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Chapter 14- Not Me

Abdul was staring out the huge window in his throne room. He'd been there for hours. Every so often, he would sigh and just continue staring. Just exactly what it was he was staring at, no one had any clue. He had been that way every since Luke and Lorelei had escaped.

The door to the throne room opened, and Voldemort entered. The Dark Wizard climbed the large staircase and came to a halt behind Abdul.

"You are a complete fool, Palpatine," Voldemort said simply enough.

This caused Abdul to turn and stare at him. Voldemort had always been daring, testing Abdul's patience, but this was a new step forward.

"Why do you say that?" Abdul asked, his voice in a dull monotone.

"Because I told you…I told you! You should've taken that girl when you had the chance! But you had to be the gentleman, didn't you! You fool! You've lost the first chance we've had of destroying both Potter and Skywalker! You underestimated your enemies!"

"Need I remind you, Voldemort, of a certain underestimation you made…oh…sixteen years ago?"

Voldemort scowled. He knew Abdul was referring to the night he had went to destroy the Potters. That silly Mudblood…if she had only moved…

"That is not the same!" Voldemort growled.

Abdul shrugged and walked calmly past him and halfway down the staircase. Then, without turning, he said, "I realize now what was wrong. It was not mine, nor my father's, destiny to destroy the Skywalker line. However, I believe I may have a solution…It all depends…"

At this point, Abdul was no longer addressing Voldemort or anyone for that matter. Now, Palpatine was simply staring down at the stairs, lost in thought.

"You are deranged, Palpatine. You've lost all your good senses, haven't you?" Voldemort hissed.

Abdul smiled.

"Ah, truly you are the one to point this out. But no, Voldemort, I have not lost my mind. I merely have concocted a plan that does not require you. You will not be seeing me anymore…nor hearing from me, Voldemort. I release you from our partnership. Pursue Potter, Skywalker, whomever you should like…I will have no part in it. It's not me…not my destiny. I understand now. It is so clear to me…"

"Our deal is dissolved?" Voldemort asked skeptically.

"Yes. I'm going to disappear. And when I come back, I will have a weapon so powerful, that the Skywalker line will most certainly fall."

And with that, Abdul exited the room, passing Lucius Malfoy as the Death Eater entered. Lucius stared at Abdul a moment. Suddenly, Voldemort called to him.

"What is it, Lucius?" he asked.

Lucius fell to his knees where he had stood. Looking up at his master, he said, "My Lord, a transport back to Earth had been prepared for you."

"I did not order…never mind it. We leave."

And Voldemort swept down the stairs and out the door, followed closely by Malfoy.

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