Chapter Fifty: Be My Bride, Kagome

Kagome groaned as she rubbed her stomach to try and stop the butterflies that danced around within her. Today was the day. Today she would be married. It was nothing like she had expected in her childhood.

Looking up at Shippō she smiled and took his hand. He was in "old man" form right now, but that was entirely suitable considering that most believed him to be some older relative this way. If they only knew how right they were! He slowly led her out of the room and down to stand before the doors, ready to walk down the aisle. Walk down the aisle… it sounded so terrifying, like going down the gangplank or jumping out of an airplane. She looked around at the large crowd of people.

Her girlfriends Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka were sitting nearest to her, waving and smiling approvingly of her choice of husband, they had even managed to drag Hojo there. Then there was Minoru and his family. Jin, Sachi, Instructor Nakajima, her grandfather, her mother, they were all there. Finally her eyes landed on a pair of golden ones which seemed to have been staring at her the entire time and as she felt herself begin to move down the aisle she couldn't draw her gaze away from his.

"I do." It was all she could remember of the entire ceremony other than his eyes. The next she knew they were swept away and at the reception, crammed together among a mountain of gifts. She blinked and turned to her mother who nodded and handed her a package which she immidately turned and gave to Sesshōmaru. "Before we open anything else I want you to open this."

He stared at her for a moment before nodding and tearing open the wrappings to find a rather unscathed looking leather bound book. The room went silent as he sat there staring at it and Kagome felt a little nervous at his reaction. "You were keeping this the entire time?" She nodded slowly and he lowered the book to his lap, flipping open the cover to reveal the first page.

It is surely amazing that I have not taken up the task of writing my thoughts before.

Yes, it surely was amazing how events unfolded.

Sesshōmaru closed the book and turned to her, pulling her close and smirking as she gave a squeak of surprise as he kissed her gently. "Thank you, Kagome, but there is no greater gift than you, my lovely bride." She blushed and the crowd applauded before he leaned in to kiss her again.

The End

Oh my. I did it. I really finished…. does a happy dance Yes, I know this was a really short chapter but I wanted it that way. Sorry if it was disappointing. Hey! At least no one died this time… well, except for all the people in the past… anyway, I brought them back! Most of them… yeah, well… it was a happy ending!