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Warning: Some perverted images. Just imagine what must go through Miroku's mind when presented with the image of a fully clothed woman, and you should get the idea.

Top Dog: Koishii's POV

My tale truly is one of tragedy and despair, of heartbreaks and betrayals, and of long nights in the pouring rain, completely and utterly alone. My father was a figure whom I never met, and my mother was always distant and did not give me the love a puppy so desperately needed. Of all my littermates, I was the strongest and the smartest; and for this, I was ridiculed without an end in sight. Finally, after eight long weeks of this humiliation, I left the only home I had ever known to venture into the new world out Outside.

I wandered in that strange new world for many days and soon became a miserable sight to behold: a wretched pup with ragged fur and shrunken stomach, a pup whose eyes held the misery of the world. It was in this state that I was found by one of the most beautiful women in all the world: a young maiden with hair as red as a fire-hydrant and with a name of "Foxy." Foxy took me to the man of her house; a man whom was affectionately called "Mr. Pimp" by all, and he taught me all that I know today. He taught me the basics, of course (sitting, staying, rolling over, playing dead, doing my business on the neighbor's property), and then from there, he taught me how to expand upon the basics. For example, when rolling over or playing dead, always do it in the direction of a young lady to gain better view of the world beneath her skirt. The year I spent with Mr. Pimp was a year of intellect and learning; but, like all good things, that year would soon end. Without warning, some men in uniform entered the loving home of Mr. Pimp and took him away; and I was left alone once more.

My loneliness this time did not end happily and with a loving family, but in a cold, metal prison surrounded by other dogs that did not share my love of humans and, more importantly, females. Many nights were spent there before I finally found freedom in the face of a young boy by the name of Hojo; but I much prefer to call him Bozo, so Bozo it will be (this is my tale after all, and I am free to make any alterations I so desire). Bozo took me to his home and there I met his overly-sensitive father, his portly but attractive mother, and his younger sister that was even too young for my tastes (and I am not picky). Fearful that I was doomed for a life with a woman much too old for me, I settled down in my new home and discovered, to my utter horror, that many of the rules I had learned and lived by were not acceptable here. My doom seemed even more eminent, and I soon fell into a state of deep and permanent depression.

It was also here that I gained the name of "Koishii." One cannot realize the awkwardness of a man being called such a name by another man.

However, my tale did not end with Bozo and his family but with another of whom I was given as a gift, though I did not realize it at the time. It started off as a perfectly ordinary day when I was suddenly yanked from my slumber and placed in a small, rather uncomfortable box. I whined and pleaded to be let out, but to no avail. Oh, if only I had known at the time what a beautiful fate awaited me at the other end.

I do not recalled how long the journey was from Bozo's house to my new home (one has no sense of time when cowering in the corner of a box), but I do recall those glorious seconds when I first looked upon the face of my new owner.

She had the most beautiful face of any creature I had ever met. Her eyes were wide and shocked at first (most likely at my own beauty) then grew gentle and loving. Her lips (oh sweet gentle lips!) were a crimson red and as my eyes went lower, I beheld the gentle swell of her breasts beneath a pale pink cardigan; proof in its most simple way of her womanhood and fertility. Traveling lower still, my eyes saw her long, shapely legs that were barely hidden beneath an oh-so-short skirt. I would have played dead for her right then and there if not for her long, slender fingers presenting themselves to my nose. I licked them and tasted her sweet skin for the first time.

It was then I realized that I was in love; there would be no other woman for me. This gentle creature (named Kagome) would be mine, and I would willingly be hers. And when she said my name, I suddenly found myself loving what I once had hated: "beloved," yes, I am your beloved.

Then, to my horror, another man walked (more like stomped) into my life and the life of my beloved Kagome. She placed herself in front of me with the protective attitude only a lover can posses, and I knew that this new man was trouble.

He was wearing a most horrendous outfit that was most likely created by cutting four holes into a red bed sheet. His hair was the colour of diapers and he had, what were they? cat ears for sure, sticking out of his diaper hair. He was nothing more than an insolent kitten that did not even deserve the attention of my beloved Kagome.

Insolent kitten though he was, the strange man was still bigger and stronger than I, and I soon found myself cowering as the insolent kitten spied me. But my beloved Kagome gently picked me up and held me; and I was safe from the insolent kitten's urine coloured eyes, at least for the moment. However, I soon found myself plunged (by the kitten) headfirst into the strangest container, which smelt, I must admit, delightfully of food. I was just about to take a bite out of what appeared to be an egg roll when I was pulled out by my back legs and held in the arms of my beautiful lady.

Naturally, I soaked up the loving for all it was worth and could not help but to throw a contemptuous glance at the insolent kitten as he sputtered, apparently in a rage. Poor, thing, I almost felt bad for him . . . but not quite.

The next thing I knew, I was back on the ground, my beautiful lady had walked away, and I was left alone with the kitten. I gave him the dirtiest look I could muster, then I could barely hide a smirk as he seemed to mutter some threat at me. Stupid idiot, he should have known that I don't speak cat.

After muttering the useless threat, the kitten then proceeded to stomp out of the kitchen (can he even walk? I had always heard that kittens were graceful) and into the yard. I sighed. Though I had no desire to, I knew that I must take it upon myself to watch after this kitten lest he destroy the property of my beloved Kagome. I cast a final glance in the direction my fair lady had gone, then followed the kitten.

The moment I stepped outside I was confronted with the most delightful array of scents that my nose had every encountered. Flowers of every shape and size filled the yard and even the grass held traces of Kagome's sweet scent. But where was the kitten? Ah yes, there he was, sitting in the branches of rather tall tree (as cats seem to enjoy doing). Most likely, we would be confronted with the difficult job of getting him down later because, if I recall correctly, kittens have a problem getting down off a tree once they've gotten on one. However, I would deal with that problem later; I had a much larger problem to deal with. By the look on the kitten's face, he clearly felt that that tree belong to him, but I clearly knew it to be otherwise. I trotted over to the tree, lifted up my right leg, and claimed ownership of the tree in the most powerful way.

It was my tree.

Suddenly, I felt strong hands with rather sharp claws curl around my neck, and before I knew it, I was lifted off the ground by the rather tall kitten. Perhaps kitten may not be the best word to use in this situation: lion might be more appropriate but, seeing as how I don't want to increase his ego, I'll use lioness instead.

As the lioness lifted me off the ground, I felt my life flash before my eyes and I saw the pure hatred etched in the eyes of my captor. Perhaps I had underestimated him, but it was too late to decide that now.

But I should have never doubted for a moment the dedication of my lady. Just as before, she arrived in the nick of time, though I'll have to admit that I was a little surprised when she yelled "sit." How on earth was I supposed to do that when I was being held ten feet off the ground? Imagine my intense delight when it was not I who was supposed to sit but the kitten, and sit he sure did, though it was more like laying down than sitting, but no one really expects that much from cats anyway.

With the cat currently forming an indention in the dirt, I did my best at playing the victim here. I whined and shook like it was winter, and was delighted when my fair lady lifted me up and pressed me to her chest.

Oh sweet chest, the most delightful part of a women; and I fully intended to enjoy every moment of it. I pressed my nose into the soft flesh and nuzzled it, inhaling her gentle scent and closing my eyes to better imagine her without a shirt. Sadly, my joy was short lived.

For reasons still unbeknownst to me, my sweet Kagome set me down even before I had had a chance to truly enjoy her curves. Perhaps she was a private lady? If that was the case, I would be glad to accommodate her desires (and I had to admit that I wasn't too keen on spending quality time with my lady while the kitten was in earshot).

A kitten who was currently getting my lady very, very angry. Even though the kitten had yet to rise from his prostrate position, my beautiful lady yelled sit once more and the foolish kitten seemed to press himself even further into the ground. I felt my loving eyes narrow: was that foolish kitten trying to prove his obedience to a woman who would never love him? Not to be outdone, I obediently sat down and gazed at my lady with adoring eyes.

She returned my gaze and I heard her say with her beautiful siren's voice, "Come (something) Koishii, (something something something)."

I stood to follow, then heard that silly cat yowling something else. I was just about to tell him to go lick himself when my beautiful and full breasted Kagome called my name once more, picked me, and walked away with me in her arms.

Before I could truly celebrate, I felt myself being lowered to the ground as my beloved lady began to walk around the room. Hmmm . . . it appeared that I had fallen in love with a woman who believed in playing hard to get. No matter, I know how to win even the coldest hearts; my warm hearted Kagome would be no problem. I simply stared up at her with adoration in my wide eyes and wagged my tail in a small, hopeful sort of way. I saw my lady smile at me, then walk over to the box I had been so rudely placed in that morning and bend down.

Oh sweet lord, her skirt was shorter than sin, and never had I seen such long, slender legs as I was seeing displayed before me. She bent more, and heaven was revealed to me in the form of a pair of cute little pink panties with flowers on them. I felt my jaw drop and my tongue come out, and I sat there, panting like a lunatic. I must gain control of myself, I must not allow her to see how truly captivated I am by her slender legs and well formed-

DOG BONE DOG BONE DOG BONE DOG BONE BONE BONE BONE BONE BONE!!!! Oh yes, oh yes, this heaven! The bone came close and closer, I felt myself salivating and then suddenly . . . it was gone. I stopped and looked around. The bone was gone. What had happened to it? Bones don't vanish, something must have happened to it. Someone must have taken it. Then I saw the culprit. That stupid, smelly, tune-breathed kitten with the diaper coloured hair and the urine eyes had not only tried to steal my chick, but he had now succeeded in stealing my bone. This was inexcusable, there was nothing more to say. The stupid kitten couldn't even eat it properly! The kitten would have to die.

Then: DOG BONE DOG BONE DOG BONE DOG BONE BONE BONE BONE BONE BONE!!!! Oh yes, oh yes, this is heaven returned! My beautiful Kagome had pulled another bone out and placed it before me, and I allowed myself to savory its sweet, milky taste. Once the bone was properly in my stomach, I laid down and allowed myself the pleasure of observing my woman. I smiled inwardly when I realized she was probably making me dinner. Thoughtful thing, isn't she?

Suddenly, I saw her place a bowl of my food in front of the kitten. She scratched his ear and then mine. Second, since when had I become second? I felt my heart quickly freeze over as I stared between the two of them. What had just happened? My beautiful lady appeared to still be mad at the kitten, yet she fed him and not me. My previously frozen heart began to crack as I felt all hope fade away. I had lost to a cat. But I cannot loose! I had never lost before! Oh yes, now I see: my lady is making my food as opposed to using the pre-made pebbles that Bozo had used. Such a kind woman.

Then she sat down with her back to both of us and began to eat. There was no food for me. Maybe the kitten had made her so angry that she was now taking out said anger on the two of us! I stared in horror as the kitten moved to sit in front of her and began to follow her food with his eyes. Then, the kitten moved in to take a bite at the same time as my lady. Their lips touched and remained that way for far too long. My poor Kagome must be horrified! too terrified and disgusted to push him away! The moment they parted, I jumped on her lap and began to wipe the filth away from her lips as quickly as I could. That stupid kitten would not get away with this!

However, the stupid kitten was a great deal bigger than me, and I soon found myself being dropped, rather rudely, on the floor. I watched as the two spoke loudly in their strange tongue (if you could call what the kitten did speaking, that is) and then, suddenly, it happened. My beloved Kagome, apple of my eye, soul of my body, leaned in and deliberately pressed her lips against the kitten's. And she seemed to be enjoying it too!

I stared in horror as my beloved ran --no skipped, out of the room. The kitten looked down at my with the most pompous and disgusting smirk on his face. He said something in his strange cat language and I knew that I had lost, and to a kitten, no less. I bowed my head and tucked my tail far between my legs as the two ran off together. How was I to live with the knowledge that I was no longer top dog?

I laid down on the tiled floor of the kitchen for many a long, desolate hour. Then, I heard a voice calling the name of my beloved; a voice that was feminine and more mature than that of my Kagome. I looked up and beheld the most beautiful woman that had ever graced this earth, appearing to be an older and more mature version of the woman who had just broken my heart. This woman bent down and gently picked me up in her tender arms, and as I found myself pressed against the delicate curve of her chest, I knew that I was in heaven once more.