Chapter 1

Hermione smiled as she walked back to Hogwarts castle hand in hand with Blaise Zabini. They were both quiet, but grinning, shooting each other sideways glances every so often and looking away shiftily when the other caught their eye. They walked passed Draco Malfoy, who sneered at their joined hands; Hermione waved in response.

They drew up to the castle a few minutes later, and stood in the entrance hall facing each other, still holding hands. They stared at each other, going red, until Blaise spoke,

"I had a really good time, Hermione," his face close to Hermione's.

She smiled at him, "I had a lovely time too, can we do it again some-"

"Yes, can I kiss you again?" Blaise's face drew closer.

"You don't need to ask," Hermione replied, hooking her arms round his neck as their lips met in a gentle kiss. Mouths moving gently and tongues tenderly massaging, their kiss deepened, a perfect moment, until they needed a breath.

"That was perfect," Hermione said breathlessly. Blaise nodded, staring at her.

"I have to go," he said, some pain in his voice. Hermione untangled her arms and took a step back.

"So do I. I suppose I'll see you at breakfast tomorrow?" Blaise nodded, turned around and walked towards the corridor leading to the Slytherin dungeons. Hermione smiled to herself and began the walk back to the Gryffindor common room.

Entering a few minutes later she was immediately dragged over to a sofa full of fifth and sixth year girls, all of whom were giggling. Ginny tutted, but was smiling and started attacking Hermione's lips with a tissue.

"You're lipstick is all smudged. Marking your territory I see." Hermione went bright red, as Ginny scrubbed.

"So, how was it?" Lavender demanded, looking eager. Hermione smiled,

"It was perfect."

Blank looks, "That's it?" Ginny demanded, "Perfect? Come on, give us something to go on here; where did he take you, what did he feed you, is he a good kisser?" Hermione blushed more.

"He took me to this little cottage which his Uncle owns, we had diner in the garden." A chorus of sighs were let forth from about ten girls, all looking wistful and envious.

"What did you talk about?" A fifth year asked, leaning forward.

"Well, things in general, we joked, laughed."

"And is he a good kisser?" Ginny asked eagerly. Hermione laughed,

"Yes. Most definitely."

"Now, on a scale of one to ten," Parvati began, "one being he missed and ten being you can't remember anything from the date apart from the kiss," Parvati took a breath. "Where is our favourite quiet Slytherin ranking here?"

Hermione shifted in her seat, still red, thinking, "We're looking at a nine-" all the girls gasped.

"That good?" Lavender practically groaned.

Hermione tittered, "You need a date Lavender."

"I think we all will after this, Blaise is hot property now, Hermione. He was the one no one knew before, but his asking you out shifted him into the spotlight, and now." Ginny grinned, "He's hot property, every girl and a good few guys want a piece of him."

Hermione fumed, "Well they're not getting him!"

"It's the eyes," said Parvati, "those blue eyes."

"No, it's his hair, all black and curly, Greek God alert-"

"You ladies talking about me?" asked Seamus, wondering over and sitting next to Lavender. Ginny rolled her eyes,

"Because your hair is just so black and curly."

Seamus shrugged and fluttered his eyelashes, "I've been conditioning, can you tell?"

The girls laughed and started throwing cushions at him. Hermione took the opportunity to slide out of the spotlight. She looked around the common room, and, not seeing Harry and Ron went up to the girl's dormitories.

"Well?" Theo asked Blaise in the Slytherin dormitories, "how was it?" Blaise sighed, looking away with the fairies.


Theo chuckled, "I'll say, you've got lipstick all over you."

Blaise immediately grabbed a tissue off his bedside table and began attacking his face with it.

"Gone?" he asked

Theo nodded. "So, details."

"She liked the food, it was nice. Brilliant. She let me kiss her. Twice." Blaise had a stupid smile plastered on his face. Theo smiled, he was glad his friend was happy.

"Good snog?"

"Not that I have any experience; but bloody hell, a great snog."

"Every girl in school's after you now mate."

Blaise looked highly alarmed, "What?"

"Haven't you noticed them looking? Since the minute word got out Hermione Granger, bookworm extraordinaire had accepted a date with a big Bad Slytherin everyone wants a piece of you. The girls are suddenly seeing you as some sort of Greek God." Blaise stared, not only was that a ridiculously long speech from Theo of all people, it did make some things make a little more sense.

"So that's why those Hufflepuffs were following me around!" Blaise paused, looked rather puzzled, "Greek God?"

Theo shrugged; he really couldn't see it either.

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