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To be brief, this is a... strange pairing. By the way, if you are a big. Sesshomaru x Kagura fan, don't read this, and if you're a Kikyo fan you more than likely are going to be subjected to Kikyo bashing.

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Chapter 1

Through the Screamers Well

Kagura flipped her fan in front of her face and fluttered it furiously. From her place in the tree, she could clearly see several humans standing in front of a shrine.

They were muttering furiously, chanting as they circled it. They were holding candles, which flickered eerily in the night. All of a sudden, she was reminded of the dead priestess Kikyo. "Creepy woman," she muttered.

Shifting slightly, she watched as they eventually left, leaving the bleak little shack behind.

She was supposed to be back at Naraku's keep, but her curiosity had overwhelmed her when she had saw the flickering lights below. She had planted herself in the tree, and waited for the people to leave.

As soon as they were all out of sight, she hopped with simple agility out of the tree, pacing forward toward the shrine, her fan still covering her face.

Slowly pushing the door open, she leaned in, looking back and forth to make sure it was empty. Seeing no one in the inky darkness, she opened it wider. Stepping inside, Kagura walked forward until her shins hit the edge of something wooden. Kneeling, she rubbed the abused bones while muttering. Once the painful sensation had passed she used whatever it was to brace herself.

When she looked up, she saw that something was carved in the silky wood. Squinting in order to see better, she read slowly out loud. "The Screamers Well." A thoughtful expression crossed her face. Using her hands to pull herself up, she gazed down into the ink-black vastness of the well.

"I knew you would come."

Kagura looked up, catching only a glimpse of satisfied glowing green eyes as she fell into the endless void.

Professor Severus Snape's expression was not a pleased one as he glared down at Dumbledore. "What do you mean, Headmaster? Of course I can teach two subjects. Teaching both potions and Defense against the Dark Arts would be no hardship."

Dumbledore gave his younger colleague an indulgent smile as he leaned back and steepled his hands. "Severus, we both know that with the stress you're under working for the Order, as well as teaching would be too much of a strain. Why look at you, you have circles under your eyes, and your almost gaunt. Why, you should try some of Dobby's shepherd's pie. I assure you, it's quite delicious."

Severus slammed his palm down on the desk, surprised at his own boldness. "I do not want any shepherd's pie, Albus. With all due respect, the students will be here in a month, and you still have not found a teacher. You must realize that no one will want the position after the history of recent years, and Lupin would not be allowed back, as of your current fragile relationship with the Ministry."

Dumbledore blinked. "Why, Severus, I believe that is the most that you have said all month." He smiled. "I'm proud of you."

Severus made an agitated sound, and spun away.

"Where are you going, Severus?"

"Rose Hill," he answered shortly as the doors swung shut behind him.

Kagura came up, gasping for air, flinging her head backward. Treading water, she looked around her. She was in the well, still.

Gritting her teeth, she sank her claws into the wood of the walls of the well. Pulling herself up, she made it almost to the top. Her muttering under her breath was quite crude for a lady. "Stupid woman. I will kill you when I get back up there. ." (I'll leave what she said to your imagination, readers.)

Pulling herself over the side, she choked up some of the water she had swallowed when falling. Pushing back her hair, which had mostly fallen out of it's normal chignon, she plucked her feathers out, clutching them in her hand. Releasing her hair from the last of its confines, she flipped it over her shoulder. All of a sudden, she realized something.

She was not in the same place.

The trees were different, the smells, the sounds, everything. Nothing was right here. She heard whisperings coming from the trees themselves. Quivering with cold and almost fear, she wrapped her arms around herself.

"What are you doing here?"

Kagura looked up to see the strangest demons she had ever seen. They appeared to be half horse, and half man. They also spoke in a language different from her own, but one she understood. She took a step back, flipping the fan up to cover the lower half of her face. "What concern of it is yours?"

"This is our forest, and you have invaded it. You wizards know that you are not welcome here." The thing lifted up a crossbow, and shot an arrow at her feet. "Now go."

Kagura jumped back, her temper flaring to life. Smoothly flicking her wrist, she shouted out, "Dance of Blade!"

The wind sped toward the demon, causing it to rear up in fright. Kagura ran the other way with everything she had. When wet, her feather would not fly as well, and there was not where to ascend in this dense forest anyway.

It seemed she ran forever, occasionally just bounding ahead of sharp hooves and fast arrows. Every now and then, she would fling "Dance of Blade!" over her shoulder, which gave her a few seconds to get ahead of them.

At last, the creatures grew weary of the chase, clattering to a halt. She kept on running, half in fear that they were still behind her, half in fear that she couldn't face this reality.

After what seemed forever, she saw an irregular house, different from anything she had ever seen before. Rubbing her hands up and down her arms, Kagura walked forward, hesitantly lifting her fist, she rapped sharply on the door.

Severus looked up with an annoyed expression, setting down his book. He was perfectly happy to be left alone to stew in his anger, but no, someone had to come and pull him out a perfectly good sulk. It was like someone forcing you in a cold shower after you've been drunk; unpleasant, offensive, and highly annoying.

Which meant it was more than likely Dumbledore.

Reluctantly getting up, he headed toward the door. "Whatever it is, Headmaster, the answer is-" he opened the door and looked down into snapping crimson eyes. "No," he whispered.