Princess Nanako

Chapter 2:

Sailor Air Theme song: Only a Memory Away

"Akina!" A woman called. The place she was in was covered in flowers and the air was perfect and crisp. It looked quite like Earth, in a sense. "Akina, where are you!" The woman stomped her foot.

A girl with long, tan hair showed up. "I'm here, mother." It was obviously Akina. Her name suited her quite well in this place. "I'm sorry I'm late. I sort of had… a delay." She began to fill the bucket she was holding with water.

"Akina, I swear. If you don't be more responsible, I'll be forced to ban you to the hole!" The woman rudely told Akina, who looked very frightened. The "hole" was a deep, dark hole in the ground that parents on Ema I used to punish naughty children. The whole point of it was that the children had to climb out on their own, and than they were rewarded. That much Akina liked.

"Yes, ma'am." She said, hastily getting back to work. How can I be Sailor Air and do all these chores at the same time! She began to bathe the cows. They were purple with pink horns, green utters, and blue spots. To them (The Urudorians), this was prefectly normal. To us (the Earthlings), this would be utterly odd and confusing.

A cow mooed at her and nuzzled Akina's neck as she storked it's clean back.

"Nothing bothers you, does it, Ainachi?" Akina asked, smiling as the cow mooed at her again in reply.


Akina sat on her cot with her beloved dog, Chika. "Chika, did you ever think that maybe there are other galaxies out their besides Urudoru?"

"I'm not sure, Akina. Probably, though. There's always something beyond what the eye can see." Chika explained.

"Where'd you learn that?" Akina asked her.

"When I was wondering the palace, like I usually do. I know, I know, you can't because you're a peasant, but it's quite a lovely place!" Chika told her. "The ground is shiny, the people dress in gowns! Imagine, Akina, gowns! Their cat eats tons of food. That's just simply not fair."

"And what of the princess's room? Have you not seen that as well?"

"I have, Akina. The princess lives better than the queen. For afterall, she is the heir to Ema I." Chika layed her head down. "But they always catch me and send me back here. Pity."

"AAAAAHH! SOMEONE HELP ME!" Akina heard from a distance.

"Chika! I have to go help her!" Akina shouted.

"But what about the hole?" Chika asked afraid that Akina might be banished down their.

"Chika! It's my job!" Akina quickly raised up her hand. "Aura Princess Flare, MAKEUP POWER!"


"I don't know how you can go so far as to punish Princess Azuru, but it has to stop!" Sailor Air shouted. The princess gasped. "I am Sailor Air! Protector of our humble planet Ema I! In the name of the atmosphere that holds our air, I will vanquish (sp?) you!"

"Sailor Air! You came to help—" Princess Azuru was cut off.

"Her?" The monster looked at the princess, then the senshi. "What has she ever done for you?"

"Nothing!" Sailor Air yelled. "And that's the way I'll keep it! STAR WIND!" She spun a few quick times and held up her hand in the air. "SPECTRUM!" Her hair flew up in the air and heavy wind come to her hand. "FLOWER!" She shouted, as the wind engulfed the monster and it discentegrated (sp?).

"Thank you, Sailor Air!" The princess got up and hugged her savior.

"No need to, Princess Azuru." Sailor Air smiled.

"But who are you? I must surely give you some kind of gift!"

Sailor Air walked over to the window. "Just keep our planet in good hands, princess."

"WAIT!" Azuru shouted. But Sailor Air was already gone. Azuru looked down from her balcony and only saw Akina walking with her bucket of water. "That peasant…"


"Akina!" Her mother shouted. "Where have you been!"

"Mother, if I told you, you wouldn't believe me." Akina humbly said, setting her bucket down and heading for the hole.

"Wait just a second!" Her mtoher ordered. "You're not going anywhere until you tell me and tell me now where you were!"

"Fine, but you won't belive me." Akina sighed. "Mom, I was saving the princess."


"Mother, I'm Sailor Air."

Her mother looked stunned. They do have the same hair and eye color… but Akina? Why didn't she ever tell me? Is this why she's been late so often? "Akina, get in the hole. I need to do some thinking."

Akina calmly jumped down and started to cry.

"Is everything alright, Akina?" Chika asked, putting her snout in the hole.

"Mother doesn't believe me!" Akina shouted. Chika knew it was a bad time and slowly pouted away. Why me!

I know the feeling, Akina.

"Huh!" Akina stopped crying. "Where are you?"

I'm in the Milky Way galaxy, lightyears form Urudoru. Are you quite alright?

"No." Akina sniffled. "I'm Sailor Air and my mother doesn't believe me!"

I do, Akina. I know you are Sailor Air. And since you are a Sailor Senshi I need you to come to Earth and fight for me.

Akina needed no further thinking. "Take me there, whoever you are."

My name is Princess Nanako. Now, travel well!

In a flash, Akina was gone.

Her mother then came to the hole. "Akina? I've decided tha—" Her mother's eyes widened. She couldn't have climbed out that quickly! "AKINAAAAA!"

End song: It's a new day