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Operation: BREAK-UP



Rating: PG

Gender: Romance/Action/Adventure

Language: English

Romances: 1/5

Summary: Nigel's life hasn't been the same ever since he's been going out with Lizzie. Going to Abby for advice, he suddenly realizes who he really has feelings for. After her boyfriend breaks up with her, Lizzie gets furious knowing that he really has feelings for Abby. Just how far will she go to get rid of this boyfriend stealer?


Chapter 1: Memories On Film

Nigel sat in his room in his pajamas, head resting on the pillow of his large bed. In his hands, he held a bunch of photos. The one on the top showed a picture of himself, Hoagie, Kuki, Wally, and Abby in the living room of the treehouse. Nigel was sitting on the one-person seat with Hoagie sitting on the ground, leaning against the chair by Nigel's feet. Kuki was sitting at the end of the long couch for three people, with Wally standing up behind it. Abby was sitting on the armrest of Nigel's couch.

The British leader stared at the picture, his lips forming a large grin. He saw how cheerful he and his friends looked at that time, giving him some high spirits as well. After staring at it for awhile, Nigel finally turned to the next photo. This one showed Kuki and Wally at the beach. Kuki was sitting on top of a pile of sand, while Wally was the one underneath. The Aussie was smiling, even though his cheeks were red.

Nigel laughed as he turned to the next photo. This picture showed himself and Abby in it, both sitting on one beach chair. Abby was sitting on it the way it was built to be seated on, while he himself was sitting at the foot of it. They were both drinking a 'banana mama' (A/N: it's a drink they have in Cuba…really good) and Nigel could tell that they were both giggling at something he had forgot about.

His grin grew as he flipped that photograph to the back of the bunch. This one showed a group portrait of Nigel, Kuki, Wally, and Abby. They were all sitting at the shore of the water, smiling at the camera. He knew that Hoagie was there too, but he was the one taking the picture. Anyway, he spotted Kuki lying on top of Wally, her giant smile lying on her expression. Nigel laughed seeing Wally's face flushed with embarrassment. Feasting his eyes on the two beside Wally and Kuki, he saw him and Abby sitting next to each other, feet stretched out so they touched the water. Looking closely, he suddenly saw that he had accidentally placed a hand on top of hers.

As he flipped to the next photo, he could feel his lower lip being chewed on. He shrugged off his past nervousness to concentrate on the next photo. It was with Wally alone in it, angry and pink-cheeked. Funny thing was, it was only his head the photo, and sand was surrounding him, plus the sand didn't have a slight hill to it showing that he just buried himself. Oh, now he remembered. Still at the beach, when they were about to leave, Kuki snuck away, quietly dragging Wally with her. Wally was confused, until the other three heard him shriek. When they had turned around, Wally was stuck in a huge hole in the sand. They watched as Kuki quickly grabbed a shovel and covered him up with sand, so only his head was sticking out. It looked like his head had fallen off and rolled away. So, to keep the hilarious memories, Hoagie had taken a picture.

The bald boy was laughing when he turned the next picture. When he focused, his laugh got stuck in his throat. It was a picture of him and Lizzie, and they were at that same carnival where his friends had caught him with a girlfriend. In the picture, they were sitting on the Ferris wheel, side by side. He was always afraid to take pictures with her because every time he did, he always turned out showing that he wasn't having fun, just like in this picture. That was the last picture, knowing by flipping to the next one which showed himself, Hoagie, Kuki, Wally, and Abby in the living room of the treehouse once again. He put the pack aside and opened the drawer next to him. He reached in and pulled out a DVD case. On the cover, it read, 'Memories of Sector V'. He loved watching it when he was in a bad mood like today. It always seemed to cheer him up. He got up off his bed lazily and walked to his DVD Player, sitting right next to his TV screen. Plopping it in, he pressed fast forward and counted to 20. He always loved watching their trip to Cuba. It was the last time they ever took their fun times on film before he got together with Lizzie. Why, because Lizzie wanted to use that camera only for hers and her 'Nigie's' times together. Plus he wanted to go to bed soon and thought that that part was the best part because he always seemed to get caught up watching it. So when it reached the part with Lizzie, he knew it was time to stop it. Reaching 20, he pressed play and rushed back to his bed. He sat, legs crossed, and watched as the first scene popped up. It was them at the Cuba Hotel outdoor swimming pool.

The camera, in the hands of Hoagie, showed Wally in the pool, holding on to the edge (A/N: let's just pretend Operation: POOL didn't exist, okay? Okay.)

"Wave to the camera, Numbuh Four!" Hoagie's voice called from behind the camera. Wally's head tilted up rapidly and caught sight of the camera. He started to wave manically. Hoagie's chuckle came loud and clear before speaking again, "Having fun!"

"Yeah! Awesome! Now if only Ah could swim!" he said, not angrily, but just in a frustrated tone. He started to move his hands to the left, dragging his body with him along side the pool. The camera followed him, until a cheer cut through the air.

"WEEEEEEEE!" Came Kuki's shriek of joy and the camera screen rushed to her. She was running towards the pool from the right side. The camera followed her all the way through, and started zooming out when she came close to the pool. That's when she yelled "HIIIIIII NUMBUUUUH FOOOOOUUUR!" and jumped in, causing rapids and waves to occur, hitting the poor Aussie.

The camera faced Wally now, sputtering and coughing up water. Soon, about a meter away from him, Kuki came up the surface, and Wally argued, "Sheesh, since when wois there no rule fo' not splashin' while a guy that can't swim is in et!"

"Since Jesus Christ was born, loser!" Hoagie's voice came loudest from behind. Suddenly, the camera was roughly lowered and then swiftly standing still, still facing the two kids in the pool. Then Hoagie came running from there, in his swims equipment, bathing suit and all. He ran away from the camera and towards the pool. Then, reaching the edge and while jumping into the air, he cried, "CANON BALL!" and hit the water, right next to Wally. And he thought Kuki almost caused him to drown! Soon, as shown from the camera screen, none of the comrades could be seen from behind the pool's tsunami.

Hoagie was soon upon the surface again, laughing at Wally who was breathing hysterically and coughing up water once again. But this time it seemed to be harder for him. While Wally continued coughing and Kuki laughing with Hoagie, the pilot hoisted his wet self out of the water and grabbed the towel closest to him (don't worry, it was theirs). After he was as dry as he could get in 5 seconds, he ran away from the pool and towards the camera, disappearing to the side before they could see the details of his bellybutton. For a second or two, the camera screen showed Kuki slapping Wally on the back as he still coughed. Soon, the camera was roughly raised and turned to the left slowly. Soon, Nigel and Abby came into view…

Nigel's lips slowly formed a small smile at this part.

"Hey guys!" The loud voice of Hoagie, once again, was heard from behind. The two leaders, who were talking about something noticeably funny, turned their heads quickly to catch the camera on them. Abby was the first to wave at the camera, followed by Nigel.

"Hey Numbuh Two." Nigel hollered back. The camera slowly zoomed in to him, soon only showing him waist-up.

"What're you guys talking about?" Hoagie asked, focusing the camera on Nigel. It was a little obvious that he was starting to turn a little red. And he wasn't getting a sunburn (A/N: unlike me…)

"Just stuff that a loser won't find interesting." Abby's voice came from Nigel's right. The zoomed in camera slowly went to the right, soon showing Abby, waist-up like Nigel just was.

"Well, I don't see any losers around." Hoagie teased, sort of defending himself.

"Of course you can't. Go get a mirror and maybe you'll find one." Abby suggested, and Nigel laughed. As Hoagie's grumbles were quietly heard, the camera zoomed back out, now showing both leaders grinning and big scenery behind them.

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but-" suddenly, Hoagie shrieked and the camera flipped, now showing everything on a 90 degree angle. Nigel laughed as Abby spoke;

"Sticks and stones and angry Aussies, you mean."

And the screen went blue.

Nigel's stretched-from-his-grin jaw rested on his two hands as he waited for the next scene.

The camera, now in the hands of Kuki, was facing Wally, who seemed to be right next to her. He was holding a pair of chopsticks, trying to hold them between his fingers, but having trouble doing so. The camera slowly turned and went around the table and soon focused on Hoagie. It zoomed in to him, since he was on the opposite end of Kuki's spot. He was doing the same thing as Wally, practicing with the chopsticks for when the food came. But, he seemed more successful than Wally. Zooming back out, the camera turned to Abby, who just sat there, arms crossed and looking down at the chopsticks in front of her. Kuki turned the camera over to Nigel, who wasn't practicing, just playing with the two eating sticks. (The Japanese restaurant they ate at advised them that there were no forks used here. Kuki was fine with this, Hoagie and Wally let out kind of a weak gasp, and Nigel and Abby just held in their nervousness, even though they stared at each other as if the place was a freakish nut house.)

Anyways, still focused on Nigel, the salad came and was placed in front of him by a Japanese woman wearing her hair in a bun with chopsticks and had on a silky flowered robe. Nigel gave her a squeaky thanks and bit his lip. The camera turned to Abby, who now received her salad. She quietly thanked her and stared down at it as if it were going to pounce on her. As Hoagie received his salad, camera now on him, he didn't even bother thanking the woman. He started to struggle to get the chopsticks to in between his fingers. Kuki's giggle was heard loud and clears by only the camera as she turned it to Wally. He didn't even notice that the salads had come. So when it was placed in front of him, he was startled and fumbled with the chopsticks, causing them to fall into his lap. Kuki started to laugh, along with the rest of his friends. Just as the woman placed a salad in front of Kuki, the screen went blue.

The screen was a dark blue for a second or two before continuing.

After eating the salads (Wally and Hoagie had given up, and used their hands) the same woman came by and took their plates away. After the woman took the last one, which was Nigel's, Kuki finally spoke, "So, how did you guys find the salad?"

"It was good," Abby spoke after a 3 second silence over the four un-Japanese (A/N: I know, it's not a word) kids.

"Yeah, this place is great, Numbuh Three." Hoagie said, then turning to Wally to whisper into his ear. Kuki, not really caring about what he was saying, turned to Nigel.

"What did you think of it, Numbuh One?"

Nigel struggled for words for a second, "I found it…different…and their eating styles were very…unique." He stuttered. What else was he supposed to say?

Just then, a Japanese man with a head band and a karate suit came up to the stove that was in the middle of the table. He came pushing a cart with many different foods and ingredients on top of it. (If you don't get what's going on, in a Japanese restaurant they have this stove settled in the middle of the table and they cook right in front of you…its sooo fun!)

"Oh boy! I love this part!" Kuki said, before the camera was rapidly placed down. Then the screen went blue.

Nigel was smiling firmly as he waited for the next scene to come up.

The camera was turned on, and the first scene was showing Wally and Kuki, sitting in the airplane (A/N: The plane hasn't taken off yet and w/e about the rule…cause that's only when it takes off) seats, which were first class. The camera, which was once again held by Hoagie, zoomed in to Wally, who was twiddling with his fingers in his lap. Hoagie spoke to him to make him a little less bored, "Hey Numbuh Four, how'd you like the trip?"

Wally's head shot up at the utter of his name. He saw the camera was playing him and so he spoke, "Et was olroight…"

"IT WAS SO FUN!" Kuki's voice cheered out. Hoagie zoomed out so he could face both of them. Kuki seemed more enthusiastic about the trip, "But I miss Mr. Snuggles and Mrs. Flowerpickle and Madame Laurosh and all my rainbow monkeys and Mr. and Mrs. Cuddles and-"

"Yeah, weh get et, yeuh got a lot've cruddy dolls." Wally interrupted. Even with an interruption of speeches Kuki never seems to be ticked off so easily. She kept her happy-go-lucky attitude and settled down, waiting for the plane to take off. The camera slowly turned to Nigel and Abby, who sat in the seats behind the blonde Aussie and the Japanese girl. Abby was reading her magazine while Nigel read through the airline manual for any safety precautions incase of a flight delay ((Me): Yeah...i sorta stole that from Operation: SICK (Au) Operation: SICK may it rest in peace (Me): Okay, who are you people!). Hoagie's quiet laugh could only be heard by the camera. Hoagie spoke again.

"Hey you two, have fun on the trip?" he asked, catching Nigel's and Abby's attention.

Almost at the same time, maybe slightly off, they mumbled, "Yeah." Hoagie chuckled at their non-enthusiastic attitudes. Suddenly, the voice of the pilot rang throughout the airplane, reminding them that the plane was about to take off. Hoagie roughly moved the camera and the blue screen appeared once again.

Nigel's smile had crept onto him once again as he waited for the next scene. But suddenly, his smile flipped as he saw Lizzie on the screen. It was their first date, and he could still remember it clearly.

"Hi Nigel!" Lizzie cried out with excitement as she waved frantically to the camera.

"Hi Li-"

Suddenly, the screen went dark.

Nigel pressed eject on the DVD Player and waited for the compartment to open. He never liked watching that part and always wondered why it was even burned onto the DVD that was called 'Memories of Sector V'. He always thought of cutting it off, but never got around to it. Placing the disc into the box, he snapped it shut and stared at the cover for a second. He sighed and walked to his cabinet. As he placed the DVD box into his drawer, he looked at the digital clock settled on top of the cabinet. It read 11:00 pm.

'Man it's late,' he thought as he closed the drawer. Flinging the covers off his bed, he jumped into it and closed his eyes. Before he was able to have any second thoughts, he was asleep.

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