TITLE: Facing the Truth

AUTHOR: Inquisitive One

EMAIL: PG13 TO R (for language.)

DISCLAIMER: The only characters that are mine are the ones that have no connection to a show. Which aren't many characters in this story.

DISTRIBUTION: My site http: Yahoogroups: inquisitive1supdates and some others.

SUMMARY: AU. A secret about Lauren comes out. Lauren doesn't work for the Covenant. Sark doesn't work for the Covenant but does later inherit his father's





Lauren Reed looks at the blond man as he enters the bedroom of the secluded house, "I'm pregnant." She informs him nervously waiting for his reaction.

Julian Sark pauses and turns to look at the woman on the bed, "His?" He asks stunned.

"Could be but I doubt it." Lauren sighs. "Highest chance that its yours."

Sark joins her on the bed, "Going to have it?"

Lauren moves over to his lap and slides her hands under his jacket, "Think about it... it would split them up. He'd stop mooning over her." She muses tossing the suit jacket aside.

Sark lifts his brow, "What makes you think I'd let that prick raise my child?"

"It benefits us both, I would get my husband back. You get the knowledge of knowing the truth." She slowly unbuttons his shirt.

"And what is the truth?"

"That he's raising his enemy's child." She shoves him on his back and leans down kissing him. "Think about it Julian... our child would put a wedge between those two."

"You will do this regardless of what I think."

"And what do you think?"

"That you should leave him. He's not worthy of either of you. You and Bristow deserve better than him."

"Why do you even care about Bristow?" Lauren demands scrambling off the bed.

"I don't, I just know that you and Bristow are both worthy of someone better, someone who can match you. He can't. He's weak."

"He's my husband." Lauren hisses

"You married him for the same reason Derevko married Bristow." Sark stands "You don't love him."

Lauren glares at him, "What makes you think I don't love him?"

"Because you wouldn't be fucking me and carrying my child if you loved him." Sark grabs her kissing her roughly.


"Have you told him?" Sark asks as they lie in bed Lauren curled against him.

Lauren sighs enjoying the feeling of his fingers running through her hair, "No. He's been too busy with her."

"Working." Sark says gently.

"I've seen how they act around each other Julian. He still wants her." Lauren sighs "I guess I luck out he's too tired to screw around with her." She lifts her head looking at the clock, "I should get going. I'm supposed to be back for a meeting."

"When are you going to tell him?"

"Soon." Lauren slides out of bed heading into the bathroom.


"Your late." Lauren says as her husband walks into the kitchen.

"Sorry. Debrief went late. I was surprised to not see you at work. Dixon said you left early, are you OK?" Michael asks concerned.

"Just tired." Lauren shrugs "Dinner is in the refrigerator." She walks out of the kitchen, "I'm going to bed."


Lauren looks at Michael asleep next to her and silently sighs her hand going to her middle and blinks back tears, 'I know Michael's my husband but I don't really feel anything for him. I love my husband but I'm no longer in love with him. I love Julian, he makes me feel special and doesn't make me feel like he's splitting his time. He doesn't make me feel like I'm sharing him with another woman... even if I am. I won't let her destroy my marriage. I'm keeping my husband even if I have to use my lover's child to do it.'


'Finally.' Lauren sighs seeing her husband sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. "Nowhere to run off to this morning?"


"Michael there's something I need to tell you." Lauren says nervously.

"What is it?"

"I'm pregnant." Lauren announces

Vaughn looks up surprised, "Your pregnant?"

Lauren nods "Yes"

Vaughn sits there then speaks after a moment of surprise "When did you find out?"

"Couple days ago."

Vaughn pulls her onto his lap kissing her, "I love you."

Lauren smiles "I love you." She mentally flinches at the words.

"A baby." Vaughn grins "When?"

"Seven months." Lauren smiles, 'I'm not going to lose him to her. He won't abandon his 'child' or me. I win Bristow.' She kisses him.


"Mmm" Lauren sighs happily as she rests her chin on Sark's chest as he looks at her amused. "What?" She asks Sark smirks "Missed me, huh?"

"What makes you think that?" Lauren asks teasingly.

"After what you just did twice I'd say you have." Sark runs his fingers through her hair.

"What can I say..." she presses light kisses to his chest, "its been the only thing on my mind this week. I've been craving it bad."

"And dear old husband isn't around."

"Oh he's been around... just not the one I've been craving." She moves up kissing him deeply.


"How'd he take it?" Sark asks as he runs his fingers through Lauren's hair as they lie in bed.

"Ecstatic, spending more time at home." Lauren sighs

"Irritating you, huh?"

"A little. It used to be I wanted that but"

"Its stiffling."

"It can be. At least he's not hanging around Sydney."

"That's on the plus side." Sark muses

"Sometimes" Lauren trails off


Lauren looks at him, "I wonder what would have happened if we met before I married him."

"I doubt we would have met."

Lauren sighs "Probably."

"Vaughn isn't worthy of either of you." Sark states

"Why do you say that?"

"Because its true. He's destroying both of you."

"Why do you care if he's destroying her?" Lauren asks bitterly.

"Because it makes it less interesting to have her as an adversary if she's distracted by her feelings for him. You and Bristow are a lot alike sweetheart. You don't want to admit it but you know its true."

Lauren scowls "You are just like him!" She accuses scrambling to get away from her lover only to have him grab her. "Let me go Julian." She struggles.

"Listen to me Lauren."

"No!" Lauren blinks back tears "You're like him... using me because you can't have her!"

"That's not what it is." Sark denies

Lauren looks at him "Then what Julian? Tell me you aren't attracted to her."

"I can't say I'm not." Sark shrugs brushing her hair back, "I may be attracted to her but its you I want. All I meant was he's not good enough for either of you." He kisses her "Its you I want." He murmurs 'Its you I love.' He thinks knowing better that to say the words aloud.