The Bet

"Alright, Hawkeye. Pay up."


First Lt. Hawkeye gave Second Lt. Havoc her most deadly glare. Plants withered, clouds darkened the sky, Black Hayate cringed behind his mistress' desk, paperwork burst spontaneously into flame, the entire Eastern Headquarters froze, waiting for a reaction.

Havocjustlifted one sardonic eyebrow.

"You're such a sore loser."

He was rewarded with a low growl.

Hawkeye considered her position. There really was no way out. A bet was a bet, after all; and theyhad shakenhands on it. She just hadn't expected Jean to do as well as he did. Granted, it had been a while since they'd practiced at the range together, but how was she supposed to know he would have improved that much with a pistol? Rifles were his thing.

She'd been so damned confident the terms hadn't even worried her. As a consequence, she was a bit relaxed during her performance, not wanting to beat him too badly.

Boy had that backfired. Now she saw why he had insisted she shoot before him. "Ladies first" be damned.

And it would have been great to get him to stop smoking for a whole week. She never thought she would have to hold up her end of the deal.

"I promised you, Second Lt, that if you outshot me, which you did not, that I would stop smoking for a week. You promised me, Second Lt., that if I outshot you, which I did, you would allow me one free chance to touch you wherever I please."

Hawkeye sighed at the roguish grin that followed his speech. Nope. She was stuck.

"Fine, whatever. Get it over with so we can all just go back to work."

Havoc smiled as she stood up. She was still giving the death glare, but he'd been getting that for years. It lost its force after a while.

He stopped just in front of her, towering over her smaller frame. Hawkeye did not appreciate the impish glint in his eye. She braced herself as he lifted one hand and reached for her…


She watched in fascination as he tenderly took her smaller hand in his large one, gently turning it over, exposing her wrist.

Slowly, he bent over their entwined hands, and softly kissed her wrist.

As he walked away, Hawkeye had a hard time explaining to herself a sudden shortness of breath, an odd disappointment, and a disconcerting fuzzy feeling in the pit of her stomach.

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