It is very important that you read this b/c if you don't it could mean a halt to all my stories!

Case 1: Japanese!-This is for people who have read my story, "Recipe for Chaos!"-

Okay I put that Japanese in there to see if anyone could figure out what it translated to and also to do a little advertisement for the website. The only one who even said they thought they knew was WolfChildBlazer! I knew WolfChildBlazer would figure it out and if you wondering how I knew it is because WolfChildBlazer if very smart! Just check out some of her stories and you'll see what I mean! Like, "Lupen Heart!" that's an Inu/SM crossover w/ a Sere/Koga pairing. I'm a huge Sesshy/Sere fan. . . if you haven't figured that out but WCB's Sere/Koga pairing story is great! Then WCB has a story called, "Naraku's Consort!" (I think that's right:looks left and right and shrugs:oh well its close enough! I can't help it if I have bad memory! I'm really sure that's right!) That is a Sesshy/Sere crossover! It is so tender and so good! Those are my favorites that she has written and they are great! You better check them out they are wonderful. . .but anyway here is the translation. .(did you all really think I wouldn't tell you? Well I see how well ya'll know me. . .:sniff: tear: oh well I'm over it!)

Good evening,

My name is Christina. Please call me Christy! Can you understand my Japanese? Laugh out loud.. . no! Well did you miss me?

This was the translations for that paragraph but anyway if you want the website where I got the translations E-mail me b/c this thing wont let me put the website on! Sorry! Anyway TTYL!

Case 2: Rutoh-chan!

:Blushing: You are too kind! I appreciate all of the kind things you have said about me; however, I always keep in mind there is always someone out there who is better then you:cough: WolfChildBlazer:cough! Excuse me; I don't know what came over me. I try my hardest to please everyone . . . and it makes me really happy that I have such kind reviewers like you and WCB, and all the other wonderful people!

Case 3: name

I am in need of everyone's help in this matter. I need a male dog-demon name and I need it as soon as possible. I need it for a sequel in my story, "Serenity's Misfortune!" So if any of you out there know any good names please either email me or review this chapter and put the name in your review. This would mean a lot to me!

Case 4: reviews!

Okay I am a little disappointed on some of the reviews in my other stories! REVIEWS ARE WHAT MAKE ME UPDATE MY STORIES SOONER! Bad reviews or hardly any equals NO updates::smiles sweetly: just thought I'd let you know!

My stories:

Love and Loss-Serena talks about her time with her tuxedo mask and how she lost him. I based this story on my time with my ex-boyfriend. I wrote it when I was sad and pathetically heartbroken!

Sequel will be coming soon!

REVIEWS-3/ CHAPTERS-1/avg. reviews per chapter- 3 Pathetic

Serenity's Misfortune- Serena is thrown from her world and into that of Feudal Japan. What's a girl to do when she is now what she fought so hard to destroy . . . . a demon? Be careful Serena . . . Naraku is out to get you! What's this Kagome daydreaming of Koga? Mina and Amy are the only ones loyal? Darien is in a coma?

Sequel will be coming soon!-this one isn't as good as Recipe for chaos because it was my starter story and I was having to get used to the way Fanfiction worked!

Reviews-138 (last I checked)/Chapters-27/avg reviews per chapter-5 Could do better!

Misplaced-Serena and Darien break it off since he goes off to America! Serena tries to teleport to the time gates but is sucked into the world of Harry Potter! Who's this Voldemort character? Magic? Wizards and Witches? What's a girl to do when she is stuck in a world of Magical creatures that she has only seen in children's books?

Work in progress-currently it will be on hold b/c my computer has deleted the last 5 chapters I made for it and has deleted all the others! So I have no idea how far in I am in the story so I have to go back to scratch!

Reviews-98/Chapters-10/avg. reviews per chapter-9 good

Rebirth-At the cost of her friends lives Serena has defeated Chaos. With nothing left for her in that dimension she goes to the DBZ dimension to start all over. Will Cosmos be able to help defeat the upcoming evil or did she get more then she bargained for?

Work in progress

Reviews-38/chapters-5/avg. Reviews per chapter-7 Could do better

Recipe for Chaos-Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium Moon Kingdom, and daughter to the scheming Queen Serenity! What's a girl to do when she is faced with cocky Princes and a stubborn lord Sesshomaru? What Inuyasha is five? Aww isn't he so cute when he's so young and innocent?

Work in Progress!

Reviews-64 (last I checked)/chapters-7/avg. reviews per chapter-9 good

Case 5: Koldy

I am not trying to be mean or sarcastic! Please do not take this in a bad way . . . please don't! Koldy why is it that when you review you only review. . . kol? Is that good or bad? Does it mean my story is horrid or was it great? I'm confused? I'm not trying to be mean! I'm just trying to figure things out! Thank you for reviewing and I hope you are enjoying my stories!

Case 6- WolfChildBlazer!

No rush and I was just picking on the paragraph thing. . couldn't you tell by the hahahahahahahahing I was doing? I was hyper when I wrote that. . . . if you couldn't tell. I'm sorry to hear about your computer messing up! I hate it when that happens! Oh well thank you for your kind reviews and keep up the excellent work on your stories:bows to the queen of Inu/sm crossys:

Well anyway thank you to all of you that read this and reviewed me the male dog-demon name! You are all to kind! I hope I didn't offend anyone! Well TTYL !