"Napoleon, would you like to read your poem?" the teacher asked from her desk.

From the back of the room, an annoyed sigh was the answer to her question. Napoleon Dynamite walked up from the room, unfolded a piece of paper, and began to read:

"Curly Fries are flippin' sweet

They're curly and awesome and fun to eat

Curly Fries are really rad

They're the latest fad

And if Kip eats all the curly fries I'll be flippin' mad

Curly Fries are better than Tots

I love them lots and lots So, you better believe me when I say

I'd eat Curly Fries everyday"

Napoleon looked up from the paper, at the class, then to the teacher.

"That was umm.. very nice Napoleon. Thank you." She said, as he returned to his seat.