Only You By invader pixie

Disclaimer: In chapter 1.

AN: This chapter will hold the Pudding Tart thing… And also, Pai's turn's here! Can he actually think of something to do?

Chapter 4: Dress-up Time!

Lettuce finally got off Pai, gasping for air. "That was… fun."

Ichigo laughed. "Wow, I didn't know you had it in you!"

Pai sighed. "It's my turn." He said triumphantly.

"Okay, then go." Zakuro barked, playing with Masaya's hair.

"Alright. Ichigo, truth or dare?" Pai asked.

"Dare." Ichigo beamed. "Sometimes I wonder if that's a rhetorical question."

Pai managed a smile. "Ichigo, I dare you to find the square root of ten thousand."

Ichigo broke out laughing. "You're KIDDING!" She wiped tears from her eyes.

"No." Pai said. "It's only a 50 chance that I would be, but I'm not."

"Man, Lettuce, what do you see in him?" Mint whispered.

"The square root of ten thousand is…" Ichigo paused. "One hundred. Duh."

Pai frowned. "Fine."

Ichigo punched the air. "Yes, finally, it's MY turn again! Masaya, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Masaya said sternly.

"I dare you to go into the kitchen, undress Zakuro, put whipped cream all over her body, and lick it all off!" Ichigo said, blushing. She knew he wouldn't do it… right?

Mint's eyes opened wide. "Not again."

Zakuro winked seductively at Masaya, who just stood up with Zakuro and went into the kitchen.

"He's… doing it?" Ichigo asked herself in awe.

Zakuro playfully kissed him. "Well?"

Masaya blushed deeply. "I'll start up top, then." He slowly took off her purple skin-tight shirt. She had a leopard-print bra on. Kissing her neck, he wrapped his arms around her and unclipped her bra. Then he quickly unzipped her pants and pulled them off with one hand, and with the other stuck his hand down her thong, caressing what was down there. Zakuro moaned ever so slightly. He pulled his hand out and took it off. He was staring and drooling at her fairly large boobs and fine butt (AN: My favorite quote from chapter 2!)

"You're done." Zakuro reminded. "The whipped cream."

Masaya shook his head. "Sorry." He walked over to the fridge and pulled out the whipped cream.