by Whitewolf

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Rating: This is highly disturbing, but not graphic. PG-13 - R.

She whimpered. He was instantly by her side.
"Spike." She sighed, content to lean against his

The blond vampire hugged her gently to him. His hand
explored her brown, silken locks of hair. His love,
his Goddess, his Queen smiled and murmured his name
again, burrowing deeply into his shoulder.

"Angel is coming for me." His arms tightened at the
name. She had used it to hurt him in the beginning.
She had shouted it loud, screaming that Angel would
come for her and save her. Later it had been to
reassure herself that she would be saved, that she
couldn't break. And now it was said placidly, a
statement of what she knew to be true.

"When, love?" She giggled to hear her name crooned by
his lips.

"Soon." She nipped his hands lightly, "He found out
that we are here. Kill him for me?"

Her hopeful, innocent eyes stared up at him. He
nodded. "Of course."

She nipped his fingers harder, and Spike was forced to
bite down a groan. "No, he didn't come for me. He
didn't care enough to come for me did he? No not me.
He didn't come for *her* did he?"

"No…" Spike wasn't sure what he was denying, but it
didn't matter to either of them. He couldn't help the
groan that her quiet ministrations on his fingers
brought forth.

"He should have come for her. He should have come for
his Queen. Spike, show me I'm your Queen." Softly
she repeated, "Show me."

Spike groaned as she ran an innocent hand along his
muscles. Quickly he captured her mouth with his own.


Angel sniffed the blood on his fingers. It was a week
old. She had been alive then. He ground his teeth,
too late. He was too *late*. She could be dead…

No he wouldn't think about that. He wouldn't lose

A movement in the shadows caught his attention. The
younger vampire quickly found himself up against the
wall, one pissed off Angel nearly at his throat.

"Where are they?"

The younger vampire's eyes were wide; terror made his
thinking slower. "He took her away. They just left
us here." The childe moaned.

"*Where*?" Angel would stake the childe without a
second thought if he didn't know anything. If the
younger vampire *dared* waste valuable time better
spent finding her…

"Away. He said that he would take her back to
Sunnyhell. Back to her palace." The younger vampire

"Thanks." Angel said before staking the vampire. "I'm
coming, Cordelia." He murmured. She couldn't die.
He had seen too many be killed when he could stop it.
Spike had taken his friend and he would stop it. She
would not die.


Spike smiled at the girl in his arms. In so many ways
she was like Dru, his Dark Goddess, his princess…

He cut off that train of thought viscously. No.
Cordelia was his Queen now, she would be his Dark

She murmured in her sleep. He bent toward her lips
and smiled when he heard what she said.

"Spike, you killed him. You killed him. He can't
bother you anymore. Now I can have you all to myself.
And he won't be able to hurt us..."

He gently stroked her exposed shoulder, quieting her
murmurs. She looked so innocent and sweet. And she
loved him. Him, not Angel. At least, not anymore.
Their love had been so fragile to begin with, and
after he had convinced her that Angel loved Buffy more
than her it had been child's play to manipulate her
emotions from love to hate. He grinned at the

He had stolen her to hurt Angel, driven her insane
because he could, changed her to own her completely
and kept her… He frowned at the woman in his arms.
He kept her for her visions, because she still held
power over Angel, because she was his Dark Goddess,
his Queen.

She stirred in his arms, and opened her eyes on his.
"He's here," She said simply.

Spike smiled, yes she was his Dark Goddess and Angel
could do nothing about it.


He was almost there. It was the first place that had
been suggested. Behind him he heard Buffy get out of
the car. The others had wanted to come but he
couldn't let them. They still believed that she was
alive and he know that the chances of that were slim…
Very slim.

"Angel…" Buffy started. He spun to face her, and
blinked when she asked, "Cordelia is still… alive
isn't she?"

He shook off his demon visage, "I hope so."

Far from reassured Buffy followed behind the furious
vampire. "I hope so, too." She murmured.

Angel went in first. He didn't expect any sentries
and there weren't any. Spike had cleared out without
taking any of the younger vampires with him. He was
obviously trying to keep their existence quiet.

Dangerously close to ripping the place apart looking
for Cordelia, Angel was forced to wait for Buffy who
was barely a step behind him. "Do you-" Buffy
started, before a muffled cry was heard from the
dinning room.

They were there before the cry stopped.

Cordelia stood next to a huge mahogany table where
three places were already set. In her hand she held
the pieces of a shattered glass. Blood droplets were
staining the white tablecloth red. "Nooo," Cordelia
moaned again, watching in horror as the tablecloth was

Buffy coughed, alerting the motionless girl to their
presence. Cordelia turned toward them slowly. When
she saw who stood in the doorway she hid her hand
behind her white skirt. "You are too early."
Cordelia shook her head, causing the ringlets to

Cordelia frowned at them and walked toward the archway
where they stood. Her silken slippers ground the
remains of shattered plates into the floor. Still
frowning at them she whisked her way past the two; her
long white dress flowing behind her in tune to her
graceful movements.

Buffy started after the girl and Angel followed behind
in a slow mockery of a parade. This was not going as
planned. No, according to plan they would have beat
up Spike and killed some minions before taking
Cordelia back to safety. They way the "captive"
simply ignored them was not part of the plan.

Cordelia arrived at the living room entranceway and
turned to her two followers. "You arrived too early.
That's not polite. You are supposed to be polite when
visiting a Queen. Right Spike?"

"Right, pet." Spike affirmed, coming up from behind
her. Gently he put his hands on her shoulders,
bending to nuzzle her affectionately. Angel growled
and started towards the offending vampire.

Any normal human wouldn't have been able to see what
happened next. Everyone in the room did.

One moment Spike's hands were caressing Cordelia's
shoulders and the next… The next a wooden stake
protruded from Angel. It had hit him in the stomach,
too low to do much damage. Unfortunately Buffy was
not as lucky.

Everyone saw her fall, the stake buried deeply in her
heart. Spike looked on in glee as the woman who had
caused him so much annoyance died. Angel's horror was
mixed with more pain then his undead mind could
handle. Cordelia stared in the wide-eyed innocence
that only insanity could create.

Spike approached the shocked Angel, before his anger
could be turned into violence. He delivered a sharp
swipe to the back of Angel's skull, rendering him

"You didn't kill him." Cordelia said, perplexed at
this new development.

He shook his head slightly and smiled at her upset
look. "There are many things worse than death, my

She gave him a trusting smile, sure that he was doing
what was right. "Of course." She said, not even
bothering to pout at his change of her wishes.


Angel awoke and shivered. It was cold here even for a
vampire. He shifted slightly and found himself
chained. Angel's eyes snapped open when he realized
the last. Since when was he…

His eyes found hers. Blue. Glassy. Dead.

"No." He growled into the darkness. The rope she hung
on swayed lazily on a slayer's weight and swung her
gently back and forth. "No." His repeated statement
brought no response. He tried again, louder, longer.


Spike grinned. He finally had brought his sire as
much pain as the bastard deserved.

From the center of the room Cordelia stopped dancing
with her invisible courtier. She curtsied gracefully
as music only she could hear ended.

"Spike," She called, drawing his attention away from
the music of Angel's moans. "Spike come dance with

He smiled at his Queen; the woman who had once loved
and now hated his sire. She smiled back, content in
her own little world, where she was Queen.

"Always, luv. Always." He murmured as she stepped
into his open arms.

The End

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