Chapter 13

A few days later

Dear Hermione,

You're growing up fast and I don't really know what to think of that. I love you whatever you do, but I don't deny I'm slightly anxious about this boyfriend. I know what boys have in their minds and trust me- it's not pretty.

What your father is trying to say is that we would like to meet him before letting you go- we want to know who our little girl is dating (I'm sure I won't be disappointed.) And no, we won't be coming of you do go. He's your boyfriends- not ours.

We love you Hermione, whatever, but please be careful; you're our only daughter. You can go. Yes, but we want to meet him first.


Mum and Dad.

Hermione had been holding her breath through the letter from her parents and exhaled at the end- relieved. They would like Blaise, what was not to like about Blaise? They'd like his intellect; (a smart man was a good man.) And he was polite; impeccable manners. Yes, all would be fine. As long as Blaise behaved himself. Hermione would make him.

However, Hermione's thoughts were cut short by Ginny Weasley practically flying in through the door, red hair everywhere and lipstick smudged.

Wait, lipstick smudged?

"Ginevra Weasley! What have you been up too?" Hermione demanded eyeing Ginny's lipstick.

"It's Hogsmeade weekend Hermione, I was with Theo!" Ginny replied happily, throwing herself backwards onto Hermione's bed.

"The garden?"

"Yes, it's lovely. Theo brought a meal and candles and," Ginny sighed with a very stupid expression on her face.

"And what?" Hermione asked, grinning.

"He kissed me again. And, oh, Hermione, it was perfect!" Ginny sounded distinctly lovesick, Hermione giggles.

"Good kisser?" she asked nonchalantly.

Ginny sighed rather dramatically again, "The best. He does this thing with his tongue-"

"Oh, information, the burning!" Hermione squealed, covering her ears. Really, thinking about Theo and Ginny. She shuddered.

Ginny frowned, "We have to put up with Blaise and you all the time shoving your tongues down each others throats, the least you could do is deal with us."

Hermione had to admit that was true.

"I have to go and find Blaise, mum and dad just sent me a letter; I'm allowed to go to Blaise's house in Italy this summer!"

Ginny smiled, "Alright for some. You'll be in bloody Italy and I'll be stuck up in the Burrow in sunny old England."

Hermione laughed as she got up, "Why don't you invite Theo round?"

"Good idea- I'll ask him," Ginny brightened considerably. Hermione smiled, no one liked an irritable Ginny Weasley.

Hermione bid her goodbye and, clutching her letter walked out of the dormitories, through the common room and into Hogwarts castle. It was about half an hour before diner and Hermione guessed Blaise would be in the Slytherin common room. She walked down the castle, coming to rest in the entrance hall opposite a corridor she knew led to the Slytherin common room. The only problem was she didn't know specifically where the common room was. She waited around in the entrance hall for a few minutes; waiting until she saw a Slytherin. After a few minutes a Slytherin came down the staircase. She was Hermione's age and had black hair, Hermione recognised her to be Daphne Greengrass. She approached her and asked her a question.

"Erm, could you show me the way to the Slytherin common room? I need to talk to Blaise." Daphne eyed her with some mistrust, but nodded and led the way, Hermione close at her heels. She suspected she was being led a longer and easier to forget route, but that didn't matter to Hermione. Daphne had reason too and she wasn't attempting to remember it.

After about ten minutes Daphne and Hermione arrived in front of a bare strip of wall and Daphne leaned forward; whispering a password which Hermione couldn't hear. The strip of wall opened and Daphne turned round to address Hermione,

"Wait here; I'll get him." Hermione nodded and waited patiently, trying not to glance into the Slytherin common room; she really didn't want to get on the wrong side of them.

A minute later Blaise appeared out of the portrait hole and grinned at her. He grabbed her hand and walked her into the common room.

"Nobody who's in here at the moment will care why you're here. Come on in." Hermione followed Blaise with some trepidation; she was willingly going into the Slytherin layer- surely that wasn't wise?

Blaise walked over to a sofa and Hermione sat down next to him, trying to avoid the stares of the Slytherins' around them. He smiled at her and pointed to the parchment in her hand.

"What's that?" He asked curiously. Hermione smiled broadly and squeezed his hand.

"My ticket to Italy!" Blaise stared at her blankly for a second then hugged her fiercely.

"You can come? Seriously, oh, Hermione," he kissed her on the lips, oblivious to the Slytherin's stares. Hermione pulled away a minute later and stared into his eyes.

"I can't wait," she whispered. Blaise swallowed thickly and blushed suddenly.

"Hermione, I, I, er. I Love you." Blaise's words were whispered but they hit Hermione with the force of a train. She blanked totally, staring at him and didn't reply. Blaise appeared panicked,

"Now would be a good time to say something," he whispered, his cheeks flaming.

Hermione whimpered and hugged him fiercely.

"I Love you too."

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