If only his tears could touch her cold broken heart…


She pulled away from his luscious lips, licked her lips seductively— her tongue sinfully tracing her bottom lip, taunting him. But he didn't move to kiss her again.

Her green eyes darkened with mascara and thick black eyeliner glistened coldly as she caressed his cheeks with both of her hands.

"What's wrong?" she panted softly, her almond-shaped eyes hidden beneath long-lashed heavy lids. Softly, her fingers wiped his tears.

"What's wrong?" her voice was hoarse and cold. Talking was very hard, her lips were heavily throbbing but she liked it. She liked his kisses. In fact, she loved them. But she began to hate the look in his eyes. His beautiful eyes were staring at her intensely… haunting her… searching her tainted soul…

"What the hell is wrong—" she gasped. Sasuke had grabbed her hair from the back and pulled it down. "Sas—" and hungry mouth crashed down to hers.



He slammed her against the wall, his tongue moving around her mouth. She moaned and kissed him back with the same ferocity. It was hot— so hot. She felt very wet. His firm fingers dug hard on her hips and she felt him pushed a thigh between her legs as he lifted her up over the wall. She hung limply over his thigh between her legs.

Things were getting out of control. So fast.

He lifted the skirt of her dress pass her hips and was groping her ass. She responded by rubbing her wetness hard on his thigh, their mouths still fused together in a heated tongue-filled kiss.

It was her first time to kiss someone— it was the first time she let someone touch her… the first time she let Sasuke touched her. She refused— hated, actually — to be touched especially by like this.

It triggered painful…horrible memories like—

(-his hands were everywhere…his hands on

her face…on her hair…on her chest…between

her legs—)

Suddenly, her eyes snapped wide. Sasuke was still touching and kissing her. She tasted so good, so delicious and the wetness that touched his pants and seeped through his skin aroused him to the brink of insanity. He didn't notice that Sakura had stopped kissing him and had gone stiff—

(-his tongue was everywhere…licking her…

hungry lips pressed against her breast and—)

Sasuke sucked hard on her bottom lip creating soft sucking noises. His fingernails scraped the soft skin of her backside, sliding up to the garter of her panties—

(-he was touching her…touching her

everywhere…there were hands all over her body— she was

crying, she was—)

—and made a desperate pull to drag her panties down.

(she was screaming…

Please, stop don't hurt me don't hurt me


He groaned, caressing her skin, wet with sweat. He wanted her now, he wanted to fu—

(and he began to thrust maddeningly inside her— so hard— so hard— violently—

she was screaming—)

—ck her restlessly until she screamed—

"NO… stop… stop… stop…" she pushed him away from her body, trembling, her eyes wide and dull.


"Stop stop stop…" she mumbled, her hands pressed against her cheeks.


"No no no don't hurt me don't hurt me stop stop stop—" her voice was rising.

"Calm down—" Sasuke looked around. Everyone was minding their own fucking business.

She began to shriek. "…don't hurt me please stop stop no no don't hurt me DON'T HURT ME—"





Three years ago.

Sakura was walking home from training with Tsunade. Cold breeze blew and she shivered— then, froze.

Someone was screaming.

Her eyes widened and goosebumps appeared on her skin.

The screaming stopped. Sakura's heart was pounding so hard. Oh my god… She resumed walking home, sweating, her pace quickened, eventually, she ran. She reached their house—

She paled. Oh god oh god—

She sensed horribly powerful chakras emitting from the two-storey house. Her parents were not ninjas; therefore… it was from someone else.


Something broke inside the house. Sakura ran, pushed the door open and yelped as she felt a hand grabbed her hair, dragging her further inside the house. She choked at the thick morbid atmosphere. A cold voice said:

"Kanashibari no Jutsu: Body freeze technique."

A woman screamed. Sakura's eyes widened in horror.

"Okaasan…?" she whimpered.


Her mother…no no no no— someone was raping her mother. And a male voice was sobbing in the corner.




Morning after.

Sakura was three hours late for their training.


The door slammed opened and Kakashi stepped inside followed by Sasuke and Naruto. They cringed. The house… smelled bad. It smelled so much of blood. They entered the living room and saw the worst scene they had ever seen in their entire life.

Sasuke choked in horrified surprise.

No no no!

Sakura was stabbed in the wall, arms raised in a crucified manner, a kunai in each palm. Her clothes were torn hanging over her small body, showing her left breast, bloodied panties in her feet and a kunai was sticking on her right thigh.

Her eyes were wide and blank. They were dead.

oh god oh god no no no NO

And scattered all over the room were pieces and pieces of body parts. It was practically all-red, all blood.

Oh god oh god

Sasuke was screaming.



She was rushed to the hospital. Kakashi was the one who did the task. Sasuke was breaking…breaking… breaking

No no no no

And Naruto was left to take care of him.

A month had passed.

She remained catatonic. It was like she was sleeping with eyes wide open.



A month later, she finally moved. She moved her eyelids closed. She slept for two weeks and woke up only to drink and stare outside her window. For two months, she refused to speak. Her world had become silent. She became a doll who doesn't feel, who doesn't eat, who doesn't sleep, who doesn't speak.

She wasn't seeing anymore. She became blind, deaf and mute.

"How is she?" Sasuke asked, watching her stare outside, eyes blank and lifeless. He didn't dare come closer in her view because for some reason, she'll start stiffening at the presence of him.

Tsunade sighed. "Her wounds were treated but—" she looked pained and for once, she felt old. "—it seemed that the injury is far too deep for medical jutsus to heal."

She was referring to emotional and mental injury, Sasuke realized.

"I missed her voice." Naruto said in a small voice. His eyes were red. He was crying for four months already.

Sasuke felt a twitch— a very painful twitch.

He missed her voice too.



After four months, she finally talked. Tsunade was combing her pink hair when she said:

"Thank you."

Tsunade had cried and hugged her beloved student.



Two days after, Tsunade said. "Sakura, please tell me what happened."

Sakura stared. She only stared. Tsunade had to repeat her question.

"What happened, Sakura?"

Sakura didn't blink. At least, she was looking at Tsunade, not outside, not at the walls.

"Was it… Orochimaru?" That freak was sick enough to do such thing, Tsunade thought.

Sakura blinked and Tsunade sighed. At last, the girl reacted.

"No." she said, her voice hoarse due to lack of use. She cleared her throat to say more. "When I came home, they were already dead."

It was a lie. Tsunade, in the past, can tell if Sakura was lying. But today, she just cannot tell anymore. The girl's eyes were dull.

"I didn't see his face."

She saw it clearly.

"Just his eyes,"


his eyes— those horrible, cold—

"Was he the one who hurt you?" the Hokage asked quietly.

Sakura was no longer blinking and she was starting to stare again… everything was coming back now… every tiny detail of it—


Tsunade gulped. Sakura was drifting to catatonic state again. She can tell it by the look in her eyes…

"Did he…r-rape you?"

She blinked at that question.

Rape me? At this, everything went back.

(rape me rape me rape

me rape me? HE FUCKING TOUCHED ME HE HURT ME HE BROKE ME he he… she was screaming— he…he…


"I don't know."

Tsunade stood up. "WHAT!"

(I don't know I don't know I don't know

his hands were everywhere

I don't know

his hands touching her she

was screaming 'please, please STOP—STOP…it hurt…it hurt so much)

I don't know I don't know

his mouth sucking hard on her skin…there were hands all over her, touching her groping her 'please stop no no no no' she was crying- crying- crying

I don't know I don't—)


"I DON'T KNOW!" she screamed.

(his hands on her face— on her hair— on her breast— between her legs— oh god oh god oh god someone help me someone please…make him stop make himit felt real…it really REALLY felt real— oh god oh god…please make him stop someone help me…he wasn't stopping he was kissing her again

touching her – no no DON'T don't hurt me no no no… he was madly thrusting inside her— STOP STOP

STOP— her voice was high and hoarse… she was screaming…why me…why me…?


"Sakura, please tell us… please…"

"GO AWAY GO AWAY GO… STAY AWAY FROM ME!" She was hysterically screaming. "GO AWAY GO AWAY…GO AWAAAAAY!"

(he was cruel mad horrible— it went on and on and on— she was screaming for him to stop… she was bleeding— STOP! STOP please stop hurting me…stop— it hurt so much… she doesn't deserve this pain—)

Sasuke and Naruto had barged inside her room. "SAKURA!"


"GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY—" she shrieked, clutching her head as she shrunk to the corner of the room.

They didn't stop coming. Her memories were flashing clearly before her eyes… she can see it clearly… she can feel it happening as if it was occurring right at this minute—

(a hand caressed her cheek, her bruised lips…


she whimpered…stop stop—I don't deserve this pain. I'm a good girl… I'm a good daughter…- please don't


"AHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed, clawing at her face…pulling her hair—

(he suddenly plunged inside her. It hurt…

why me?

It hurt so much— somebody help me…help me help

me help me)

"—help me help me help me…" she sobbed.

Sasuke desperately wanted to help her but she was—

(STOP STOP STOP! I want to die I want to die

I want to die

I want to—)

"—die I want to die I want to die —" she sobbed harder, choking.

"Sakura-chan…" Naruto was crying again. Hell, he was crying a lot.

(he was raping her…no stop… Sasuke-kun… Sasuke-kun… help me Sas—)

"—uke-kun help me help me Sasuke-kun help me help me…"

Something broke inside Sasuke and his Uchiha pride broke.

He felt angry tears running down his cheeks.

((t hurt so much Sasuke-kun Sasuke

-kun Sasuke-kun it hurts it hurts help me…Sasuke-kun it—)

"—hurts it hurts Sasuke-kun Sasuke-kun help me help me…" she was crying non-stop, her eyes dead and wide with horror.

Tsunade was crying now.


he was kissing her hard…


"NOOOOOOO…" she screamed, shrinking desperately to the corner.

"Sakura…" Sasuke choked. He was across from her, kneeling in front of her, desperately trying to reach out to her but—

("You will be repeatedly raped for 72 hours."

no stop it… stop… leave…)

"LEAVE ME ALONE, MONSTER!" she screamed. Sasuke recoiled, horribly shocked. Tsunade, biting back a sob, approached her fast and muttering a jutsu, pressed her hand against Sakura's head.

"don't touch me don't touch me DON'T TOUCH ME!"Mad with fear, Sakura punched Tsunade in the gut but the Hokage didn't budge. She finished her jutsu and Sakura lost consciousness. The girl slumped against the wall.

"Sakura…" Tsunade mumbled. Shizune rushed in.


Suddenly, Tsunade fell to her knees.

"Hokage-sama!" Jounins came in including Kakashi. He frowned; Sasuke was kneeling in front of Sakura, eyes wide and shaking. Naruto was sobbing.

"Tsunade-sama…" Shizune helped her stand. "Are you—HOKAGE-SAMA!"

Tsunade's body turned flaccid. Genma rushed to help her.


"She… had…become stronger than…me…" Tsunade said and coughed blood. Lots of blood.


Tsunade clutched her abdomen where Sakura hit her. It hurt. So much that later, she found out Sakura damaged a few internal organs and the great woman Hokage fainted in Genma's arms.



Another two months passed. Sakura had completely recovered. Tsunade said it was alright. She understood her. She was under severe emotional stress. Plus, "I am the Hokage and the great medic-nin, I am fine. So, don't worry, Sakura. Your punch was alright yeah it hurts, but I am completely alright." Sakura stared for a minute then bowed.

"I'm sorry."

Tsunade sighed. Her apology sounded sincere but it was cold. Sakura's voice had lost its cheeriness. In fact, the girl looked like a doll that completely lost all emotions. The girl scarcely talked, never smiled and barely ate. She was so thin and small but still beautiful and Tsunade realized, the gloomy mood and sinister look suited Sakura well.



She visited her parents' grave.

Her world had become silent. Even her inner self seemed to disappear. But even though she no longer spoke (except to apologize to Tsunade) her mind was still working.

My mother she was raped in front of me— the man was brutal— a monster—HE RAPED MY MOTHER IN FRONT OF ME AND OF OTOUCHAN!

She can still remember her screams (stop stop have mercy—) and her father's pleading cries (let her go! Please I beg you!)

My father was broken. They were not ninjas. My father was a businessman, my mother was a housewife. I was the first ninja in our family…so…he can't— he wasn't able to protect my mother and that what broke him…

She sat down in front of the tombstone.

After that bastard finished raping her, my mother was thrown over the room towards my sobbing father. She was violently raped— there were blood all over her. I cannot go over them. I was under the Freezing jutsu. I blamed my self for being weak…I cannot released myself from the jutsu.

She was whimpering my name…begging to let me go—

Let her go…please— she's young— she's—


—innocent. Don't let her see these things…

Too late. Said the man who raped her. She already saw everything and she will see more. Father was grabbed and was dragged in front of me—


Close your eyes.


CLOSE YOUR EYES! He roared. Someone grabbed me from behind and slammed my body against the wall. My arms were lifted and I screamed. Kunais were being stabbed through my palms.


Close your—I screamed. A sword came and cut my father's head off his neck. I screamed and screamed and before I realized it, my mother was being gored too. I saw everything. I saw them die before me.



I looked up. Someone was standing in front of me.

Someone I knew.

YOU! I shrieked hysterically. Why! WHY? WHY! What have I done? TELL ME, I—! His eyes—something happened in his eyes and they did something to me.

He did something to me.


Sakura ran away from Sasuke. She was sobbing as she ran down the dark street. She tripped and fell to her front and she began puking.

I was raped… I was raped… She lifted her body off, sobbing. She threw up again as she stood on her knees.

And I thought I have forgotten those…things. I thought I finally left them behind…all these years…for three years…I felt dirty…No. I am dirty…

"Sakura!" Sasuke had caught up with her, She stiffened and, clumsily stood up and ran again. Stop! STOP! DON'T COME NEAR ME! Her vision became blurry and to her horror, there were hands touching her – no, his hands roaming her body— his mouth on her skin… his mouth between her legs— STO – STOP!

She felt his maddening thrusts…

She stumbled, fell to her knees and threw up.

"Sakura! Shit— SAKURA!"

She stopped throwing up— Sasuke was behind her. "GO AWAY!" she yelled, spinning around to face him.

"Sakura—" Sasuke began. This happened before. This happened three years ago in the hospital.


Sasuke approached her slowly.

"DON'T COME NEAR ME!" she spat.


He raped me…he…raped me…why me? WHY? Sasuke was now in front of her and was about to touch her cheek when she screamed: "I HATE YOU!"

Sasuke stiffened.

I HATE YOU! He swallowed hard and looked down to her trembling form.

Why does it have to happen to me? Why did I remember EVERYTHING? She sobbed. I kill— I hate— I became like THIS to forget EVERYTHING.

Her heart ached so much.

I "stopped" loving Sasuke— I lied about enjoying killing people— I KILL PEOPLE MERCILESSLY BECAUSE I IMAGINED IT WAS HIM I WAS KILLING!

"Sakura, tell me what happened… What's wrong?"

"NOTHING! Leave me alone!"

I stopped loving Sasuke… I had to… I HAD TO because… it will just hurt more.

"There IS something wrong with you! Why won't you tell us what happened three years ago!"

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" she screamed, backing away in fright.

"I can't." he hissed painfully, there was vice-like grip around his chest. "I can't. Do you understand? Why did you say my brother's name?"

Her eyes widened.

(who did these to you?)

(who attacked you and your family?)


It was…It was…


"You will be repeatedly raped for 72 hours."

"Leave…me…alone…" she mumbled, staring up to his eyes.

"SAKURA— damn it!" In his anger, three-wheeled Sharingan flashed automatically down to her.

Sakura was frozen.

It was… it was those eyes… those eyes…

YOU! I shrieked hysterically. Why! WHY? WHY! What have I done? TELL ME, ITACHI—! His eyes—something happened in his eyes and they did something to me.

He did something to me.

Itachi kissing her Itachi touching her Itachi hurting her Itachi fucking her Itachi killing her

(who did these to you?)

It was his brother.

(who attacked you and your family?)




She screamed and fainted.