That Night


LiL Pippin Padfoot


Disclaimer: italics - Sirius's thoughts.

This is a sad story, about Sirius going to the Potters' that fateful night...


I have to get there. That thought raced through Sirius's mind, as he sped through the night sky.

He had gone to check on Peter, who was James and Lily's secret-keeper. His hiding place was empty. No sign of struggle. And I thought it was Remus. How stupid was I? Sirius was beating himself up. He was overreacting. Peter was most likely safe.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Peter just went some where, I'll go, see James and Lily. And baby Harry.

Sirius had almost convinced himself they were safe until he saw the smoke.

Oh god.

Sirius landed his motorcycle at what used to be his best friend's house. His breath caught in his throat. Their house had been reduced to rubble. He walked to where the front door used to be.

Then he saw it.


Sirius's vision was blurred as he ran to the body of his best friend. Praying it wasn't him.

Please, no, not James, not James.

Sirius moved the rubble around, and there, clear as day, was James. His black hair flopped around, as usual, his glasses wer gone, his eyes were closed, and his wand was a few feet away, broken.

Tears sprung to Sirius's eyes, but they didn't fall. Black's don't cry.

Lily. Lily has to have Harry. James must have distracted them long enough for Lily and Harry to escape. Where are they?

Sirius walked around, to where Harry's nursery would have been, and that's where he found her.

No. No. God, no. Not Lily too. Not Lily.

It was. Lily Potter was lying on the ground, her red hair was streaming from her head, her eyes, like James, were shut. Sirius thanked God for that. Then it hit him.

Where's Harry? Not him too. First James, then Lily, not Harry. Not Harry.

Sirius heard a cry, close to Lily's body. There was a blanket. Sirius picked it up gently, and there inside was Harry.

Sirius breathed a sigh of relief. Harry was safe.

He laid Harry back on the ground. He picked up Lily's body, and placed it near James.

They would've wanted to be together.

Then he went back to Harry. He rocked Harry back in forth.

It'll be all right Harry. I'm here.

"Remember me, Harry? It's me. Uncle Padfoot?"

Harry quit crying, and gurgled at Sirius.

Just then, Sirius heard something from behind him.

He spun around, wnad in hand.


It was Hagrid. "Sirius? Sirius Black?"

"Yes, Hagrid, it's me."

"Is it? It can't be true. Lily and James?"

"Yes." Sirius said, once agian suppressing tears. "They're gone."

Hagrid nodded. "I'm taking Harry."

"I'm his leagal guardian!" said Sirius "I'm taking him."

"Sorry, Sirius. Dumbledore's orders."

Sirius sighed. "How did you get here?" he asked Hagrid.

"Floo Powder. Awful stuff, that is."

"Here." Sirius handed Hagrid Harry, who Hagrid placed in a basket. Sirius handed him the keys to his motercycle.

"Sirius, I couldn't..."

"Take it." said Sirius, who's voice was choked. "You'll get there faster."

Hagrid nodded. "I'm sorry Sirius, he was yeh best friend."

Sirius nodded.

Hagrid strapped Harry on the back, and left.

Sirius walked away. He didn't know where to go.

He found an old alley. He put his wand down, and pulled his knees up to his chest, feeling very, very alone.

Tears sprang to his eyes. For the first time in his life, Sirius Black cried like a baby.

Soon, sunrise aproached. And Sirius knew what he had to do. He had to find Peter.


What do you think? Should I continue with him looking for Peter?