Redeeming the Daemon Final chapter " In the eyes of those that matter most."

Gendo sat in a five thousand dollar motorized wheelchair, looking out a large picture window, as the rain, and the wind raged outside. Gendo watched his own reflection in the mirror, as a lone taxi pulled into the driveway.

Yet one more time, we play the game out. If only to pretend that hope exists for a happy ending.

He gave a moments thought to leaving the chair, and meeting his son on his feet.

The moment passed, as he didn't have the strength.

Medication. Keep you alive, at the cost of dignity.

The clock ticked slower than it should as Gendo waited.

Shinji walked from the cab to the door, and raised the large iron knocker.

At least the driver agreed to wait. That's one good thing today.

The door opened before he had a chance to use the knocker. A middle aged butler, appeared in the door, and Shinji entered.

" May I take Sir's coat? "

" No, I don't think I'll be here that long. "

The butler looked sad; as he spoke.

" It does make Miss Rei; upset when Sir's visits are . . .short. "

" Yes, it does. "

Leaving the butler behind Shinji entered the library.

Looking around the room, he spotted first editions, original art, and relics that made the rooms worth more than his college.

The sound of electric motors made this father's approach known, and he felt his stomach knot.

" Hello, Shinji. I'm glad you came. Ritsuko is doing well, and you have a brother. Your Mother's anniversary is tomorrow. After, I was thinking we could . . . "

Shinji cut him off.

" Why am I here?"

Gendo looked confused.

" What? "

" This is the fourth time you've had Rei call me. The only time she ever calls me, is to come here. I make the trip all the way from Rome, you want to play at being a family."

Gendo's chair hummed as its motors came to life, turning the chair so that he could face his son.

"It has been four years."

"Since the end of the war, yes, I know. If this is about your will I don't want your money."

"Your trust fund was started by your mother, and intended for your education. It has been dissolved and the assets put towards charity work in Taiwan."

" Shinji, please look at me. "

Gendo raised his right arm revealing a stump where his hand once sat.

" Behold, Adam's final vengeance. I am not long for this world, Shinji."

Shinji; didn't blink.

" You have cancer, from implanting the first Angel into your hand. Misato gives me regular security updates, that, for some reason, includes how you're doing. "

The room was silent for what seemed like forever.

"Then you know that despite my wife's considerable abilities, and best efforts I am not long for this world. We have been apart too long Shinji, I asked Rei to call you here that we may make amends."

"You know how hard I've tried to contact Rei in the last four years. Letters, phone calls, and even the commander of NERV making a personal request for her to call me."

With the mention of Rei, Gendo's face softened slightly.

"The last few years have been difficult for her and though we have done our best to repair the mistakes of the past; Shinji, it is for her sake that I extend the olive branch"

The younger Ikari's face took on an angry look.

"You don't even let yourself see it, do you? That must be how you sleep at night."

"I write to Rei every other week for two years, and I get no response. I spent a month in Switzerland when you were on trial, spent half my college fund, Asuka almost ended our engagement, but Rei wouldn't even see me. Now she calls me and asks me here, because you want me to forgive you?"

"I don't hate you for what you did to me, father, I'm past caring about it. I hate you for what you did to her. Rei grew up with-out a chance to be anything other then your perfect soldier. I know when I walk out of here, Rei will be between the door; and me. I'm going to have to make her cry to get out of here, and I hate you for that too."

Shinji turned from his father, moving towards the door, pausing for a moment at the door.

"I don't expect that we will ever meet again, and I'm glad for that, at least."

Gendo sat in silence, as his first born son left, without further comment.

The encounter was as successful as I though it would be. I knew the boy I abandoned would never forgive me for my transgressions; my last hope was that he'd grow into a man that might.

The older Ikari listened to the footsteps of the younger as he passed down the hall, and out of his life. Gendo lowered his head as the sound of raised voices echoed down the hall.

Strange I birth something that nearly ends humanity, and I'm more concerned that divided offspring will be my legacy.

The sound of a slamming door shook Gendo from his thoughts, and with a motion of his remaining hand, he began to pilot himself out of the library, towards the estate's main entrance.

"Rei, are you there?"

Over the humming of his chair's electric engines, Gendo made out the sounds of faint sobbing as he finally reached his goal. Rei stood facing the door, which hung open slightly allowing rain and hot muggy air to blow into the mansion.

"Rei, are you alright?"

In a hushed whisper she spoke as she turned.

"Yes, sir."

"We left NERV years ago Rei. It is unnecessary for you to call me that."

"I'm sorry, father."

Minutes passed as wind and rain blew freely though the door.

"He said that he was moving back to the city after the current school year ended, because it was too far from his loved ones. I asked him if that included you, he said no. I became angry."

"Your brother mentioned he'd tried to contact you for some time. Why have you not spoken to him before now?"

"It would …. have ended like this."

" Life is hollow, without family. I advise you to rethink your actions as I'm sure you're invited to his wedding. You cannot take back your actions Rei. A thing once done may not be undone."

"Even if you are sorry?"

"Only some times, child, if your mistake does not go on too long."