As much as I hate to admit it, the walk home was boring! I may have...a crush on Craig but the walk home was so boring and I just needed a little "me" time. Which is why, when we got back to our houses, I rejected the invitation from Craig to go out to the lake. Don't get me wrong, I love the lake. I just needed time to think. That is it.

I tiredly searched for the house key my mom hid outside so if we forgot it, we would know where the spare one was. With a grunt, I lifted up the potted plant sitting in front of our window. I found the key lying in the dirt underneath it. I placed the potted plant back down to the side and snatched the key up unlocking the front door. I didn't even bother to put the plant back in its correct spot. I hope my mother won't notice when she gets back from work.

I slammed the door while walking in. Well, it wasn't really a "slam" it was more like a light shove. Anyways, I could care less right now what sound the door made when I closed it. I just hurried up the stairs to my bedroom and closed my door softly. I threw my messenger bag to the floor, turned around, and fell backwards on my bed. I sighed heavily. This was the kind of me time I wanted. Nice. Quiet. Tired. Me time. The best time of the day.

I closed my eyes and let my mind wander for a bit. I thought about everything; my dad, mom, Jack, my friends. Everything. Silently, I drifted off to sleep. My eyelids felt heavy when I tried to open them. I also tried to crawl up farther on my bed but my whole body just seemed dead. I lied there for what seemed eternity.

That is, until my mom came into my room.

"Hey, honey." She smiled at me walking in.

"Mmm," I grumbled, "mom, why can't you knock. I was sleeping."

"Sorry. I was just coming up to tell you that I am going out to dinner with someone and I won't be back till late. Could you please pick up Jack from the babysitters in an hour please?"

"Yeah mom, sure thing." I nodded sitting up.

"Thank you honey," she said starting to close the door, "I have to go. See you later."

"Bye," I called to my mother as she walked out the door.

As soon as she left, I lied back down on my bed and sighed heavily. This was beginning to become a habit. I thought about what my mother said. She called me 'honey'! I hated that! I know Paige calls people 'hun' but that is ok. That is Paige. It just sounded weird when my mother does it.



I listened to the phone ring for a little bit. I was still lying on my bed as happy as a bug in a rug. I checked what time it was; 7:00 pm.



I silently got up from my bed and answered the phone.

"Hello," I answered.

"Um...hi. This is Kristina, your brothers' babysitter"

Oh no, I forgot to pick up Jack.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry."

"Oh, no, it is fine. I was just calling to make sure you hadn't forgotten or was stuck in traffic or something."

"I will be right over. I can't believe I forgot. I am so sorry."

"Oh, like I said: it is fine."

"Ok, thank you. I will be there in twenty minutes. Bye."

"Bye," Kristina replied as I hung up.

I quickly ran and grabbed my keys to my car. I ran outside only to remember that my car was being smoged so I didn't have it at all. I started to brainstorm to think of a way to go pick-up Jack. I couldn't think of anything. My car is being smoged, there was no car available at my house, and I was running late to pick-up Jack. I could always run or walk. Was Jack supposed to do that then on the way home? To run or walk, I mean.

I then broke into a run. I ran passed Craig's house, the lake, the town mini store. I just ran. Jack was going to kill me. I just knew it. I ran around a corner and ran into someone I wasn't planning on. It was Jay. He was also carrying groceries with himso I obviously knocked them onto the ground and tripped over his feet.

"Dammit," I shouted with anger.

"Watch where you're going," Jay snapped back. He then turned around and realized it was me. "You." He replied.

"Me," I said getting up and starting to run the opposite way like I intended.

"Aren't you going to help me with these?" Jay called picking up his groceries.

"I think not. You can do it yourself," I called over my shoulder.

By the time I reached the babysitters house I was exactly thirty-five minutes late! My gosh my mother was going to kill me! I store up to the door panting. I was a little sweaty but hopefully it wasn't noticeable. I carefully knocked on the door. Kristina answered it like always. She glanced at me up and down. I think the sweat was noticeable. I blushed a bright red.

"You are late," she said snapping her bubble gum in her mouth.

"I ran," I said stepping inside her house and calling for Jack.

"He isn't here."

"What?" I said alarmed.

"I called your mom afterward and she picked him up."

"And you couldn't save me a lot of running and called to tell me?"

"Guess not," she said popping another bubble.

I sighed heavily. Well, it wasn't really a sigh. It was more like a growl on frustrating anger! It had nothing to do with Kristina. Ok, maybe it did but...come on! The nice thing would have been to call and say! I don't like Kristina that much and it may be obvious but she just...arrggghh! What's the phrase? Makes me sick out of my head sometimes! Maybe you know the feeling?