Princess Nanako

Chapter 1:

Sailor Fire Theme Song- Only A Memory Away

A girl in a firey red dress stood on a balcony in what seemed to be a very hot place. But she did not seem hot, she looked rather comfortable. "Why must time go by so fast? I don't even remember my childhood…" She looked down and saw some children playing in a fountain.

"I don't think as a child I ever got to play. I was always learning how to be a lady. Even if I wanted to play outdoors with the other children, my parents wouldn't let me, saying that princesses don't play with peasants." A single tear slipped down her cheek.

A man her age stepped out from behind her curtain. "It'll be alright, Sachiko." He said to her, brushing her shoulder-length dirty blonde hair behind her ears. "Neither did I."

"That's because you're my big idiot of a brother!" Sachiko said to him, smiling.

"See? I always know how to cheer you up, Sachi." He said, embracing his dear sister.

"Yeah, I guess you do, huh, Ronin?" She giggled and they walked back inside together.

"Good heavens!" An older lady said, obviously the mother of the two. "Where on Taceu have you been?" (AN: A pun on "Where on Earth have you been," since they live on the planet Taceu…) The queen crossed her arms. "Your father and I have been looking for you for ten whole minutes!"

The king stepped forward. "Yes, we have. We are already late to the GOOL meeting!" Her roared. (AN: GOOL The Galaxy Order Of Leaders.) "We must leave at once!"

Sachiko sighed. "Alright. Let me get my tiara from my room and…" She started.

"HURRY UP!" Her parents shouted together as Sachiko quickly ran down the corridoor to where her and her brother just were.

Sachiko met up with her family at the hover carriage. (AN: A hover car, lol.) She had her kitten, Aiko. She also had a dazzling silver tiara on with a ruby in the center of it.

"Now, Sachiko, since you are older than your brother and our heir, you are more important. When somebody speaks to you, speak back." Her mother ordered. "When you are not spoken to, do not speak. Always smile and greet EVERYONE! Cappiche?"

"Yes, ma'am." Sachiko answered with a sigh. In a distance, she heard someone scream loudly.


"MOM!" Sachiko shouted. "STOP THE CAR!" Sachiko ordered as the car came to a sudden halt.

"What is it now?" her mother asked with a huge sigh.

"I'll meet you at the meeting! I have to go!" Sachiko jumped out of the car and started running toward the screaming.

"Sachiko? SACHIKO!" Her father shouted. They sat there in the car waiting for her to turn around, but she didn't. They soon just drove off.

"GRAND SPECTRUM FLARE, MAKEUP POWER!" Sachiko shouted, being engulfed (sp?) by a collumn (sp?) of fire. She transformed into Sailor Fire. "Stop right there!" She told the monster, terrorizing a woman. "I am Sailor Fire, protector of Taceu! In the name of blazing fire, I WILL PUNISH YOU!"

"You? Punish me?" The monster question, turning to face her.

"Yes!" Sachiko raised her right hand and a jolt of fire struck it and formed a ball as it starting sparkling brightly. "SPARKLING BLAZE!" Sailor Fire closed her hand and then opened it, throwing the ball at the monster. "ATAAAACK!"

The monster slowly discentegrated (sp?) and Sailor Fire rushed over to the woman. "Are you okay!"

"I'm fine, thanks to you." The woman smiled. "Sailor Fire…"

Sailor Fire smiled. "I have a meeting, so I must bid you farewell, young woman. Stay out of trouble, and out of darkness!"

Sachiko rushed into the GOOL meeting. "I'm terribly sorry I'm late, sirs and madams." Sachiko quickly covered her mouth and blushed. Never speak unless you are spoken to!

"Your absence is unacceptable, however, we will let it pass this time, Princess Sachiko. You must learn to be more responsible! You are the heir to ruling our entire galaxy, and we simply cannot have you being late to things!" One of the GOOLs ordered her. "You must, must, MUST be more like your parents or our galaxy is doomed. Do you know how much power you hold?"

"Yes, sir." Sachiko bowed her head. "I'll be more responsible, sir. I'm sorry I was late. It will never happen again, sir."

"It better not, you young, foolish girl." The GOOL looked at Sachiko and sighed. "Now, presuming our meeting…"


How could just one meeting be five hours! Sachiko threw herself on her bed, still in her gown and tiara. "I wish I could just escape it all… my life as a princess, my parents, and the fact I'm heir to my entire galaxy…" Sachiko began to cry. "I wish I could be the woman I saved today… with a free life and where I'm the one being helped…"

Sachiko… Sachiko, stop crying…

Sachiko shot up in her bed. "Who's there?"

I'm Princess Nanako, and I'm the heir to the entire universe. I know just what you feel like.

"It sucks, doesn't it?"

Very much, darling. Now listen to me and listen good. Our moon princess here in the Milky Way galaxy has long gone but her worst enemy had just returned. We need Sailor Fire to come and stop her!

"What? Where's that?"

Far, far away from Ecuye, darling. You must go there to the planet Earth and save it from being destroyed! It is your duty as Sailor Fire. You MUST go, now!

"Earth…?" Sachiko murmured to herself. "I'll go. Please, take me there, milady Nanako!"

And within seconds… Sachiko was gone.

Sachiko's mother stepped inside her room. "Sachiko? Who are you talking to? Sachiko?"

"RONIN!" Her mother shouted, as the young, tall, handsom boy came in the room. "Ronin, where is Sachiko!"

End song: It's a new day