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I felt his breath on my skin… I knew he was close. Leaning over me. His breath tickling my ear but still I pretended to be asleep. I heard him start to hum… then he began to sing…

Kimi wo wana ni kakemashou mado no nai heya de

Boku wo tsumi ni somemashou shikou no jiai de

His voice was dark and sweet. I felt him lying next to me now… his hand lightly petting my hair.

Kairaku no yaiba de

Tsubasa wo kirisute

Mi mo kokoro mo tokeaeru towa naru rakuen

Odori kurue soshite kuroi namida wo nagase

His breath was trailing like fire down my neck…

Aa... kirei...

The darkness outside did not stir but I felt my world twirling. His voice was beginning to mesmerize me… what was it about him that brought me in so easily when I was struggling to get away.

Yorokobi todokeyou

Kanbina itami de

Saiketa hane shiki tsumete kimi wo yokatayou

Itoshi sugiru sugata ni ima, juu-ji wo kirou

His hand trailed down my jaw bone, without realizing it I had leaned into his touch. His soft, graceful angelic touch that held such a frightening story behind it…

Toki hanaseba ii afuredashi souna yokubou

Sono toki ni hajimete shukufuku no kane ga naru

I shuddered as he sang out the last phrase… his lips almost touching mine…

Aa... kirei...


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