Everything that Glitters isn't Gold.

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Summary: "Only Harry would fall for someone completely insane." Ron mumbled. "Draco's not crazy," Hermione replied, "he's confused." "You mean nutters." Dumbledore hatches his most daring plan yet; he will attempt to use the Orb of Balance. Voldemort is eagerly waiting for him to do so. No one gets exactly what they hoped for; Hermione losses Ron to destiny, Dumbledore and Voldemort find themselves on the same side. Slash: HxD, BxR, M- for mature.

Note 1: This story was started before Sirius fell into the veil. Hence he remains as written, in one case alive in the other male.

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Note 5: The Harry and Draco and other characters, are described to what I see in my head and really do not look very much like the actors portraying them on screen. I see Harry with the same unruly black hair, thin, rather short, with large emerald eyes. Draco with longer silvery blonde, also thin, and rather short, with large silver eyes, I'm a rather big fan of anime and it shows in my descriptions of character at times.

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Note 7: This is SLASH, I only write Het as background.

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Everything that Glitters isn't Gold

Part 1: A Prince renounces the throne

It has been said, once- along time ago, on a parchment that no one can barely make out, that when a witch goes into labor she very well could apparate.

It doesn't happen often, in fact so rarely that most people disclaim it as a myth that it ever happened at all.

All that there is to claim differently is an old (nearly falling apart) parchment. This parchment, according to the one group who took the time to try and decipher the bloody thing, was a detailed account of apparitions during births. However no one can say it is true or identify when it was written.

This parchment claims to tell the tale of four women disapparating in the late stages of labor. Furthermore not only did the women not splinching themselves, they returned hours later with healthy newborns, to the exact place they had disapparated from.

During their time gone they had been seen to, cleansed both mother and child, both in lovely white robes, and quite happy. With no memory of where they had gone or what had happened. Only thing that was clear to them was that a name had been chosen for their newborn and no amount of spells, or potions could return the women's memories.

The group, who had attempted to muddle through the whole darn 50 meters of parchment, saw this as a very dark sign indeed. They concluded that this was a sign that the child was unnatural. Perhaps even not even a child of the wizard world, but of something dark that wanted to place its child among wizards.

Even up to hundred years ago, there had to be non-relation witness to every birth, who would sigh (under oath) that the mother had not apparited during labor. Not once during all the time it was watched for did one-woman disapparate.

Hence most modern wizards and witches denounce this as silly old wise tales. Once the ministry had done away with the out of date law, no one bothered with the witness any longer. In fact in many circles it is now seen as barbaric and ridicules.

By the 1900's it had been all but forgotten as an oddity of times better left in the past. Which is why in 1980, when it happened on four separate occasions, to four very different women, neither wife nor husband breathed a word about it to anyone.

16 years later: 1996.

They stalk the hallways like they own them and the other students quickly step aside as if they do. They move together in a group, as one, with a single person in the lead, yet closely flanked. Their robes hardly rustle as they stroll, daring anyone to say a word. There are a few grumbles from students, but none loud and none continuing when the leader levels a sub-zero glare their way.

A few students look around for the only group that would stand up to the group now strolling the halls, but they aren't around. Noting that many students quickly disappear.

If the group strolling the hallway has any feelings about the students who flee in fear, they show none. For they are the epitome of pure blood breeding at it's best, from their perfectly sculpuded hair and faces, past the extremely costly and exclusive robes and clothing, which are always immaculate. One could hardly overlook, or ignore, their dazing jewelry and manicured nails, or their snake, dragon, or other rare and impossibly expensive boots and shoes. Their composure is as perfect as their robes, no hint of emotion, past distaste that they should be forced to endure the rest of the schools population, which is clearly below them.

However no matter how rich, or snobby, or even how cruel, none of them outshined their Prince, the leader, Draco Malfoy.

They follow his every lead, try to copy his 'oh so evil' smirk, his perfect grace and poise and twisting way with words. He is beautiful; his perfection in his ice demeanor is what other Slytherin children strive to be.

"Stick with Malfoy," their parents would tell their son or daughter, "he'll lead you in the way a Slytherin should be. That boy's pure malice, he won't let anyone tarnish the Slytherin name, and his father is the richest man in England, get in his favor."

So they did, even those in the year above, cater to Malfoy's whims. They delight in his cruelty to the other students; praise his disrespect to all professors, save their own potions master. They envy that the boy never shows emotion; nothing cracks Draco's calm. His ice is so complete that even to touch him you feel a chill and not the warmth of normal human skin.

Even within their dorms, while the rest of them have some human moments of happiness, anger, or even pain. Draco is complete in his control. Draco has no time for weakness and the others respect that. Draco is not one you went to with your problems, as he is mostly likely to hex you for bothering him rather than help.

It has been this way from the moment Draco touched his exclusive boggart boots onto Hogwarts grounds. Through his first level through his level 6, Draco led the way. He did so as it was his due.

6th year Yule holiday arrived and Draco, like the rest of his house, went home to his manor.

Christmas morning found Draco Malfoy on the floor of Dumbledore's office.

For the small blond everything, like hot icing off a cake, had fallen and the show was finally over; however, it had been far bloodier and the losses far heavier than he had ever feared.

When the Slytherin's returned to Hogwarts, it was to find their Prince had taken rooms from them, away from his house. Trying to speak with Draco had led nowhere and the rumors flew around the school.

Draco Malfoy was on the side of the light.

Draco Malfoy was roaming the school at all times of the day and night.

Draco Malfoy helped up a first level Hufflepuff who had fallen from the floor.

The most persistent rumor; the one that still kept all the students shying away from the blonde, the talk that most students considered not a rumor but a fact.

Draco Malfoy was still dangerous.

As Draco Malfoy was insane.

Dumbledore sat in his seat in the great hall, a parchment before his dinner plate. Every third bite he looked to the parchment and watched as it filled and rearrange itself with names.

The seats around him were filled with professors talking, or in the case of Severus and Remus, arguing in hash whispers. It was good have to Remus back, no one got nearly as close to Severus as the werewolf did. Remus had returned this year to again take up the role as defense professor, with his faithful 'dog' Snuffles at his side. Between Severus and Sirius, Dumbledore was confident there would be no wolf accidents. So much so that he had given the ministry his word, being he had never beseeched on his word before, the ministry had taken it and allowed Remus back into the Hogwarts fold.

To Dumbledore's left, McGonagall glanced at the parchment, before leaning in closer. "I still disagree. There are better ways to go about this, some things are better not interfered with."

The older man stroked his long white beard, over watching the students of the hall, as they talked, eating and drinking. "All the best things are, my dear lady." He smiled at her scoff.

"But putting an identifier in the students drinks?" She sighed. "If the parents find out. As is we're still getting letters about letting Remus teach again."

Dumbledore smiled and patted her hand, the one that wasn't holding a fork. "You worry to much Minerva."

"Someone should." She mumbled.

At the Slytherin tables, Draco Malfoy sat with his 6th year peers, and as usual was ignoring the foolishness going on around him. However, he usually wasn't so interested in his drink. He sniffed the liquid in his goblet. It smelt normal, even looked normal. He glanced around and watched as the students around him drank and ate, but no one else seemed to notice anything.

He wouldn't have either, if he had been any other student, the taste was hardly off, in fact he was sure no one else would notice it. Other than himself that is. Growing up as he had, one learned fairly quickly to know when something had been tampered with and these drinks had. He had, with quick flick of his wand, under the table, tested the other students around himself, without their noticing, and could only conclude that at least every drink at their house table was tainted.

Normally he would have blamed the Gryffindor's and been resigned to whatever mean spirited prank they had pulled, but even the Gryffindor's couldn't spike the food and drinks. No matter how much the house elves loved Potter and his friends, the house elves would never betray something Dumbledore had told them, it wasn't in their nature. Not that he trusted Dumbledore, but his godfather, who he did trust, said Dumbledore had forbidden any pranks, which included food or drink. So the only person who could have made an exception to this rule would be only the headmaster.

He looked to the head table, Dumbledore was eating and drinking, but that meant nothing. If his godfather, professor Snape, had been paying him the least bit of mind instead of growling at Professor Lupin, he would've been able to get an answer to the question. However, without his godfather's guidance, he instead watched the headmaster.

Dumbledore seemed greatly interested in the parchment lying on the table before him. Draco didn't look away when the headmaster looked at him. Instead he smiled at the old man and lifted his goblet and then, without drinking, made a show of putting it back on the table. Dumbledore smiled at him and winked, eyes twinkling, before allowing McGonagall to take his attention.

Draco turned back to the table and watched as his goblet disappeared, and smirked as another reappeared. He made sure to sniff, and look at it closely, before trying a small sip. It was normal; his smirk widened and he went back to his meal.

McGonagall, who had watched the whole scene, took a small breath of relief as Draco went back to his meal and didn't make a scene. "How did he know?"

Dumbledore, still smiling, rolled the parchment up, and it quickly disappeared into one of his robes many pockets. "Mr. Malfoy is a young man of many talents. Surely you know he's one of our best students."

McGonagall huffed. "Well yes he is a smart boy; however," she glanced towards her house table and Hermione Granger drinking and eating with her friends, "even our smartest," she said with pride, "didn't notice."

Dumbledore shook his head. "Minerva, Ms. Granger is certainly one of the brightest students of our times. However, there is more to intelligence than just books."

Minerva frowned. "You're just partial towards the little brat."

Dumbledore chuckled. "I am at that, he does keep one on their toes."

Minerva blinked and glanced at the white haired boy, still eating, and then to the old man next to her. "You knew he'd notice, didn't you?"

Dumbledore sighed. "I thought he might notice." Then his previous smile returned. "But he didn't notice until he took a drink, and one drink is all we needed."

Minerva shook her head. "Albus, why is it you always get your way?"

He sighed and stood. "If I always got my way, things would be much different."

She nodded in agreement. "I'll set up the meeting for tonight."

He nodded and moved away. She waited a few minutes using them to play with her pie, before giving it up and leaving the hall.

Harry looked past Neville's head, moving until he could see Draco. The last time he'd looked Draco had been oddly sniffing his drink, now he was finally eating. He sighed. He was so beautiful.

Ron elbowed him and he turned to see his best friend rolling his eyes. "Harry, you need to stop staring at that git like a love sick idiot and eat."

"I am." Harry looked to his plate and took a bite, even as Hermione, sitting on his other side, leaned in.

"Ron, he can't help it."

"He's should be over it by now it's been a year." Ron growled and leaned closer, so now both of them were looking at each other over his plate.

Harry wasn't sure if he could get his fork between them. He elbowed them both. "Do you two mind? I'm trying to eat."

"No," Ron said, though they both moved back.

Harry sighed. "Never mind, I'm going up to the tower."

Hermione frowned. "But Harry,"

Harry got up between them and Hermione was going to try and stop him, but Ron grabbed her arm and shook his head. "Leave it."

Hermione huffed and picked up a roll, which she slowly destroyed as she spoke. "Ron, I thought you were going to be supportive."

Ron closed his eyes and sighed, before moving close enough to her that others wouldn't overhear. "This is me being supportive. I haven't tried to talk him around, or beat any sense into him."

Hermione glanced at the blonde of Harry's obsession. "Malfoy hasn't been that bad since, you know."

Ron shrugged. "Don't care, he's still a git even if he doesn't call us names and pick on us. He's now just a insane git."

Hermione rolled her eyes and resisted throwing her roll at him. "All the same, Harry likes him."

"I just don't get why." Ron mumbled.

"I don't either," she glanced at Draco again, "well besides how he looks, but it's not our choice. Our only choice is to support Harry and if he's what Harry wants then,"

"We deal," Ron slumped, "I know."

Hermione dropped the remains of her roll onto her plate. "Besides his parents are hero's."

Ron growled but even he couldn't deign the facts. He missed the days when one could say Lucius Malfoy was a bastard and everyone agreed with you; hell, sometimes people would even buy you a butterbeer in agreement. Now, blast it all, he had to appreciate the git. The Malfoy's had been spies, who saw that one coming, Ron certainly hadn't, but Voldemort had found out. Now he had to live with the fact that even in his own mind the Malfoy's had been brave. Hell, the story of Lucius and Narcissa's down fall was one that swept the wizarding world, and it was damn heroic.

Even Draco Malfoy didn't know how many death eaters had stormed Malfoy manor; in the early morning of the Yule Holiday, and he had been there. Ron had been shown the pensive of the event, not exactly shown, and from under Harry's invisibility cloak, but still he had seen it.

The three Malfoy's had backed each other and tore into the death eaters with a violence Ron hoped never to meet. They had taken down at least 20, before one of the death curses had broken the shield surrounding the three, and hit Narcissa. She fell at her husband and sons feet. Lucius had ripped the wedding ring off her finger and then his own, and still fighting from behind their shields, had yelled at Draco to put them on.

Draco had, it turned out that his parents had made their wedding bands, once joined, into a port-key, which had sent the young Malfoy to Dumbledore's office. By the time the order had reached the manor, it was silent, the wards surrounding the place gone. They had found Lucius holding Narcissa; both were dead and surrounded by at least 50 dead death eaters. As far as he knew, as his mother remarked on it, no other wizards had been able to take down so many death eaters in one raid.

The thing of it was, Lucius could've left with Draco, but instead he chose to die at Narcissa's side. The girls all thought it terribly romantic. Ron tended to agree with Harry, even if he really didn't want to, because what did he care about Draco? It was stupid for Lucius to not have left. Narcissa was already gone, but Draco had needed his father. Ron thought anyone would be better off without such a father, but he didn't dare say something like that to Harry.

After such an event no one would or could stop Dumbledore from taking every step, some even extreme, to clear the Malfoy name of any wrong doings. Now they, in death, were as larger than life, much like the Potter's. After all the stories and embellishments, one more wild and outlandish than the next, the Malfoy's were practically golden angels. Ron decided he rather liked the story version of Lucius more than the reality, because really, hero or not, the man really had been a bastard.

Harry turned in his bed and sighed, maybe Ron was right, he should get over his crush, but it was a lot easier said than done. Perhaps if Draco was the same git he'd been in the past it'd be easier, a couple of nasty fights and he'd get Draco Malfoy off his mind. Or maybe if Draco took back up gelling his hair back, instead of letting loose, brushing his shoulders, looking so soft and, ug. He was doomed, doomed to have a crush on a boy who would never return his feelings.

Draco had left the hall shortly after Harry; though Draco hadn't really noticed, now he wandered the halls. In the last six weeks he had found himself wandering around Hogwarts aimlessly though long forgotten corridors and hallways. It had been that long since he'd found himself sprawled out on the floor of Dumbledore's office.

He didn't really think about anything as he drifted, his thoughts just wandered as his feet did. He sometimes trailed his fingers along the cool stone of the walls, or stopped to look at a statue or painting.

He never saw any students in his travels. Though he ran into McGonagall once, it had been far into the night. She had done no more than to nod at him and let him continue on his way. He never heard Flinch or his cat, not that he was afraid or either, besides if McGonagall hadn't done anything perhaps his travels were all right.

He'd found countless hidden and forgotten rooms and absentmindedly pondered that one could live, hidden in Hogwarts their whole life and never be seen.

Sometimes he imagines doing just that picking one of these rooms and moving in. He imagines that somehow food would arrive and he could just let life pass him by, maybe one day when he was 70 he could try again.

However that would give his housemates the satisfaction of knowing they had gotten to him. Beside Blaise and a few others, the whole of Slytherin had turned on him, which really mildly pissed him off, but really didn't hit any major emotions. He ignored them or defended himself if need be. Really he was a much better wizard than any of them and figured if they attacked him they got what they deserved.

Dumbledore had given him his own rooms, they were nice, but he usually ended up sleeping in the nearest empty room he found when he became tired. Conveniently one always popped up when he seemed to need it. Hogwarts, he had learned, was like that if the castle liked you, it would prove for you. Whether it was a room to sleep, or a hideout, food trays and chairs appearing in the middle of the hall, or even endless hallways to roam.

Draco turned his thoughts to the outside world as he came upon a stairwell. The stairs were in mid-transition and he waited until it was finished before climbing. He had learned Hogwarts tended to take his wandering from others, letting him be alone, and letting the castle lead him had shown him the best and most interesting things.

The climb seemed to take forever, but at the end he sighed, as the painting looked down at him.

"Hello, little wander." She smiled; she was fat with an apple in one hand and a wine stem in the other. Her voice strived to be musical, but instead came off shrill. He had run into her three other times now.

He didn't smile back, just nodded. "I don't know how I ended up here again."

She shrugged. "Whose to say, but you had better toddle on now. The last of my students should be along any minute now." She looked down at him. "And you, my child are no Gryffindor."

He shivered. "Certainly not." He nodded at her and turned away. He now knew where the Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaw's lived, but had only shown up there each once. Why he kept showing here he had no idea. He began his wandering anew, and once he was sure he was away from all students and paintings, he said out loud to the empty dim hallway. "Show me something new tonight, please castle."

A head of him he heard stone moving and could only guess the castle was trying to appease him. He smiled for the first time in couple of days. "Thank you." He wandered down the hallway to see what would be found.

Dumbledore smiled at the group before him, all of whom had tea, but had refused his gummy-worms, which actually moved, which meant all the more for him. Providing, they didn't all crawl off his desk before he got to them. He nodded at the paintings on his wall. "All the students are accounted for within their dorms, including Harry." He announced, eyes twinkling. "Oh with one exception, Draco Malfoy, who Hogwarts is entertaining."

Snape rolled his eyes. He had heard this story before. "I highly doubt Hogwarts could protect him from attack, he needs to be in his rooms, behind his wards."

McGonagall sighed. "As unfortunate as it is, I must agree with Snape."

Dumbledore chuckled and hid it by holding up a worm when she glared at him.

McGonagall pursed her lips. "Really Albus, the boy just wanders wherever he likes, for hours, sometimes all night. I know you're partial to the lad, but it can't be healthy for him."

Now other members of the group got involved, it was a small gathering, but a vocal one. "Well the poor boy has lost his whole family." Remus said. "Perhaps this is just the distraction he needs to deal with it."

"He needs his friends," Molly Weasley (there for both her and her husband, as he was busy with other matters) said, from her chair, "why doesn't he go to them, instead of this wandering?"

Snape grimaced. "What friends? The only friend he has left, after the rest turned on him, is Blaise Zabini, and he's tried."

"Well damnit we have to do something." Sirius growled from his chair.

"And you have an idea? I highly doubt that." Snape returned.

Sirius' eyes narrowed. "Listen here you git, I may not know the boy to well, but he is my nephew."

"I do, and he's my godson and my ward." Snape replied.

"Stop it you two." Molly interrupted.

McGonagall straightened in her chair and looked to the headmaster, who was currently trying to follow a worm with his chair, then shook her head and decided to get them on track herself. "As important as this all is, its not the reason we're here."

Dumbledore wheeled his chair back behind his desk and looked at them all seriously. "Minerva is right." He went to his pocket and dumped a mass of wiggling gummy worms onto his desk, shrugged and went through two more, before pulling out the parchment from dinner. "As we've discussed, I've taken the first step to figure out which of our students might be suitable to fore fill the qualifications of the orb, and therefore help us to end this war."

Sirius dropped his head and shook it. "Its Harry, isn't it? Its always Harry."

"But the use of the orb means he wouldn't have to fight alone and it would greatly improve his chances against you-know-who." Molly said. "We lost lives obtaining the orb, before that vile thing got his clutches on it. If we don't use it, we're ignoring the very thing that could save us all.

"It was made almost a thousand year ago. There's no way to tell if this is the great evil the orb was brought about to defeat. It didn't work the last time it was attempted." McGonagall (the voice of reason) interjected.

"If it's not, then as Dumbledore said, it just wouldn't work." Sirius replied.

"There has to be made a balance between the side of light and dark, and as things stand now, the light is on the losing side." Molly inserted. "The way I understand it, this maybe the only way to balance the scales."

Dumbledore nodded at her. "Well said." His smile faded as he sighed. "Riddle has gained forces far into the dark realms. His power grows daily and soon without intervention even the walls of this great school may not keep him out." The meeting was solemn, the Headmasters words sparking fires to their own inner fears. Glances were exchanged but the resolve was clear.

McGonagall slumped in her chair. "Then we do as we must."

"It's bad enough we put this on Harry." Remus sadly whispered. "If the orb is successful than those involved will be brought into the prophecy between Harry and the dark Lord."

"At least Harry will not be alone. He'll never have to fight alone." Molly replied. "He'll have people to share his burden with. People who will be able to walk to the end with him."

Dumbledore nodded gravely and looked among the order of phoenix members, who could join them tonight, with heavy eyes. "And that maybe the only comfort found within this. Then we are agreed." He glanced around the room, watching as each agreed. Only then did he open the parchment, which had sat waiting on his desk. He had already seen the contents and seemed the very picture of calm and reassurance as he glanced at it now.

Dumbledore's pose was at odds with those throughout the room, who were tense and eager to know and be done with it.

Dumbledore looked first to Sirius then to Remus. "We all knew this would not be worth much if Harry was not involved." Both men nodded and Dumbledore continued, as he glanced around the faces. "Harry's name is the first."

While this was no surprise, it still made the group sigh for the poor lad, who never seemed to get a break in anything.

Dumbledore didn't need to glance at the list, so instead he looked to Severus. "I'm sorry, Severus."

Severus turned even paler than his normal pasty hue, and for a second the mask of distain fell and pain flashed, before he was able to steady himself with the back of Molly's chair and anger. "No! He's all I have."

Sirius paled, this he hadn't expected. "Draco?"

Dumbledore didn't look away from the potion master, but nodded and spoke. "Yes, Draco's name was second. He's the only student in the school with enough power to match Harry."

"Oh Merlin, that's going to be fight." Sirius shook his head. He knew Draco favored the side of the light; however, he also knew about the fight between the two boys.

Severus turned away from the group and to the window. He voiced no further arguments, voiced nothing.

Dumbledore spent a moment looking sorrowfully at Severus' back, before returning to the group. Remus stood to go to Severus, but Dumbledore slightly shook his head. Severus would not appreciate such a gesture so publicly. Dumbledore instead smoothly moved on. "Now," he looked to Molly, "your dear family as given so much to this effort."

Molly paled, and raised a shaking hand to her mouth, as she gasped. "Ginny." She glanced around. "Oh it's Ginny. She's so talented, but I never,"

Dumbledore shook his head. "My dear lady, it is not Ginny."

Molly frowned, though still pale and shaky. Not sure which of her precious children the orb would call for. Not that she didn't feel as if Harry was one of hers, but Harry she had been expecting, this took her by surprise. The twins weren't at school and so that left her. "Ron, my little boy."

Dumbledore nodded.

Molly looked around the room. "Ron, but," she loved her son. She loved him with the same passion that she loved all her children, but she also loved them and their faults. "But Ron has never shown any above normal magical skill. Why would the orb choose him out of a whole school of magical children?"

McGonagall shook her head. "Ron doesn't try to bring attention to himself. He lets Hermione be the brains and Harry the power. He plays at just being the brawn. There was a time when he was jealous of the attention Harry got. However, he has since grown and now seems almost afraid of the spotlight."

Dumbledore smiled faintly in what seemed like too long. "Young Mr. Weasley's growth is a credit to his upbringing."

Molly nodded. "I will ask him, but I will not order him."

"We can only ask, we would never order it upon any of them." Minerva said quietly.

Molly nodded, slightly ashamed of her quick tongue, but would not take back her words. She wanted them to be clear, even if her words were just noise to ease her own conscious. She very well knew that just by asking her son, he would do it. They may not take up with too many of the old ways, but they were a pureblood family and a child of such would never refuse such a task given to them by their parents. Whether they wanted to or not.

Dumbledore sighed. "The only student with a match to Ron's power is Blaise Zabini."

"That Slytherin boy?" Molly asked. "What of his allegiance?" Her baby with a Slytherin, she shivered at the thought. Zabini being a boy didn't bother her. Not only did the wizarding world never feel, as she heard muggles did, about same sex couple's. She wasn't sure how far this bonding between the two would go. What was known about the orb, which was very little, wasn't exactly clear on that point. Yet she wasn't sure how Ron would react, even a slight bond with another would effect him and with a Slytherin.

"The Zabini's were at first going to remain neutral. However, after his mother's death to death eaters and his fathers coinciding admittance to St. Mungo's, Zabini approached me." Severus said to the window. "He'll do it, for revenge if not anything else."

Dumbledore tilted his head and sighed, before he added his own words. "Blaise is loyal. He's a pleasant boy; I believe he and Ron will get on well. Once the initial shock is dealt with and it will do Draco good to have a friend."

Molly nodded, still slightly shocked, but trusted Dumbledore. Yet she had slightly hoped, as impossible as it was, that Hermione Granger had been the fourth name, as she knew her son fancied her.

Dumbledore smiled at her warmly, before moving on to other things.