Top Dog: Kagome's POV

There was darkness all around her and Kagome found herself completely and utterly alone, forced to face Naraku without a single companion. He advanced on her and, to her horror, Kagome realized that her limbs were bound in some way and she could neither run nor draw an arrow. She was trapped; trapped and without anyone to give her aid, and with Naraku coming steadily closer. Finally he arrived and Kagome could practically smell the evil seeping off of him; a strange mixture of musty darkness and tuna fish. He poked his tongue out and began to gently lick her nose, mewing softly, as a cat would mew. Suddenly, Kagome felt Inu-Yasha's small hands on her shoulders as he began to shake her. "Someone's here to see you Kagome," his high pitched voice muttered, "you need to wake up."

Groaning, Kagome turned around and glared at, not Inu-Yasha, but Sota; and the darkness she had been trapped in gradually faded into the brightness of her room. She glanced back to her desk and found, not Naraku, but Buyo, who had been licking smeared chocolate milk off her mouth. After taking in her surroundings, Kagome sat back in her chair and rubbed the remaining chocolate milk off her lips then glanced at the clock: 10:38.

Kagome jumped up quickly and spun around to face Sota. "Why didn't you wake me earlier!" she yelled as she ran to her dresser, "School started an hour and a half ago!"

Sota watched her calmly for a minute and yawned. "It's Saturday," he said, "Mom wanted me to tell you that someone's at the door."

Kagome blinked then breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh really, who?"

He shrugged. "Dunno, some guy with a present." With his mission accomplished, Sota turned and left the room.

"That would be Hojo," Kagome muttered as she quickly put on a skirt and cardigan,

"come to present me with his latest remedial gift." She ran a brush through her hair and glanced at herself in the mirror. 'Not too bad,' she though, 'especially for someone who's probably fighting off some life threatening illness.' She glanced at the clock again: 10:47, which left her with a bit of time before Inu-Yasha decided she was late enough and came to drag her back to the feudal ages, but she still needed to get Hojo out of her house as quickly as possible. After pinching her cheeks to give them some colour, Kagome put on a bright grin and went downstairs.

Hojo gave her a sympathetic smile when she arrived before his face lit up into an expression of adoration. "You truly are amazing Higurashi," he said, "to put on such a happy façade just for me."

Kagome blinked at him. "Happy . . . façade?" she asked.

He nodded knowingly and leaned in as if to tell her a secret. "Your grampa told me about your sudden bout of manic depression; that's such a horrible thing to happen to you, especially right after your liver transplant."

Okay, she could deal with the liver transplant, but the manic depression was going just a bit too far.

Kagome rubbed the back of her neck and laughed weakly. "It's not that bad," she said, "and I'm feeling much better."

"That's great!" Hojo looked positively thrilled at the news. Then, he bent down and picked up a box that was large enough to hold Shippo. "Anyway, they always say that the best thing to help someone who's depressed is company, and since I can't be here all the time to keep you company, I got you someone who can."

'Please don't let it be a dog,' Kagome thought as she took the box, 'it'll traumatize Buyo, who's already been through enough with Inu-Yasha, and it'll make Inu-Yasha jealous.' She opened the box and forced a delighted smile as she peered inside. "A . . . a dog, thank you Hojo."

And a dog it was. It was a small, brown dog with a long nose and body and rather short legs. Rather cute, actually, and Kagome found her forced smile becoming more natural.

"It's a dachshund," Hojo explained, "he's about a year old, and his name is Koishii."

". . . Koishii? That's an . . . adorable name for a dog," Kagome stuttered. 'Inu-Yasha's gonna kill me,' a voice in her head sang, and the dog only reinforced her fear by lovingly licking her fingers. She glanced at the clock and then stared in horror. If she knew him at all, Inu-Yasha was going to be here in any minute. Hojo had to leave. Now.

"Look at the time!" she exclaimed, "I have a . . . doctor's appointment in ten minutes, and I haven't eaten yet!" Kagome smiled at Hojo as she moved towards the door. "Been nice seeing you again and thanks for the dog. I'd love to talk, but I really have to go, bye!" Practically pushing him out the door, Kagome finally got Hojo to leave and turned to face her dog.

"Koishii," she said with disbelief, and the dog wagged its tail upon hearing its name, "Your name is Koishii. Heaven forbid it be fluffy or spot or anything else that doesn't mean beloved. Inu-Yasha's going to-"

"Oi, Kagome!" Kagome spun around to see a disgruntle Inu-Yasha stomping from the direction of her bedroom. "You're late."

"I know I know, I'm sorry," Kagome pleaded as she stepped in front of the dog, "I fell asleep doing homework; I was going to leave in a few minutes. In fact, why don't we go now? My bag's already packed." She gulped as Inu-Yasha's eyes stared pointedly beyond her legs and narrowed dangerously.

"What is that?" he asked slowly, carefully.

Kagome laughed nervously and picked up Koishii. "He's a dog, a dachshund to be exact. Hojo gave him to me because he thought I was depressed."

"Are you?"


"Then you don't need him." Inu-Yasha reached over, picked up the dachshund by the scruff of his neck, and dropped him into the trashcan, seeming to ignoring the can as it began to rattle and whine. "Let's go."

The horrified girl dashed to the trashcan and pulled out her dog, cradling him to her chest. She then turned to face the half-demon. "That," she seethed, "was completely inappropriate and you should be ashamed of yourself." Said half-demon snorted and Kagome continued, "You do not put living creatures in the trashcan!"

"Why not? You don't need it."

"It is a he, and we'll see if I need him or not." Kagome glared at Inu-Yasha, then put the dog down and turned on her heel. "I am going to go pack, and you are going to wait outside until I'm ready."

"But you said you had already packed-"

"I lied," Kagome interrupted and left before he could say anything more. She was probably going to regret leaving Inu-Yasha with her dog, but Kagome decided to trust him to not do anything too stupid: he would know the consequences if he went out of line.

In her room, Kagome grabbed her yellow back and began her packing routine as she tried to calm down. Sleeping bag and clothes first, better only take a few outfits to save space; she could wash them along the way. She glanced outside: Inu-Yasha was pouting in a tree, and Koishii was sniffing some bushes; good.

Next came bathroom stuff: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, two small towels, bag of Kleenex to use for toilet paper, and girl stuff. She glanced out her window: pouting, sniffing; good.

Now the schoolbooks: history (always useful in the feudal ages, you never know just who you might meet) and math were the ones she always brought, but she would probably need to bring her science book as well, just to catch up. Kagome glanced out her window again: pouting, sniffing; good.

First aid kit next. Kagome opened it up to make sure she had everything: gauze, anti-bacterial cream, alcohol, needle and thread, aspirin . . . She glanced out her window once more: chocking, struggling . . . crap. Cursing, Kagome flew down the stairs and out into her yard. "Inu-Yasha, sit!"

Inu-Yasha dropped the dog and fell to the ground. "What the hell did you do that for!" he yelled into the dirt.

Kagome picked up the shaking dog and held him to her chest. "Why the hell were you trying to kill him!"

"He was peeing on my tree!"

"He's a dog!"

"It's my tree!"

Kagome watched as the subdued half-demon lifted his head off the ground and stared at her dog, then began to sputter. "Look what it's doing!"

She glanced down at Koishii, who was currently nuzzling at her heart, and felt the dog's fast beating heart slow down as he calmed. "What?" she asked.

Inu-Yasha forced the top half of himself off the ground. "It's . . . it's . . ."

"He's what?" Satisfied that Koishii had calmed down enough, Kagome set him back on the ground

Inu-Yasha shook his head and sat up completely, his face red. "It's . . . it's . . . it's nuzzling at you jugs!"

There was a beat of silence as both Kagome and Inu-Yasha comprehended what was just said, then Inu-Yasha flattened his ears against his head and Kagome advanced on him slowly. "What did you say?"

"Nothing, please don't sit me."

"Oh, and why would I do that?" Not giving him time to answer, Kagome placed her hands on her hips and glared down at him. "Inu-Yasha: sit!" She watched in satisfaction as Inu-Yasha face planted the ground once more, and then glanced at Koishii, who had also obeyed the command as if to prove his obedience. "Come on Koishii, let's go get some lunch."

"What the hell did you say his name was!" Despite having his face in the ground, Inu-Yasha sounded surprisingly loud.

"Koishii, idiot." With that said, Kagome picked up her dog and stormed back to the kitchen, slamming the door behind her. "I can't believe he just did that," she muttered as she grabbed a pan and poured water in it, "Koishii's just a dog, just a poor, innocent dog." She put the pot on the stove and turned the heat on, then glanced down at Koishii, who was looking up at her and wagging his tail. "And a cute dog too." Smiling, Kagome looked inside the box that Koishii had come in and pulled out a leash, two dog bowels, a few dog bones, and a small bag of dog food. She pulled out one of the bones and was about to hand it to Koishii when a dirt covered Inu-Yasha stormed in and grabbed the bone right out of her hand.

He sniffed the bone and examined it closely. "What's this?"

Not knowing whether to be angry or amused, Kagome just shook her head. "It's a milk bone, for Koishii."

"Well, it's mine now." Inu-Yasha shoved the whole bone into his mouth, then froze as he tried to bite it into small pieces. "It's wather hawd," he mumbled.

"Because it's meant for dogs, not humans, demons, or half demons, but dogs." She took another milk bone out and handed it to Koishii, who ate it with little problem.

Inu-Yasha's eyes hardened. "If he ca' ea' i', so ca' I." He crushed down hard and destroyed the offending bone, then looked at Kagome with triumph in his eyes.

Kagome, however, did not look pleased. "Is that what this is all about?" she asked angrily, "being better than Koishii? He's a dog Inu-Yasha."

"So? He needs to learn to his place."

Kagome started to say something then shook her head and walked over to the stove, pouring a package of ramen noodles into the pot of now boiling water. She took a few deep breaths and set the timer.

Inu-Yasha spoke up after a few minutes. "Is that for me?" His voice sounded tentative and hopeful, and Kagome turned around with a smile on her face.

"Of course it's not for you Inu-Yasha, ramen noodles are people food. By competing with my dog, you've decided that you're not a people anymore, you're a dog, and dogs don't eat people food now do they?" She poured some of the dog food into a bowel and placed it at Inu-Yasha's feet. "Dog's eat dog food, so there's your lunch. Eat up!" With the same sickeningly sweet smile on her face, Kagome reached up and scratched Inu-Yasha's ear, did the same for Koishii, then turned back to her ramen noodles.

". . . I'm not a dog Kagome." Inu-Yasha muttered, but Kagome refused to give in. She poured the flavoring into her ramen noodles, poured her ramen noodles into a bowel, and walked to the table.

"The stop acting like one," she said and purposely choose the cushion where her back would be to him. Not looking around, Kagome took a bite and let loose a soft moan of contentment. She completely ignored Inu-Yasha as he sat in front of her and continued eating.

"I'm really hungry," Inu-Yasha mumbled.

"Then make yourself something to eat."

"I'm not allowed to use the heat box, remember?"

Kagome finally looked up and found Inu-Yasha's eyes fixated on her chopsticks. She raised them up and his eyes went up. She lowered them and his eyes went down. Moved them to the left and his eyes went to the left; to the right and his eyes went to the right. She made a star and his eyes followed; a spiral and his eyes followed. Finally getting annoyed with this game, Kagome brought the chopsticks to her mouth just as Inu-Yasha leaned in to get a bite.

Their lips collided, and Kagome found herself lip to lip with Inu-Yasha, staring up at his eyes as he stared down at hers. She was too embarrassed to continue with what could be called her first kiss, accidental though it was, but at the same time . . . she didn't want it to end either. It was Inu-Yasha who eventually broke away and leaned back.

"Uh . . ." Inu-Yasha bite his lip and scratched the back of his head.

Kagome started to speak, then gasped as Koishii jumped onto her lap and began licking her lips, his tongue moving almost as fast as his tail. Inu-Yasha growled and pulled him off by the collar, dropping him on the ground with a snort. "Stupid dog doesn't know when to quit does he?"


"What! It's true isn't it? Why else would he start slobbering all over you?"

"How is it any different than what you were doing?" Kagome flinched as Inu-Yasha's face flamed up and he looked away. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that . . ."

"Then how the hell did you mean it?"

Kagome shook her head and thought for a minute. She could easily fix the situation by making Inu-Yasha some ramen noodles and explain what she meant while he ate, or she could try something just a bit more daring.

"Like this," Kagome said as she leaned over and pressed her lips to Inu-Yasha's.

When Kagome would look back on that kiss, it would not be the movement of their lips that would make her smile, but the expression in his eyes that would warm her heart on even the coldest days. His expression had been so surprised at first, then it had grown so calm and so peaceful. He looked . . . happy. Finally, Kagome pulled away and smiled at the blushing Inu-Yasha before standing up.

"I'll go get my bag," she announced. Leaving before he could say a word, she ran to her bedroom and spun around a few times, feeling like nothing else in the world mattered but what had just occurred. Finally, she grabbed her bag and practically skipped downstairs.

Inu-Yasha was waiting for her with a smug smirk on his face, and he grabbed her bag when she arrived. Kagome glanced at Koishii to make sure he wasn't dead or injured in any way before looking at Inu-Yasha. "What did you do?" she asked.

"Do?" he replied innocently, "I didn't do anything." He flashed her a cocky grin before grabbing her hand and leading her out of the house.


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