Summary: I guess when Eve said "Let them always live happily together" it didn't mean right away. As Keitaro and Mitsune start their new life together the others start new ones of their own. With so many changes happening around them they wonder if they're really ready to be married because it seems that there friends need them more than they need each other now. How will any of them survive their new lives and how will the nowmarried couple deal with all the challenges of marriage? (The Genre Of The Story May Change Later)

A Whole New Life

Chapter One: The Changes Are Just Beginning.

Mitsune's P.O.V:

Every morning I wake up early and fix breakfast just before he wakes. The more I cook the less things I burn or set on fire. I'm getting to be a good cook, that or Keitaro just eats what I make for him so he won't be hurting my feelings. So far we've been married only a few weeks, and I have to say it's been pretty much fun. Now if only I could find where he hides my bottles of sake.

We moved out of the Hinata into a small apartment nearby right after our honeymoon. That way he can still manage the apartments and I can see my friends daily, just like before. They say i've changed quite a bit since me and Keitaro married, maybe their right, maybe their not. I'm not sure, I still feel like the same person i've always been.

Well, I don't know about the sake but I just found fifty dollars in the pocket of one of Keitaro's shirts. I guess it does pay to do the laundry. Smoke is starting to come out from the kitchen, sigh, there goes breakfast.

Normal P.O.V:

As Mitsune goes to try put out the smoke from the kitchen, obviously their breakfast, Naru, Shinobu and Kaolla are arriving to their small apartment, just about a block away from the Hinata. As they ring the doorbell the window is quickly opened and smoke starts to come out.

"Mitsune must be cooking again." Naru said watching the smoke slowly disappear.

"I offered to help her learn to cook but she said she'd rather do it on her own." Shinobu said.

"Hey Mitsune!Your awake!" Kaolla said leaning on the wondow sill and searching for Mitsune in the now dying smoke.

"Well you saw the smoke didn't you?" Mitsune said opening door to let her friends in.

Keitaro came into the living room, still dressed in his pajamas and with a fire extinguisher in his hands. "The fire's out now. And you really shouldn't leave the food along on the stove for that long." he said

"Yeah, I think I just figured that out. Thanks." Mitsune said.

"So are you ready to go then Mitsune." Naru asked, trying to get Su to stay put and not run off like last time. Which resulted in her testing one of her new inventions on the man that live next door to Keitaro and Mitsune and nearly giving the lady downstairs a heart attack. I think they're pretty grateful that she doesn't live right in building with them.

"Let me just make Keitaro his breakfast and then we'll leave." she answered

"I can do that for you if you like?" Shinobu offered.

"No thank you. I can do it myself. But just in case, keep the fire extinguisher ready." she said handing the fire extinguisher to Shinobu and then disappearing into the kitchen.

A few minutes later the four of them left the apartment to do some shopping. Since Mitsune and Keitaro had just barely moved into their apartment they didn't really have much furniture except for a table, two fold up chairs and a matress. The girls were going to help Mitsune fix up the apartment so it didn't look so dark and empty like it was now.

Naru and Mitsune looked around the furniture store for the right things to fit into the apartment and to match the new paint they had put on the walls a few days ago. While they did that, Shinobu chased Su around the store as she jumped from bed to bed and then the tables. One of the sales clerks was also their trying to help Shinobu but they ran around in circles so much that they started to get pretty dizzy and had sit down.

"So how's married life treating you?" Naru asked

"It's not that bad but it's pretty quiet not having everyone else around. After a while you kindda get used to that." Mitsune answered flopping down on one of the matresses.

"You two should have stayed at the Hinata. We wouldn't have to be walking so far to see you."

"We're only a block away. It's not that much of a walk."

"Yeah, I know. But it's just so strange not have you two around. Everything is different at the Hinata now." Naru said as she fixed her hair in one of the dresser mirrors.

"Different? How?" Mitsune asked sitting up.

"Shinobu's alot more quieter now, she hardly ever speaks any more. And Kaolla Su doesn't spend as much time with her inventions. She's been hanging out with some strange kids from school," she answered "I'm not sure I like her hanging out with them so much.She's hardly ever at home most nights."

"They're just growing up. I'm sure we were both the same way when we entered high school. Get Shinobu to go out more and meet new people. She'll be much more talkative when she does." Mitsune said "And as for Kaolla, she knows right from wrong, even if it doesn't seem like it. You can trust her, she's just learning to hang out with people her own age."

"Maybe your right. I'm usually busy studying so I don't pay as much attention to them as I used to. Maybe if I could make more time to hnag out with them they'll be back to normal. I'm kind of missing Kaolla's crazy inventions." Naru said smiling.

"So how's Motoko doing?" Mitsune asked, she hadn't really heard from Motoko since the day after the wedding.

"I'm not sure. She's been locked up in her room alot lately, some times i'm not even sure if she's in there. When ever I do see her, she always looks kind of sad or depressed. Motoko's changed alot too, she's not the same as she used to be."

"I guess we're all just still getting used to not being around each other like before. You have your studies, Shinobu and Kaolla are at a new school, i'm married, we don't have as much time together any more."

"Maybe once we get used to the changes we'll all be back to normal." Naru said sitting down next to Mitsune.

"Hopefully it will." Mitsune said "I guess we all have really changed in some way the past month and a half. But i guess that's life."

Unfortunantly they haven't yet noticed just how different things are now. But in the next few months maybe they would.

Author's Note:(Read Please)Okay, the story may sound a bit depressing at some parts and sorry about that. I'm trying not to make it sound that way but that's just how it came out when I wrote. I guess I was in a depressed mood or some thing. Well the next chapter will be up soon, hopefully by tomorrow since it's srping break and I got alot of time to write. Well anyways, I hope you liked the story so far. Please review and tell me what you think so I can keep working on the story.