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Ian could tell just by her body language that his wife was angry about something so he walked up slowly and cautiously put his hands on her arms before whispering, "If you don't settle down you're going to scare all the patients away."

"Yeah?" she snapped and she turned and looked at her face. "Well, maybe some of them will go away because I'm stuck with mine and Ramsey's today—do you know what he did?"

"No, but I'm sure I'm going to hear the full story," he said as he took two steps back and crossed his arms while looking at her and all he could think was God she's beautiful when she's angry.

"Don't give me that look—I'm not in the mood."

"What look?" he asked, trying not to smile at her.

"The look you are giving me—where you stare at me while I blow my top and the whole time you are mentally undressing me."

He couldn't help but laugh, "Fine—you caught me. Now what about Ramsey?"

"He calls and leaves a message on Alan's machine last night—says he's got an emergency he has to attend to. And that he wants me to take care of his patients while he's gone—didn't even say when he was returning," she said and then realized Ian was silent, "You know something? You knew he was planning on skipping town and dropping his patients in my lap."

"I—no—not exactly."

"Then what do you know?"

"He was searching for something and I guess he found it," shrugged Ian as he walked over to the files Eve had accumulated. "I can take a few of the patients if you want—you don't need to have a big workload and Ramsey knows that."

"Don't you try and change the subject on me, Thornhart," she said as she looked and saw Kevin walking towards his office. "Oh my god—this has to do with Julie, doesn't it?"


Alison pulled the pastries out of the oven and sat them on the counter to cool before moving them to the display case for sale—she'd hoped when she woke up this morning she'd feel better. That she'd be able to pick up the phone and talk to Jamal—talk about their problems and convince him it was a stupid fight and to come home. But she didn't want to talk about it—because they'd been trying to fix something that was beyond broken for months and she was tired.

She pushed her hair behind her ear as she walked out into the bakery and saw Livvie staring down in the case, "Livvie—hi—I didn't know you'd come in. You want the regular?"

"Yeah, I guess," she said with a shrug and Alison gave her a look before making up two latte's for the both of them and walked around to the small table that she'd set up in front of the store window. "We used to be good with telling each other everything—why don't you start?"

Livvie stared down at her drink a moment before taking a sip and looking back at Alison—someone she considered her best friend, someone used to always take her side and she couldn't help but wondering how she'd react, "I gave Jack an ultimatum—asked him if he'd ever be able to forgive me and he couldn't tell me. Said it would take more time. I told him I was tired of it all and left."

"I'm sorry—I know how it feels—."

"You do not—don't even lie to me. You are Alison—queen of perfect—you never screw anything up so don't give me that," she snapped suddenly.

"No, you don't know," said Alison as she put her head down to try and control her emotions—the opening of the bakery door made her look up before she was in control again.


"Are you going to answer me or just stand there like a giant Irish idiot? He was searching for Julie and found her—he's gone to bring her back here."

"Keep it down, woman," he said as he grabbed her arm and they headed for the nearest empty room. Once they'd gone in Ian locked the door and turned around to Eve. "I know he was searching for Julie—had found out she was still alive. I'm assuming he found her—but that's all it is—assumptions. For all we know he went to an emergency medical conference."

"And when did you and him get all buddy-buddy? Better yet when did your morals slide so much that it's ok to rip apart a family."

"My morals didn't slide—but it's not my battle and it's not yours either—so let's drop it until he gets back," said Ian as he placed his hands on her shoulders and waited for a response.

"Fine, but if Lucy gets wind that I knew anything you will be thrown to the wolves, Thornhart."

"For you—I'd do anything," he said as he voice got huskier and he pulled her into a deep kiss.


"I'm sorry—I'll come back," said Jasmine as she tried to slip back out of the bakery.

"No—no—it's no problem, we were just talking," said Alison as she jumped up to help the customer and then remembered her pastries she was letting cool. "Hold on, I'll be right back."

Jasmine tapped her fingers on the counter—she knew she shouldn't have come in here—knew she shouldn't have spoken to either Livvie or Alison just now, but felt drawn here. Felt like there was something she could say or do to ease both their minds—now she just prayed she didn't screw this up. When Alison walked back in she glanced at the pastries she was brining, "Those smell delicious—is that pear?"

"Mmm hmmm," nodded Alison as she placed them in the case. "So, what can I get for you?"

"One of those pear pastries—and a hazelnut coffee, please."

"Sure," said Alison as she looked behind Jasmine and to Livvie who was staring quietly out the window. She hoped Livvie wouldn't try to dart out with the customer—she needed her friend and was hoping that maybe her and Livvie could each be there for the other.

Jasmine thought about saying nothing and just walking out of the bakery, but as she got to the door she looked at Alison who was coming back around the side and then directly into Livvie's eyes, "Listen—it's not my place, but I can see you two are having trouble. There was a time before—I pulled away from my closest friends for years over something stupid, but in the end we were able to put all that aside and go back to our wonderful friendship. Don't give up on friendship—you'll never know when you truly need it to be there."

Alison watched the customer leave and then locked the door and changed the sign to closed. She didn't sit back down though, but leaned on the chair, her hands gripped the back of it, "Before—I was trying to tell you about me and Jamal. He left last night—and it's all my fault, so no—I'm not perfect."

"I doubt you had anything to do with it."

"Believe what you want—but I did. I was getting tired of trying to make our relationship work—didn't you say those same exact words a few minutes ago?"

"Yeah," she said quietly before grabbing her purse and coffee and giving Alison a hug. "Do you think that woman was right? That through all of this—in the end—we'll be able to be friends again?"

"I hope so," smiled Alison as tears filled her eyes.

"Me too. See ya around, Ali," she said as she unlocked the door and stood in the open doorway.

"Yeah, see ya," she smiled with a watery smile as her friend left.