow.

A/N: Beka and Rhade aren't together yet. Beka didn't mean to fall off the cliff that was just Rhade being afraid of losing her. Rhade lost all of his memory after the crash due to shots that the people gave him so he just remembers Beka in his dream.