Only You By invader pixie

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AN: One of the TMM classics, a sleepover story. Enjoy! (FYI, this is gonna be the shortest chapter, I promise.)

Chapter 1: Let's have a sleepover!

Ichigo finished wiping down the last table the put the discusting washcloth in the sink. "Hey, Ichigo!" Mint said, stopping Ichigo from leaving. "Whatcha doin?"

"Um… going home…?" What is she doing, Ichigo thought. "Is there a problem with that?"

"No…" Mint smiled. "And yes." Ichigo oddly looked at her. "We're having a sleepover and we all want you to come!"

"'We all'? Who's 'we all'?" Ichigo asked, knowing she would go anyway.

"Me, Lettuce, Masaya, Zakuro, Pudding, you, Ryou…" Mint paused. "AndKishTartandPaibutnobiggyright?"

"WHAT!" Ichigo screamed. "No. I can't go if they'll be there."

"Oh! Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease! It won't be as fun if you aren't there!" Mint begged. Ichigo slowly rolled her eyes.

"Fine, lemme go get my stuff and I'll meet you all here in an hour, okay?" Ichigo smiled and forced her way through Mint. This is going to be fun!

Mint smirked. "Oh, yeah. This is really gonna be fun…" She rubbed her hand together evilly. "Just you wait and see what we have in store for you!"


(AN: No, Ichigo's not late. I'm just skipping to the part where they play Truth or Dare, okay?)

Ichigo took a seat next to Mint on the sofa. Ryou had closed the café for a "private party."

"Okay, I'm gonna start." Mint blurted out. "Ichigo, truth or dare?"

Ichigo gulped. "D-dare…"

Mint smiled. "Perfect…"

Little did Ichigo know of the surprise Mint really did have waiting for her!

AN: END! As I said, this is the shortest chapter I'll ever make in this story or any others of mine.

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Mint: I dunno…

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Lettuce: coughcoughchokewheezehackcough


Lettuce: It's dificult to laugh menacingly in that for for that long.