The Similarities of Love and Hate

By Caitlin Wasson

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Chapter One



Hermione was mad. No, she was more than mad. She was furious. What was the cause of her anger? One Mr. Draco Malfoy, head boy opposite her head girl status and unfortunately, her roommate for the year. She had known it would be him as the head boy. They had always been neck and neck in grades. Unfortunately, he thought that his bloodline made him her superior. She begged to differ.

"You cannot leave all of your things strewn every where in our shared quarters, Malfoy. You can make your room as messy as you want but don't throw everything all over the living room or the bathroom!" she shouted at him.

"And what are you going to do about it Granger? Sic your precious Potter pal on me? I think not," he retorted, leaning back on the couch, staring up at her bemusedly.

Hermione was on the verge of hexing the arsehole. She whipped out her wand and pointed it at him.

"Now Granger, you don't want to get in trouble now, do you? Have a black mark on your otherwise flawless record, hm?" he asked.

"Arsehole," she muttered, knowing he was right. He was a snarky devil. He was also handsome, she'd give him that but beauty was only skin deep. Instead of hexing him into next week like she wanted, she pointed at all of the junk he had thrown every where and banished it to his room.

"Thank you Granger. You saved me a lot of time," he said. He got off the couch and walked into his room, shutting the door behind him.

"Insufferable Bastard!" she screamed, kicking the leg of the coffee table. How she loathed him!

She stomped into her room and started to work on an essay… of course, the essay wasn't due for another four weeks but she liked to work ahead. Unfortunately, her anger was clouding her mind.

"Stupid arse. He's even affecting my homework!" she mumbled. With a sigh, she decided to get in the shower.

The head girl and boy bathroom was even more impressive than the prefect's bathroom. It was made of green and white marble with gold fixtures. There was a swimming pool sized tub with about a hundred jeweled taps and a huge shower with glass doors in the corner. It had ten different jets from all directions and big shelves with a million different shampoos and conditioners and bath creams that automatically refilled. Outside was an inexhaustible supply of huge fluffy white towels. Unfortunately, there was no lock on the door. That did not make Hermione particularly happy but she undressed and stepped into the shower anyway.

The water was wonderfully hot and relaxing. It relaxed all the tension in her muscles. After just letting the water soothe her muscles for a few minutes, she grabbed a blue bottle of shampoo. It promised sleek, smooth manageable hair. She applied a liberal amount to her wild brown locks and washed her hair. After smoothing a conditioner in her hair, she scrubbed her face. Unfortunately, over the roar of the shower, she did not hear the bathroom door open and did not notice Draco Malfoy staring at her until she had removed the soap from her eyes.

"What the hell? Malfoy!" she screamed. "Pervert! Get out!" Turning off the water, she stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel.

Malfoy stared openly. Hermione had grown to 5'6" and had a quite nice chest, a small waist, round hips, and legs for miles. Her features, while not gorgeous, were pretty, and her wet hair was sleek and shiny. "Damn Granger. You wouldn't be interested in a casual fuck, would you?"

"I'd sooner fuck Snape," she replied venomously. "Now get out!"

"It's my bathroom too," he retorted. "I'll leave when I'm ready."

"Fine," she replied, stomping out, fuming.

"Oh don't be like that Granger," Malfoy said, following her out, grabbing her shoulder. "We could be good fuck buddies."

Hermione moved her shoulder away as if she'd been burned and looked at him in disgust. "I repeat myself: I'd rather fuck Snape."

"Well I might be able to talk him into a ménage a trios," he said. "If you're kinky like that, I have no problem with it. Handcuffs, whips, you name it, I'm down with it."

"You're sick Malfoy," she said, stalking to her room, holding her towel up.

"If you just let me see you naked I might leave you alone," he said.

"You already did, pervert," she said, walking into her room and slamming the door. "Leave me alone!" she shouted back at the door.

How exactly was she supposed to survive an entire school year with the insufferable bastard? It was going to be impossible if the Deatheater scum continued to ask her to be his little fuck toy. She'd been used and abused already. Ron had been her first which was okay but that summer… No. She wouldn't think about that. It was over and done with and she had no reason to worry. She was going to be okay but there was no way she was going to become someone's fuck buddy after THAT.

"Just think on it Granger," Malfoy said through her door as she was putting on pajamas. "It would be great. I'll stop harassing you after I've had you a few times."

She flung the door. "I. Do. Not. Want. To. Be. Fuck. Buddies!" she hissed at him.

He smirked. "Nice top Granger. It really shows off your boobs."

"Pervert! Can you think only of sex?" she questioned.

"Only when I see you dressed so," he said, still staring.

"If you want to live through this year, you will leave me alone Malfoy," she said.

"Sheesh Granger," he said. "I didn't know you were the violent type. I'll leave you alone."

"Thank you Malfoy," she said, somewhat civilly. "Good night."

"I know I'll be having sweet dreams," he said.

She slammed the door and climbed into bed, turning off the light although still beyond furious. It would be an interesting year.


I take on too much. I've developed a taste for Draco/Hermione and I grew frustrated at the lack of good writing in the pairing. Don't get me wrong, there were a dew good ones but the pairing is dominated by people who cannot seem to remember to reread their stuff and perform a routine spell-check and use the same recyclable plots. Anyway, if you like it, please review.