After spending the night in Castle Ostia, the heroes set out to the mall. Within the mall they find out that no one else is there, because of the holidays. The Tactician Snowyiji started to order everyone to get into elevators so that they can shop for supplies needed. On the first floor was boosting items (for status) and healing items, on the second floor were magical tomes, and on the third floor was the weapon section.

"Why can't we use the stairs?" Erk commented.

The tactician got angry and responded about not wasting time. Dart left the building and Matthew went up the stairs both left unnoticed.

In the first elevator was; Erk, Renault, Rath, Vadia, Marcus, Lowen, Barte, Dorcas, Oswin, Wallace and … Serra.

In the second one was; Sain, Farina, Fiora, Ninian, Lyn and … Raven

In the third one was; Harken, Hawkeye, Geitz, Karel, Karla, and … Hector

In the fourth elevator is; Rebecca, Nino, Florina, Nils, Lucuis, Canas, Pent, Louise, and … Wil

In the last elevator is; Guy, Legault, Kent, Heath and … Eliwood

"Athos, Merlinus and Hannah will stay with me" Snowyiji informed the others.

Everyone got scared or freaked out when they heard who they had to share elevators with, as though they thought it sounded like an internity.

"Why, Serra?" Some people from the elevator group asked.

"You'll see." Snowyiji responded with a hint of evil in her voice.

"Aren't you a guy?" Wil asked.

"…I can be anything online, you know, and with my author powers I'll turn you into a squirrel! " The tactician threatened.

After talking everyone got into the elevator and for those who tried to sneak out, an angry tactician was going to mate them go into battle weaponless and go against a bunch of enemies.

As soon as the elevators started to go up they stopped mid way between the third and second floor.