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The ancient school bus dragged itself up the side of the last hill. The passengers held their breath as they waited to see if the dilapidated vehicle would make it. With a brief pause at the crest, the bus crept forward and flung itself down the other side. The babble of excited teenagers could be heard echoing through the valley. The twenty students from Dakota High School, all top achievers in science, were being rewarded for their hard work by a weekend of camping and scientific exploration in Dakota Hills National Park.

Seventeen-year-old Virgil Hawkins sat in the last seat next to his best friend and lover Richie Foley, also seventeen. Their superhero alter egos, Static Shock and Gear, had been partners for two years; the boys had become partners in all things six months ago. Although a little concerned that their personal feelings would interfere with their duties, their newfound physical relationship only served to enhance their working relationship. Their rapport in battle conditions was uncanny. Static and Gear were now as famous in Dakota and the surrounding territory as Batman and Robin were in Gotham City and its environs. They had been called upon more than once to assist the Justice League; not too often, and not anything too life threatening - they were, after all, high school kids.

Richie, a Big Bang-enhanced super genius, excelled in all things academic. Virgil was an average student in most subjects, but he had a gift for science. Their high scores during the spring semester earned them positions on this trip, which would gain all the participants credit at the local college.

Richie leaned into Virgil and said, "When we get to the site, let's wait until everybody else picks a spot, then pitch our tent at the end. That way, we can sneak away easier."

"Why would we want to sneak away?" asked Virgil with a smile as he put his arm around his boyfriend.

A light blush stole over Richie's pale cheeks.

"V, you know how loud we get. We fixed that rat problem at the gas station in a week!"

"Are you afraid you won't be able to keep quiet because of my fine lovin'?" Virgil licked Richie's neck and gently nibbled at the tender flesh. He was careful not to leave a mark. It would be a little awkward explaining how Richie came to have an identical love bite as Gear, not to mention explaining to Mr. Foley how Richie got said love bite. While the man had grown tolerant of Richie's friendship with Virgil, he would be less than pleased that Richie was in love with the dark-skinned boy.

"Me?" exclaimed Richie. "You're the one who screamed himself hoarse when your Dad and Sharon were out of the house last month." Richie grinned smugly as he remembered that stolen moment and the patrol they shared later that night. It had been up to Gear to shout down the bad guys because Static was too embarrassed by his pubescent squeak to even open his mouth.

Virgil had to smile. That had been a good time. Richie wasn't usually the aggressor in their relationship so when he took charge it was always something special. Especially when he put that brain of his to work and thought up new and interesting ways to kill Virgil with pleasure.

"Care to put your money where your voice is? I bet that I can make you scream before you can make me. Deal?"

Richie quirked a golden-blonde eyebrow at Virgil. "What do I win?"

Virgil thought quickly. "If you win, I buy you the new Plant Man DVD. You know, the one with the missing scenes."

Ooooh. Richie had been salivating over that one, but with most of his allowance going to Gear-stuff, he had a hard time saving up for it. Mom had said she would get it for him for Christmas, but that was months away. "And if by some remote chance you "squeak" out a win, what do you want?"

Virgil needed no extra thought for this one.

"I want you to serve me breakfast in bed next Saturday."

Richie frowned. "Breakfast in bed? You actually want to let Sharon's 'Egg-Surprise' loose in your room?"

"I'm thinking oatmeal with maple syrup."

Richie smiled at that. He made awesome oatmeal as Virgil had discovered the last time he stayed at Casa Foley. "Fine. If you win, I'll make oatmeal and serve it to you in bed. Deal?"

"Not quite," replied Virgil. He leaned closer and whispered, "I want you to serve it naked." Virgil let his mind wander. Naked Richie. Warm syrup. Damn. He was getting hard just thinking about it. 'Calm down, Junior. We haven't won yet.'

Richie's big blue eyes had grown even bigger and his mouth had formed into a perfect 'O'.

"You are twisted," said Richie as he gifted Virgil with a sloppy kiss. "But in a good way. Now I don't know if I even want to win."

Eventually, the bus clattered to a stop. The chaperones, Ms. Pettibone and Mr. Boyle, herded the teenagers off the bus and helped each teen to locate their backpacks. Gear's Backpack, along with his uniform, was secured beneath the bus. Virgil kept his uniform and disk in his ever-present knapsack.

Everyone pitched in to unload the school-provided tents, camping gear, and supplies. Before the kids could dig in and set up their tents, the teachers called everyone together for a briefing.

"All right everyone, listen up! Your tent assignments are as follows…" Virgil and Richie listened with growing horror as they realized that, due to the alphabetical arrangement, Richie would be sharing a tent with Keith Eggers while Virgil would be stuck with Taylor Harding. Taylor was cool and wouldn't mind if Virgil snuck away from camp, but Keith was a total suck-up. He would love to get someone, i.e. Richie, in trouble. Richie continually outshone Keith at school. Keith had been the brainiest kid in school until Richie's smarts kicked in, and the other boy had been jealous ever since.

With barely concealed grumbling, the teens found their assigned partners and received their portion of supplies. Keith and Richie's tent was pitched right next to Mr. Boyle's, while Virgil convinced Taylor to hang back and make camp furthest from the chaperones.

The heat of the day lingered as the students finished preparing their camp and the tools they would use for their experiments the next morning.

Nestled in the valley of some of the wildest country this side of the Rocky Mountains, it was no surprise that the teachers' cell phones wouldn't work. The short-wave radio in the bus couldn't reach over the hilly territory either. If there were an emergency, they would have to contact Dakota by climbing an hour to the top of the hill in order to obtain cell reception. It was a decent plan.

It was too bad that they missed the warning about the escape that took place a few miles away.

It was one of those strange coincidences that result in the most unusual of events. A late-season flu bug forced a change in the driver of the prisoner transfer van. Normally, this would not have been problematic. However, the new driver was a talkative sort. He spent the evening before at his favorite bar telling anyone who would listen of his important job transferring a former meta-human and some other fairly infamous criminals from the high-security prison in the Dakota Hills to the medium-security institution across the Dakota River.

It so happened that another former meta-human was in the bar that night. A drink or two and a friendly game of pool garnered the dark-haired man the route the van would be taking as well as the timetable.

Shiv had been waiting for this opportunity. He had never been the biggest fish in the Meta-Breed, but he had enough power, his own and the invisible backing of Ebon, to keep him safe from the other lowlifes that drifted through Dakota's seedier areas. After Ebon had been arrested, the rest of the Breed soon fell to Static and Gear. All had received the cure whether they wanted it or not. Shiv managed to convince a judge that his actions were a result of the mutation the Big Bang had forced on his body. He was released after only six months in a rehabilitation facility.

He kept a low profile. No one would hire him for a respectable position. He had to survive on the lowest, most menial jobs he could find until he could figure out how to get back on top. The things he had to do didn't bother him. Not much, anyway. Ebon had trained him pretty good.

When Shiv heard the loudmouth at the end of the bar talking about a big time Bang Baby, his ears perked up. He let the man talk a bit more until he figured out who the Bang Baby was - Ebon! Things would be so much better for him if Ebon were back in Dakota. That's when Shiv decided to launch a rescue.

The next day, he stole a car and some tools he thought would be useful and headed out into the Dakota hills. He found a likely spot and pulled over. Before he could open his trunk, a yellow bus full of kids, most only a few years younger than Shiv, passed by. Thankful that the driver was too busy to stop and see if he needed help, Shiv used his stolen chainsaw to cut down a tree.

'This was a lot easier with my blades.' Shiv definitely missed his meta-human powers.

He was sweating as he finished putting the tree into position. He checked his watch. He had about twenty minutes before Ebon's van ran into his little ambush. Shiv hid the car and hunkered down behind the tree line to wait.

The van was a few minutes behind schedule. Shiv wasn't surprised. The driver had been putting them away pretty good last night. Poor bastard was probably hung over, and his day would only get worse.

The van rounded the curve; it was going too fast to avoid the felled tree blocking the road. The driver made the attempt anyway and wrenched the steering wheel to the side. The van hit the tree at an angle, flipped over, and rolled several yards before coming to a stop on its now flattened wheels.

'Uh-oh. Ebon's gonna be pissed.' Shiv felt like an idiot. He should have thought of another way to stop the van. What if Ebon were hurt? What if he were dead? Then who would help Shiv get out of his hellish life?

He crept from his hiding place and approached the van. As he reached for the door, it burst open from the inside. Two orange-clad men were struggling with another man, obviously one of the prison guards. The blond managed to wrest the gun from the guard. Without offering a chance for surrender, the blond fired and the guard fell to the ground. He would not get up again.

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