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December 3, 122 I.E.

Rain thundered down on the dirt roads of Corus causing them to become muddier by the moment. A young woman with short brown hair sat in a window seat staring out a dust streaked window watching as horse drawn carriages road up and down the street. She pulled her knees up to her chest, draping her dress around them to keep warm as the winter months began to set in.
A young blonde woman bounded down the stairs, her own long hair tied back in a horse tail by a blue ribbon that matched her eyes. She opted to wear a blue silk dress, while her companion's was pink. The dark haired girl turned and looked at her.
"Crappy weather again, Ami." Libs told her, getting up and following the blonde behind the counter.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean that we won't get people coming in to rent out a room today. In fact, we'll probably get more. I hope Lillian gets here soon so we can go to the palace in time." Ami responded, glancing out the window looking for the girl they had hired to help them around the inn so they could have a day off or so.

Libs nodded. "Yeah, Jenny'd kill us if we were late to her wedding. Not to mention, we haven't seen everyone in a while. What with Amanda and Trinity being a the fief in the country side, and the others being at their own fiefs."

Ami nodded. "I can't believe we've been here for five months already. It seems like only yesterday. And if I have to hit one more guy over the head because he doesn't believe I'm spoken for, I'll scream."
Libs just laughed at this, although her laughter was mixed with a crash coming from the adjoined stables. Ami frowned at her friend who shrugged and they both went to investigate.

Libs lit a lamp as they walked in, careful not to get anything on their clothes for the wedding. Right in the center of the room lay none other than Prince Bryce on his back, while a young Prince Favian of Tyra looked on laughing at the boy who would in five years be his brother in law.

"Bryce! Favian!" Ami squealed, looking at the two mud covered boys. "Do your parents know you're here?" Ami could just see Katlin now, attempting to hang her son for messing up his aunts wedding day. And then blaming her because they found the boy in the Moonshine Inn's stable. "Get up now. We've got to get you two back for the wedding."

"Yes, Auntie Ami," the boy replied. Favian who was quickly making friends among the Tortallans just nodded and followed Bryce into the inn.

"Morning Mistresses." A young red headed woman said to Ami and Libs, before noticing the boys. "Oh, I beg your pardon your majesties," She said, falling into a curtsy.

"Lillian, please don't call us Mistresses. We're not that old." Libs told her.

"And I'm even younger than she is." Ami added. Lillian just nodded. "Well, Lil, take care of the place. We're off to the wedding, and possibly a murder when their majesties see these two mud covered princes."
"Alright," the girl said with a laugh as she watched the woman pull on cloaks and the two royal messes follow them out of the inn as they headed for the palace.

"Trini! Trini! Trinity! Oh, for Mithros sake, Trinity Eloise Starstone, Get down here right now." Amanda stood at the bottom of the stairs in the fief that King Liam had granted her. She still felt a little awkward having servants running around calling her Lady and such. Last she checked, she was a human being from earth, not some frilly lady. Or if you wanted to go back, she was a common born mage. Still not a lady. She sighed as one of said servants came running in to let her know that the carriage was prepared to take her and her two daughters to the palace for Jenny's wedding.
Amy walked in and leaned against the railing. While her mother had opted once again, not to wear so much as anything that looked like a dress, the younger mage was wearing a bright red silk garment beneath the black mages robes she had tied shut. They were both dressy and practical, as it was freezing out.

She glared at the woman in front of her and rolled her eyes. These days she and her mother were tolerating one another. To say they were getting along would have been an overstatement.

"Trini, darling. We've got to get going sweetie." Amy called up the stairs and grinned sarcastically at her mother as the little eleven year old came bounding down the stairs in the frilliest pink dress anyone had ever seen, making Amanda wanted to throw up. She sighed. As soon as she had the little girl alone, she was doing some serious re-programming to undo what the governesses had done.

"Thank you so much, Amy." Amanda said, taken her youngest child by the hand. Amy just snickered, knowing her mother's sarcasm as they walked out to the carriage, Trini skipping all the way.

Amanda shook her head and climbed in after her two daughters. "Alright, Amy. We're going to be civil at this thing. Jenny will kill me if we mess up her wedding."

"Fine by me."

"Alright." Amanda responded, leaning against the side of the carriage, ticking off one by one who would actually be attending the wedding. From her own family, Libby and Trey would be unable to attend. Libby was in active service, and Trey was busy with the shang, no matter how much Amanda disliked that idea. Trowa would be there as he had to bring his squire to the wedding, and Chichiri lived at the palace.

Next was Brenna's family. Tasuki and Brenna would be there as Liam had assigned Brenna to be kings champion. He had postponed assigning someone to that position as he always felt it belonged to the knight who had protected him so well. Tasuki had absolutely refused to leave her side.
Enya was with Everic and Rika on patrol doing her own knight training. Although she sent frequent letters back to her parents but they would be riding back for the wedding.
Then came Nicole's family. Duo was on active service, but Nicole, as usual was at the palace. Probably banging her head against the wall if Amanda knew her well enough. Katlin still refused to let the poor knight return to active duty. She had even created the role of Queen's champion so that Nicole couldn't find a way out of it. Kaida would of course be there as she was still a page, as would Sera and Devlin. Better yet, Devil probably would have been a better name for that boy.
Katlin's whole family would be there. From Bryce, all the way down to Cassara and Damita.

Ami and Libs would be there as well. And the entire royal entourage from Tyra would be there, also.

All and all, it was going to be quite an interesting day. Amanda sighed and listened to Trinity babbling on and on about her training to be a lady in waiting for Princess Sadie. Amanda wasn't exactly sure how she felt about sending her daughter to a foreign country, but if Katlin and Jenny could, then she didn't have much of a choice.

The whole morning had been a frenzy. What with guests arriving (not to mention the two princes needing emergency scrubbing), making sure everyone was in their place, that the guard was on task, that no outsiders had snuck in, or weapons, or unknown mages. Or disloyal servants. Or, at the rate this was going, flying pigs attacking.
And now, Nicole was standing in the corner of the ball room watching the wedding reception take place, wanting to kill herself. As Queen's champion, she had to help Brenna (king's champion) make sure security for the event was top priority. However, the biggest difference was that Brenna was allowed to leave the royal family's side. She'd only been back for five months, and already had seen more action than Nicole had in the entire eight years they'd been gone. And now she was standing beside Katlin's throne playing the pretty little dress up doll. She was even wearing a dress, her sword hanging at her side in a sparkling dress sheath. What her majesty didn't know was that the knight had breeches beneath just in case.
She sighed and blew a strand of hair out of her face. Katlin turned and smiled at her sweetly.

"Everything went so wonderful," the queen remarked, "I'm glad Jenny and Damien are back together." She nodded toward the newly re-wed couple on the dance floor. Nicole just nodded. Brenna and Tasuki were also dancing. Dara, Kaida, and Enya stood talking to a group of squires and older pages from Tyra. Prince Bryce danced with Aurora, while Prince Favian had caught his betrothed up in deep conversation. Trinity was talking with her mother and Chichiri, while Ami and Trowa had mysteriously disappeared. King Liam came over and asked his wife to dance. Katlin looked at Nicole who just nodded and sent the woman a way. It would give her a chance to breath without worrying about royal scrutiny.
The knight sighed and walked over to a window where she watched a light dusting of snow. Duo was out there risking his life, and she was locked up like a caged songbird, being paraded around. She was miserable. "This is so not why I became a knight," she muttered, pushing the window open and sliding out onto the small balcony. She closed the window, and tiptoed away, peering over the railing, she decided it wasn't a far jump and pushed herself over. She landed lightly and began wandering the grounds. Katlin would find her soon enough. She knew the animals would rat her out.
She walked in the quiet cold air for a little while before she head the snap of a twig behind her. Whirling around on the tip of one foot while drawing her sword at the same time, she managed to place the tip of her weapon against the throat of the unfortunate person behind her.
"Hey, watch it." Brenna scowled at her, gently pushing the blade away from her throat. She wasn't going to admit she'd been scared out of her mind when the older woman turned like that.

"Sorry," Nicole said shortly, turning back around and pushing the sword back in its sheath, her legs getting tangled in her skirt. Growling, she yanked it off. Brenna laughed.

"Only you would wear something like that." Brenna told her.

"Yeah, well. Royal orders made me wear that damn dress."

"Oh, stop. It's not that bad." Brenna said. Nicole just raised her eyebrow. "Ok, so it is. Want me to talk to her?"

"No. I'm not a little girl. I have to change this myself." She sighed and continued walking, feeling Brenna fall into step behind her. "How'd you know I was out here anyway?"

"Do you even have to ask?"

"I guess not. I'm fine though. I just need to think a bit. You go back. Tasuki's probably lonely. And if you're there, it'll take them longer to find me." Nicole told her. Brenna just nodded.

"If you need to talk, you know where to find me." Brenna said, patting her shoulder and heading back towards the palace. Nicole just shook her head and kept walking as the snow began to fall harder. She shuddered, but didn't turn around.
She lost track of how long she'd been out side. She was about to turn back around, but something caught her eyes. A dark shadow, a figure, or maybe two. Were they multiplying? Squinting, she drew her sword and began to walk toward the edge of the royal forest. A strange scent reached her, making her drowsy. Desperately trying to keep her eyes open, the knight managed to stab one of her prey as she fell forward on the sharp tip of his sword, the snow around her staining with her blood. Damn it. Damn it damn it damn it. Her world slowly went dark.

"Something's wrong," Kaida mumbled, looking up and meeting eyes with her two best friends. Dara frowned, questioning the younger girl. Enya looked around.

"Aunt Nira's missing."

"And the air feels heavy," a third voice added. The three turned around to see Trinity standing there. "Its magic or I'm a shang warrior. And powerful magic."

"We'd best tell our parents." Dara finished.

"Don't bother," Katlin said, coming over to them, Jenny behind her. "Lets go, all of you," she commanded. Dara and Enya stood still.

"Now, Dara," Jenny commanded her son, as she and Katlin swept the other children along. Kaida paused, realizing what was going on.

"They're squires, Aunt Jenny. They'll stay. I'll take the other's to safety." Kaida explained, guiding her younger cousins as all of the squires and knights as well as the guards surrounded Liam and the mages, the feeling of dark magic got stronger. Jenny and Katlin sighed but nodded. They had to get the servants to safety. They wished their niece a safe trip and allowed her along the way.

"Something's wrong with Mama," Kaida said when the adults were gone. She looked at Bryce. "Can you take them? I have to find mama."

Bryce nodded and watched Kaida take off down the stairs. The girl ran on as fast as she possibly could, her legs leading her out onto the grounds. Her eyes searched through the falling snow. Something was definitely not right. As she ran, her eyes caught sight of dark red splotches covered the snow. Her pace quickened, following the stains in the snow. Somehow, she knew they were from her mother.

"Mama!" No answer. "Mama!" Kaida called as she ran. Suddenly a lump near the tree's caught her eyes. "No!" Kaida ran and slumped down beside her mother, checking for a pulse. Faint, but still there. "Help! Someone help!" Kaida screamed as loud as she could. She wasn't sure how she knew that the danger had passed from the grounds and into the palace, but she knew she had to get help. She pulled some of her power out and fed the gold color into her mother's body. She was slightly ashamed her healers training wasn't that great. She'd need to work on that. Minute's passed. She had no clue how long she sat there calling for help and crying, but eventually help arrived. The guards lifted the fallen knight and carried her to the medical wing, trying to keep the girl from clinging to her. She couldn't loose her mother now. Not when she had just gotten her aunt back.

"I'm going to kill her. If she pulls through this, I'm going to kill her." Katlin murmered. She, Brenna, Amanda, Jenny, Ami, and Libs sat beside a bed. Brenna's arm was in a sling, and Amanda had a gash on her head. Dara and Enya had a few bruises, as did most of the knights and squires. All of the invaders had been killed. Unfortunately, when they died, their bodies disappeared. Amy, Chichiri, and all the other mages were working on figuring that one out. None of their own had been killed… yet. The children were off somewhere with their father's comforting Kaida. Duo had been sent a letter. As of the moment, it told him to stay put, though they doubted he'd obey.

"Not if I kill her first," Jenny told her.

"This is my fault. I left her alone," Brenna said.

Ami and Libs looked at each other. "I-is this what you all went through? The first time?" Ami asked.

Amanda nodded and sighed. Libs just took Nicole's hand, feeling how cold it was. "And you still wanted to come back? She still wanted to be out fighting?"

"That's who she was here." Brenna responded. Katlin nodded.

"And I tried to take it from her. If she lives, I swear I'm going to let her off her leash." Katlin said. Jenny hugged her around the shoulders.

"So it take's me to find myself near death to get what I want, huh?" A hoarse whisper reached their ears. Katlin looked down.

"Thank Mithros, you're alive. Can I kill her now?"

Everyone laughed, although Nicole wound up coughing. Brenna held a cup of water to her lips.

"Thanks. Where's Kai?"

Even as she said it, the door flung open and the girl raced in. The women let her through.

"Mama! You're alright."

"Of course. You didn't think a little wound like that could kill me, did you?" Nicole joked with her daughter. Kaida just smiled, knowing it had been more than a little wound, but if her mum refused to show fear, then she wouldn't either. Brenna shot her sister a look that said they'd talk later. Nicole nodded and watched her friends leave. "I bet your papa's on his way, huh?"

"Then sent him a letter, so probably. Sera and Devlin just know you were hurt. They've no idea how bad."

Nicole nodded. "Thank you Kai." Nicole said, kissing her daughter on the forehead. The fourteen year old crawled onto the bed with her.

"Tell me how you met papa again, mama."


Kaida nodded as her mother laughed.


Dara paced back and fourth in Kaida's room. The two girl's sat on her bed. All the pages had been given the day off so that their teachers could investigate the attack the night before. Sir Everic and Sir Trowa had put off leaving again to give their own assistance if it were needed.

"What do you think that was last night?" Enya asked as she and her cousin stood. It was approaching midday and they were getting hungry. Dara stopped his pacing and sighed.

"I don't know. But why at mum and dad's wedding?" He asked them.

"I think the wedding was a distraction. It worked too. We didn't know they were here until they were right on us. Without the wedding, we would have felt their magic the moment they were on the grounds like mama did." Kaida explained. Dara and Enya blinked.

"She's too smart for her own good," Dara said drawing the page into a head lock. She smiled and pushed him off.

"You can never be too smart. And maybe, if you spent as much time with your head in books as you do practicing with your sword, you'd be smart to." Kaida said, sticking her tongue out. Dara opened his mouth to say something as the three proceeded through the halls, but Enya just held up her hand.

"If you don't want her to knock you down again, I'd stay quiet." The red head adviced. Dara sighed and nodded, causing the two girls to laugh.

"Ahh… the sound of your laughter is like the twinkle of bells, my dearest." A voice that was way to sure of himself spoke from the shadows.

"You mean two bells, dear cousin." A second voice added to the mix, as two young men stepped out of the shadows. Ryold and Thioden smiled at the two girls. Enya and Kaida just rolled their eyes.

"It's too early to deal with you two."

"Its always to early to deal with them," Kaida told Enya. Dara made to step in front of them, but Enya's glare drove him back. They were training to be knights as well. They didn't need Dara's protection.

"Then don't deal with us, sweetest." Ryold told her. "We will escort you to the dining hall."

"I'd rather kiss a stormwing," Enya replied.

"Stormwing's have better manners," Kaida added, a small smile on her lips.

"Oh, but surely if you had met one, you would need us to protect you. Besides, we're much better kissers." Thioden replied, leaning closer to Kaida, his lips inching closer to hers. Kaida held her hands in front of her, pushing him away.

"Eww… Thioden, stop it!" She shoved him back, but he kept advancing.

"Ahem! I believe the young lady said stop!" A mature voice reached his ears and the fifteen year old stopped. He and his seventeen year old cousin turned to stare up at Sir Duo of Maxwell and his companion, Sir Tasuki of Amberhill. Duo looked calm, but there was warning in his voice. Enya's 'adoptive' father looked ready to skin the two boys alive. "I suggest you leave," Duo commanded. The boys gulped and instantly fled. He eyed his daughter, who looked down and blushed.

"YOU LET THEM GET AWAY?" Tasuki whined, loudly. Duo just looked at him and laughed.

"Tasuki, you can't kill your daughter's suitors. Liam would have to punish you. Especially if they're part of the Tyranian delegation.

"Why not?" The red head pouted.

"Oh stop that, you're a grown man." Duo instructed, laughing. Enya was smiling as well.

"Don't worry daddy; They wouldn't harm us. They just don't seem to understand that we don't like them."

"Enya, I was once his age. Boys like that may not stop at simple no's"

"Once his age?" Duo teased. Tasuki glared at him. "Come, I need to see Nira." Duo said dragging his companion along. "Stay out of trouble kids. And Dara, don't look so defeated. They don't want our help either, and we're their fathers." He called over his shoulder as they walked around the corner.

Duo and Tasuki walked into an office. In one corner, Liam, Damien, Everic, Rika, Brenna, and Trowa stood looking over some of the reports from the night before, trying to figure out the attack. Amanda, Amy and Chichiri were working on figuring out the magic that had been in the air and what had caused the bodies to disappear like that. Ami, Libs, Katlin, and Jenny were fussing over someone on the couch.

"Well, this party looks like fun," Tasuki said, walking in. Brenna looked up and smiled at her husband. "So, my dear, how is it going?"

"It'd be going better if we knew what they were after," Amanda told him. Brenna nodded and went back to examining the reports. Tasuki moved to join her.

"Oh for the love of Mithros, I told you I was fine." An angry voice rose from the couch.

"Nicole, you were nearly killed, how can you be fine?" Jenny asked her, forcing the knight to lay back down on the couch. She wore a button down silk shirt that revealed that her chest was heavily bandaged. Nicole just made a disgruntled sound and lay back.

"You'll never get her to settle down, Jenny," Duo said with a laugh. "That's just the way she is. I'm surprised she hasn't escaped you yet and gone chasing after the people that did this to her."

Nicole had jumped up the moment she heard him. Ok, so that had been a bad idea, as she suddenly felt dizzy. She wobbled a little as her husband reached her side and helped her sit down. "Well, now you know why they don't want you to do anything, just yet." He teased her. She shot him a glare.

"You all still don't have to fuss over me so much. I do need to breath."

"Aww, but where's the fun in that?" Amanda asked.

"Yeah, I'd give anything to be waited on hand and foot," Brenna said, laughing a bit.

"There, you heard her. Go wait on the King's champion." Nicole laughed, as did everyone.

"Got something," Amy called from where she and Chichiri were working. "It doesn't say much, but we analysed the residual magic on some of the stone tiles."

"And?" Liam asked the young woman, anxious.

"Its not human or immortal magic. Its god magic." Chichiri told him.
"Tangora?" Brenna asked. Amanda bent down and studied the younger mages' work. She shook her head.


"Dormitus." Nicole and Katlin growled. The knight again tried to stand, but fell back down. No one laughed, as both women seemed extremely distraught.

"A threat?" Katlin asked her advisor.

"Probably. He wants us that badly. Why can't those damn gods leave us out of things?" Nicole asked, shaking her head. Duo wrapped his arms around her.

"I don't know love. I just don't know."

"So what do we do?" Ami asked.

"Nothing. If we show him that this upset us, he'll keep trying. But if we ignore him," Nicole began.

"Maybe he'll go away." Katlin finished, putting her arms around Liam's neck. "You'd best figure out what to tell everyone love." She told him. Liam nodded and kissed her.

"I'm just glad to finally know what that was." He explained.

"We all are," Trowa replied, pulling Amy into his own hold. "And now, if you'll excuse us, your majesties," Trowa bowed, and nodded his betrothed, who curtsied, and they disappeared.

"I like their idea," Tasuki said, excusing himself, and not giving Brenna a choice, dragged her along. Amanda shook her head and she and Chichiri followed behind them. Amanda had some more research to do, and Chichiri needed to contact Libby and settle her mind. Everic and Rika excused themselves as well, leaving just Liam, Katlin, Jenny, Damien, Nicole, and Duo in the office.

"Well, with the gods after you, and all that's happened," Damien began.

"No. You're going," Nicole protested.

"But Nicole," Jenny began.

"I said you're going. I'm fine. And there are enough of us here. Listen to me. I survived many more injuries with you not here, than with you. I'll be fine, and you need to enjoy your honeymoon." Nicole told her.

"Nira's right, Jenny," Liam told her and looked at Damien. "If you want, I'll send a squad of the own with you."

"No need. We'll leave tonight," Damien replied. Duo nodded. "We'd best go pack now, then." Jenny nodded agreement, hugged her friends, and left with her husband. Nicole shook her head.

"I wish people would stop coddling me."

"I'm sorry." Katlin told her. "No matter what anyone says, your being hurt is my fault."

"What?" Nicole protested. "No way. The next thing you'll be saying is what happened eight years ago was your fault also. So stop."

"No. I mean it. If I had listened to you; allowed you to do what you became a knight to do, you wouldn't have been so restless. You wouldn't have gone out alone."

"You don't know that. Liam, Duo, tell her." Both men were silent.

"We'll leave you two alone," Liam told her, and they left the room.


"No. It was my fault and I can't forgive myself."

"You had better. We need you. Just listen to me."

"I'm letting you go. You don't have to be Queen's champion anymore."

"Oh yes I do. You'd get in trouble if I'm not here. All you have to do is let me fight when there's need. But with the gods attacking, I'm staying here." Nicole protested.


"Of course. Now come on. I want to see my husband, and I think its about time this realm had some more heirs."


"I'm kidding. I'm kidding." Nicole told her, standing slowly and walking out into the hall with her Queen.

April 123 I.E.
"Aww, come on. I don't want to," Brenna whined as Tasuki pulled her out of her bed, tugging on her arm until she consented. "Tasuki!"

"Come on. You'll love it." He continued, throwing her clothes at her. Their room was a really small one; barely enough room for her to move around and get dressed with Tasuki in the room. However, she didn't mind. In fact, she rather liked the close quarters of a fort on the boarder then the wide open rooms she had at the palace. One would think that being a the palace would be much more relaxing, but like her sister, Brenna found the challenges of fort life and boarder protecting much more relaxing.
"And what exactly will I love?" The curly haired knight asked, pulling her tunic over her head.

"I can't tell you. I've been sworn to secrecy." Tasuki said. When she gave him a weird look he held his hands up. "I swear. She threatened me at sword point. Otherwise I would have told by now." Brenna just laughed and grabbed the front of his tunic.

"Well then, lets go." Less than a minute later, they walked out only to find the fort deserted. "Um… ok. I was expected balloons, confetti, music. Not silence. What's going on?" Brenna asked. Tasuki looked worried. His face was pale.

"I don't know. You were expecting something along what we planned, but this… something's wrong. Where is everyone?"

A young stable hand came running up to them, sweating. Tasuki passed the lad a water flask, trying to calm him down. "What is it, son?"

"T-there was an attack. T-they magiced the air so we couldn't hear and couldn't wake up. Them that survived, they're in the mess hall."

"Lady Nira? Commander Duo? Sir Everic.." Brenna said alarmed. She knew her sister had just arrived. She had agreed to leave Katlin's side when Dormitus hadn't sent another attack. She just hoped it was the right decision.

"Not sure, my lady. I've just been sent to find those who survived." Tasuki nodded and gave the boy the rest of the flask.

"Keep it. You've done well in letting us know," He took Brenna by the shoulders and led the woman towards the closed doors of the mess hall. She could hear the sounds of the survivors inside, but was scared to actually go forward. What if they weren't there? Tasuki pulled the door wide open and a mixture of sounds bombarded Brenna.

"SURPRISE!" A huge feast was laid out inside. There was so much color, it reminded the knight of an earth circus. She nearly fell back, as the full force of what had occurred hit her.

"Where the hell is she? I'm gonna kill her!" Brenna cried, a huge smile on her face.

"Hey, no killing the sister," Nicole argued. By that time, everyone at fort Storm knew that the young knights who had recently joined them were the reincarnations of two of their old friends. And those who refused to believe it, just went along with it. It wasn't hurting them. Brenna searched the crowds. The entire population of the fort was there, even the stable boy was standing grinning. Tasuki gave him a high five for a job well done. Sir Everic and Lady Knight Rika stood to one side, Dara between them, as did Lady Knight Libby and Sir Trowa. Enya stood with Nicole and Duo, laughing at her mother's face.

"Happy Birthday Mom," Enya giggled. Brenna just sighed.

"I hate you all."

Ok, so that was the short chapter, taking up the first year. I'm making a schedual for the next chapters. Not sure how many parts per chapter, but this story, just like its predecessor needs a guide or it'll fall apart. Hope you and enjoyed, and Ami, I promise CC is next.